Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Feeling Girlie

Happy leap day everyone! I hope nobody is feeling down - a few of my friends have said that making the month extra long has only depressed them! In happier news I know there have been a lot of proposals today so congratulations to everyone who has got engaged.

I went to the gym for the first time this morning and now feel fabulous! I forgot how much more motivated you feel once you get some real hard exercise. When I got out of bed this morning I really felt like climbing back in but instead I went and did my food shopping (so I wouldn't be tempted by treats after going to the gym) and then went down there. It was great, there was no induction needed, there's no contract, I just signed a piece of paper and went straight in! There's a women's only section in there so I went straight in and everyone was really nice - they even have the resistance equipment in the women's section sitting in a circle so you go and join in with the conversation! I'm very impressed for £12 a month I'm going to get some really great exercise. It's left me having a real exercise high and I feel really, really good.

The past few days I've spent a record amount of time on youtube and google images looking up hot women - Chris insists that I must actually be a lesbian but to be honest it just really motivates me when I see what can be achieved with a bit of effort! This lead to me looking up my favourite woman of all time and my absolute idol and it's left me feeling really girlie so I'm going to share it with you!

This video sums up what I believe being girlie is all about - having fun, being cheeky, sexy, flirty and of course not being scared to express yourself. I do love burlesque in general and when I have the money free I love attending pole dancing classes, I actually have my own pole but "can't get it up" (sorry I couldn't help that) due to our flat having ceilings that are far too high. I can't wait until I'm really fit again and hopefully by the time we'll be moving and I can hopefully have my pole working again I'll be fit enough to just jump on - it actually takes a lot of effort and a really high level of fitness. The film burlesque, by the way is very fun and girlie so if you're ever in the mood to sing and dance you should definitely watch it! I love Christina so much and just watching her puts me in such a good mood!

Whatever you're doing today I hope you've had a good day - make the most of it because it won't be happening again for 4 years! 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thinking about changes

Today I'm starting to think about changes that will be happening over the next few months. Looking at my uni schedule is starting to get really scary as there are only a few more texts to study before exams and there are only a few weeks left before Easter Break. I should probably look forward to Easter but I know that there are only a couple of weeks left of my second year after that so I'm starting to get a bit nervous! I'm also starting to apply for part time jobs, with the frame of mind that I would like to keep myself busy over the summer and earn a little extra money, especially as Chris' placement year is finishing at the end of July. I have applied for a Saturday job that I would absolutely love so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one but not getting my hopes up and I have an interview next week to be a student ambassador. I didn't know this was a paid position until I saw an advert and it's actually really good pay! All a student ambassador does is work odd days through the year when the uni is holding an event or open day, showing possible students around and trying to sell our uni as the best option. Again this would be great as a little extra cash in the piggy bank.

I have been thinking for a few days about the possibility of joining a gym but knew that we couldn't really afford it. Chris and I used to go to a gym together which was a really lovely place but it cost the best part of £100 a month for the both of us and that is really far too much money for us. I mentioned it to him last night and said that with him playing casual football a few times a week it'd be nice if I had something to do on my own and I'd like it to be going to the gym and I'm really glad I mentioned it. It turned out that his friend attends a gym that's only £15 a month and that comes with everything, even includes fitness classes. This sounds brilliant as it is way less than half what we paid for the other gym we were attending, and then after a little more researching we discovered that as a student I would only have to pay £12 a month and there is no need to pay any start up fee. I had no idea that you could get gym memberships so cheap! It's closer than the last gym I went to and would be really handy for me. Most days I get up early and don't have a lecture until the afternoon so I could easily spend an hour these mornings going to the gym. The only downside is that it doesn't have a pool and the other one did, but at that price if I really fancied going for a swim I could just go to the local pool instead. So I'm hoping to sign up to the gym later today and get that extra exercise that I mentioned yesterday, and for a really good price too.

The thought of the summer creeping up on me is really scary but also really exciting. Hopefully I'll be able to get a part time job, earn some extra cash for a few nice summer dresses and also get lots of uni work done. This is my last summer break before I actually leave uni - this time next year I'll be looking forward to graduating in summer instead of sunbathing and I'm really determined to make a good start on my dissertation before I go back at the end of September.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Thoughts

Today I am finishing off my work that needs to be in by tomorrow. I am reviewing a collection of poems by Grace Nichols called The Fat Black Woman's Poems and I found one that I really liked so today I'll be sharing it.


I'm guilty of buying too little food

1 carton milk
1 carton juice
1 half chicken
a little veg and fruit

Why can't you buy
for more than one day
at a time
my old man whines

Still blank as a zombie
I wander supermarket aisles

The chunky red odours
behind the cellophane
cannot revive
the spritely apples
the lady reluctantly urging samples

Between the bulge of the shelf
and the cast of my eye
between the nerve of my trolley
and the will of my mind
I'm always paralysed

By Grace Nichols

I just love that there's a poem about going shopping - it's something that I hate at times and love at others depending on what mood I'm in and what my weight is. On that subject, Chris weighed me today for the first time since we got back from holiday and I've lost another lb. This isn't a massive number but I'm really happy with it as I've had a few treats this week and haven't got as much exercise as I should have, and also I had treats while on holiday so I was expecting to have gained some - obviously I'm overjoyed that I've actually lost a little bit. This has made me really determined to have a good week and I can't wait to get some really good exercise. I'm starting to feel different mostly in my legs which feels very odd, my leggings are getting baggy all the way down and I'm starting to feel really good about myself. In a few weeks I have a whole month off for Easter and will only have a couple of bits of work to do so I plan on getting loads of exercise while doing my work. And speaking of work, I had better continue with this assignment.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Baby Kitties

I saw this today and it really made me laugh, and I also agree that it's true!

So many people I know my age are having babies and if truth be told all I need for quite some time is my lovely cat! For the reasons above and the fact that he's quite outdoorsy so he goes outside for hours at a time then comes in for food, sleep and a cuddle. He does 99% of his toilet duties outside and will only use his litter box when he's absolutely desperate. For this reason alone I absolutely adore him! All the neighbours love him to bits even though he is constantly leaving dead birds and mice, sometimes with no heads on the front steps. My Maximus is definitely better than a baby, he is my baby and gets treated as such. He quite often gets into bed with us and snuggles in right between his "Mummy and Daddy". He makes my life so much more enjoyable just by being there and I love him so much, so here's a few pictures of my baby, when he was a proper baby to make your Sunday that little bit cuter.

Happy Sunday

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Work work work!

Sorry for being a bit quiet for a few days but it's been really busy here. I had to get all my holiday stuff sorted out, wash clothes, dry them, put them all away, clean the whole flat and on top of it all I have an assignment due in on Tuesday too. I had my girl friends come over last night, we get together every month at least once for a good gossip and a meal. We're all watching our weight a bit nowadays as well so we have a really lovely meal and always treat ourselves to dessert as it's only once a month! I love doing this as it helps me to keep on track with my weight loss knowing that in a couple of weeks time I will get a good treat. But anyway I had to get everything in the flat sorted out before they got here and I finished about an hour before they arrived which left me just enough time to make myself look half decent.

We went for a carvery dinner and each had a different dessert - I had the honeycomb sundae, Lorna had a toffee and shortbread cheesecake, Jo had eton mess with raspberries and Michaela had the same as me. Was lovely! It wasn't too bad either as we went back to my flat and got straight on the kinect to work it off. We put kinect sports season 2 on and split into 2 teams to play against each other and I'm very happy to say that Lorna and I won! By a lot! We were having such fun we stayed on it for about an hour and a half! And when they eventually left at about 12:30AM I don't know why but I just felt kind of hyper so I got on my twister and did even more exercise until 1AM... I feel like this was a bit of a mistake today as my legs and bum are really feeling it! Bad! Although I guess that's a good thing! Today will be spent doing my uni work and trying to get some exercise (as long as my lower body will allow it...) and then later on making a sausage pasta bake. This isn't a recipe I found, the other day I bought some sausages as they were half price and wondered what to do with them - I had everything to make a pasta bake so I chopped a few up and threw them in and it was actually lovely! So I'm making it again today.

The weather here is really nice and has been for a few days so for my exercise today I might go for a walk this afternoon. I also found my big ipod and it's charger when I tidied the whole flat up (I did it properly, even categorised all the electrical wires that we're not currently using) so I'm listening to summery music and now... doing my uni work... fun times! Hope your weekend is more exciting than mine!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Because my last couple of posts have been a tad wordy I thought today I'd share with you my new found obsession. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals or anthropomorphic creatures. There's literally no point in these little things apart from trying to make them as cute as possible and I am absolutely sold on the idea. This is definitely on my list things I need to learn how to do once my work is done! Here's a few examples

What a cute hobby! I can't wait to get my work done so I can have a go! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My travel makeup bag

First of all I'm going to start with my nails as I am really impressed with this nail varnish. It's the Rimmel Lycra Pro in 500 Peppermint and it's my new favourite! I had to buy some toothpaste before we left and of course that aisle is dangerously close to the beauty aisle and when I saw it I couldn't help myself. Most of the nail colours I have are pearlescent and I wanted a really nice block colour to wear. I've been wanting to a Peppermint nail colour for ages but didn't bother before as I like my nails to match in with what I'm wearing and I didn't have much that complimented it but recently I've been buying blue and green clothes and I noticed that one of my dresses actually has a couple of stripes of this colour in it, so I went for it! I don't really need to say much about it as I have pictures that show how it has done. I painted them on the Sunday night before we left and took this picture

Then while we were at Dynamic Earth sitting down for lunch (the Sunday after) I took this picture

As we can see it's lasted an entire week with no sign of chips, the colour is still strong and to be honest it pretty much looks like it has just been applied. It'sTuesday today and it is only just starting to wear away at the edges very slightly, it looks as if it's set to last for two weeks.

It just needs 2 coats and comes with a fat brush inside which makes application really easy. At £4.59 it's a little more expensive than I would usually pay but considering how long one use stays on I would say this is brilliant value for money and I am definitely going to invest in more colours in this line.

My SBC Propolis gel arrived just in time to take it with me, so I took the travel sized one out of the pair and used it on a daily basis on my eczema which has worked brilliantly. I actually get eczema on my eye lids and there are very few products gentle enough to put on my eye lids to treat it, this gel is one of them. I simply pump a small amount out and pat it over the dry area of skin and within five minutes it has soaked in and I'm able to put my makeup on. I get really dry skin everywhere so I have just been using it as a sort of all over moisturising gel and it's taken most of my eczema away. There are still a few patches that were a lot worse than the rest which are still there but they are gradually fading and much softer and not itchy at all. I've really enjoyed using this gel and it's made my skin really soft and moisturised but without being greasy.

I took the makeup that I use on a daily basis with me and I didn't realise how much nice stuff I had until I lined it all up and took a picture of it! Pretty much all of it is presents, my Mum buys me a really nice makeup kit every Birthday and Christmas and I very rarely have to buy anything myself. She also buys me stuff that lasts quite a while which means it lasts the 6 months between Christmas and my Birthday. Here's a look at what makeup I use on a daily basis

1. Bare Minerals lip gloss in Sugar Cookie (my favourite lip gloss ever)
2. Tea Tree Oil spot stick - I very rarely get spots nowadays but always have one of these handy just in case
3. Bare Minerals Eyelid primer
4. Maybelline Colossal Cat Eye Mascara
5. Bare Escentuals 7 day eyeshadow kit
6. Bare Minerals Blush in Vivacious
7. Bare Minerals Foundation in Light
8. Smashbox face primer
9. Smashbox Camera Ready concealer
10. Ghost perfume
11. Deoderant (I really like the way this one smells - I hate wearing deoderant that doesn't smell nice)
12. Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Face brush
13. Models Prefer eyeshadow brush
14. Bare Escentuals Flawless Face brush
15. Bourjois felt tip pen liquid eyeliner (this makes liquid eyeliner very easy to apply)
16. Bare Minerals eyeliner in Plum
17. Eyelash curler - I bought this one for about £1 in a cheap makeup shop
18. Shavata heart shaped tweezers
19. Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips

I love each and every part of this list and would recommend them all. As you can see I absolutely love Bare Minerals!

Monday, 20 February 2012

My trip to Edinburgh

I'm back! And I missed blogging loads! And as much as I adore Chris I am so glad that he's going back to work tomorrow. As he caught my virus and was unwell the week before last I have now spent 2 whole weeks with him with no breaks and it's starting to get hard! So here's my week!

First of all, before we left, I painted my nails on the Sunday night. I saw a colour that I have been wanting for ages and I couldn't help myself! So, for the week my nails looked like this (I made sure I took a photo before I left, I'll be reviewing this in a separate post).

I drove to Scotland which I had never done before (well that's obvious when I point out that I've never been to Scotland before...) and it was just breath taking. I knew I was going to really enjoy myself just driving up there, the mountains were just so gorgeous and it got me really excited for the trip. It was quite late in the afternoon when we got up there so after we checked into our hotel room we relaxed and then went for a meal. We stayed at the Holiday Inn which is literally right next door to Edinburgh Zoo - so close they even share a car park! and it is on a long straight road with lots of things on it, so we walked down the road until we found a lovely Indian restaurant and had a gorgeous meal - we were the only customers in there so had fantastic service which is just the way I like it!

The next day we went into the City Centre which was about 10 minutes up the road in the bus and we had a look around to see what we could find. I was going to say that "I dragged Chris into a luxury knitting shop" but he was actually keen to go in too! There was some really lovely things in there and everything was the best quality but unfortunately that came with massive price tags! The pure Scottish wool cost roughly £10 for a small ball of wool and the knitting needles and crochet hooks were about 5 times the usual price as well so unfortunately I didn't buy anything! I did look at some lovely knitting bags they had but at £100 each I don't think I'd have bought them if I had loads of money spare as they were quite small and I wouldn't have got much in it at all! It was lovely to look round though and get some ideas for future projects. After a nice day in the City Centre we found a cafe and treated ourselves to a cake! I was definitely not going to be watching what I ate while on holiday, although saying that I did eat quite well apart from the odd cake.

Our day at the Zoo was definitely the highlight. The pandas were actually curled up asleep when we saw them but apparently they sleep 16 hours a day! It was lovely to see them up close even though I didn't get a very exciting picture! I would definitely recommend going to Edinburgh Zoo, we spent the entire day there and didn't get bored at all. We got about 25 minutes all together in the panda enclosure and were taken through in small groups and told some lovely facts about pandas - I didn't realise the female pandas are only in season for about 2 days a year! No wonder the pandas are dying out! The rest of the animals were lovely to see as well, Chris particularly enjoyed all the monkeys and I adored all the big cats. One little touch that we thought was really lovely was a penguin parade. Every day they walk the penguins up the path and round the block at a certain time where everyone can gather round and see the penguins parading past. They only take the penguins who want to go so they open the enclosure door for about 10 minutes and wait for the penguins to volunteer themselves. Only the one penguin wanted to go so we saw a "penguin parade" that only involved one penguin! He must've been a bit of a show off wanting all the attention!

We also went to visit the Scottish Museum which was also a really good day out and totally free. We very happily stayed in there for a whole day and had a lovely time. We bought a really nice hand made trinket box made from wood and mother of pearl that we gave to the lady who was looking after Max for us and she loved it. We also went to Dynamic Earth which is a big place designed to show you different things to do with our planet and the universe which was really cool. There was a tour through all different times and places and each room was designed like a different zone. We were really impressed that they even went as far as to make sure the temperature and smells were right. There was even a giant iceberg in the middle of the ice age room!

There was also a 3D film that simulated being flown through all these different zones and the correct smells were somehow put into the room at the right time and at one point it even started snowing! To round off our visit we were ushered into a dome shaped room and ended up seeing a film all about space that was projected onto the dome which gave the impression of being right in the middle of it. I'd really recommend this place for kids as they'd love it and would learn an awful lot while they were there too. 

All in all we had a really lovely time. There's a lot to keep you entertained in Edinburgh and most of it seems to be at a very decent price! I'm definitely going to be keeping up to date with the pandas and have my fingers crossed that Tian Tian will come into season soon so they can get started on making some little panda babies!

I have a lot more to talk about regarding the beauty products that I took with me and have a couple of reviews to do so I think I will do a separate post for this tomorrow instead of writing any more tonight! This blog entry is definitely long enough so to round it off, I would highly recommend Edinburgh as a holiday or weekend destination particularly if you want to go to the Zoo but make sure you book to see the pandas before you go! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Going away

As I'm sure everyone is very aware it's Valentines day tomorrow which means that I'm off on a little mini holiday to Edinburgh for a week and to visit the pandas! I got up early this morning to get all my housework done, there's nothing worse than going away and coming home to a mess is there? And it was all done before 9am so I'm rather pleased with myself! Now I'm just excitedly watching panda cam - I thought there was nothing in the enclosure but after a while of watching I saw a black and white face pop round the corner! So cute! Literally as I type this Yang Guang (Sunshine) is walking back and forth right in front of the camera. Click here to watch panda cam yourself.

The rest of today will be spent packing and sorting Max's things out as he will be going to stay with our elderly neighbour who absolutely adores him. I have a sneaky suspicion that by the time we get back next Monday he might have gained a little weight! He came in late the other night with absolutely filthy paws (I assume he had been digging) and he went and jumped straight on my bed! He never gets into bed unless we're already in there so I was a little bit shocked to find him there looking rather guilty!

So, my blog isn't going to be updated now for a week but I will be dying to get back and write up how our panda trip went! Have a lovely Valentines day whatever you're doing.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Winter Weather Complaints

The past couple of years has seen winter in the UK drop to really low temperatures and of course, that's when the complaints start. It's really been bothering me that so many people are complaining about it because in my opinion the weather has been beautiful! Apart from the odd blanket of snow we have had a mostly dry winter and although it's very cold, some nights even reaching minus ten degrees, we have had clear blue skies and sunshine. I really don't understand what's to complain about as this weather doesn't stop you doing anything, you quite simply just need to pile on the layers, something that I love as I wear all my home made knitted items. Going for a walk or a run might be cold but at least you won't get wet! The majority of the winters that I have experienced have been wet, grey, windy and generally horrible. Nobody likes getting wet in the rain.

I really hope these extra cold but clear and sunny winters continue, I love going outside wrapped up enjoying the sunshine. The only complaint I have is that I suffer from very bad, dry skin which just gets worse in cold weather. My Mum had a new SBC set that included Propolis gel which is supposed to help dry cracked skin and I put a very small amount of it on the worst part of my dry skin and by that evening it had almost totally gone. I've ordered a set for myself which includes one full size and one travel sized and I can't wait until it arrives, I'm hoping it's the answer that my skins been trying to find for a long time!

I would have given a link as to where I got it from but there are a lot of different sets that come with the Propolis gel included so I would advise if anyone is interested to do a search of SBC and have a look at the different sets that you can get. My Mum loves the collagen gel and now has everything in the collagen series from serum, gel, body butter, shower gel, moisturiser, the list goes on! I can't wait until my kit arrives and I will certainly report back as to how I got on with it.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Update

I have now lost a whole stone since Christmas which I'm really happy about, and I'm now not calling it a "diet" but a lifestyle change, because I have no intentions of going back to my old habits. Like most people, when I moved out from home I didn't know a lot about cooking and I honestly had no idea that making everything from scratch was so much better. A pasta sauce in a jar is just tomatoes, right? NO!! What I love the most about making everything from scratch is that I don't have to go without anything. I could eat chips every day of the week if I wanted to and still lose weight.

I have no target to reach, I don't even know how much I weigh, Chris is still keeping it a secret and just telling me how much I lose every week which is working really well. I also didn't realise it was so easy to fit exercise in as well. Like most, I assumed that exercise meant going running or going to the gym for hours at a time. I've been doing things I enjoy like playing kinect games and using my twister in front of the T.V. Also, if I find I need one item from the shops, instead of driving to tesco I will walk to the shop on the corner. It's only a 10 minute walk each way but doing this as often as you can certainly adds up. 

The most important thing for me is that I'm saving so much money making everything from scratch. Being a student means I don't have an awful lot of money to spend but saving money on food means more money to spend on fun things! I think the best thing for me now is to keep this lifestyle up and keep getting weighed and see how much weight I lose before it levels out at a natural weight while living this lifestyle. If I feel like losing a bit more or toning up then I can put extra effort into more exercise. 

It has been snowing again for the past hour or so, it was raining first so I didn't think it would settle but it came down thick and fast and now we have a white blanket outside which is pretty! If we get any more snow I'll be walking to Tesco and back tomorrow which will be very good exercise!

I can't stress to people trying to lose weight how important making all your food from scratch is and it doesn't have to be time consuming. I'm looking up slimming world recipes online and buying their magazines to keep me motivated and I have to say, I'm feeling great! I'm really excited how well my weight loss is going and I can't wait til the summer to show it off!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nails of the day

I couldn't resist when I saw another blogger talking about buying these getting them for myself, they're a total bargain! Here is the look I created with them for today, I can't wait to try out more colour combinations. (sorry for the poor quality photo my phone needed charging and was refusing to use the flash)

Have a good day all

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Apologies & R.I.P

My blog is probably going to be quieter now for a little while as I have things I need to catch up with, I will still make sure I post but the content will probably be a lot shorter than usual! I have quite a bit of uni work to be doing now and am going to visit my Mum tomorrow. I say "visit my Mum" but what's actually happening is my poor hamster has died! We are renting this flat and although we have a garden here I want to take him to My Mums to be buried because we won't be living here for much longer, the flat will see us through uni but we will be wanting our own house in a few years. Not to mention that if I bury him here my cat will probably dig his body up and nobody should be disrespected like that! So, R.I.P Fudge Banoffee.

He managed to get to 3 years old which is good for a hamster, their life span tends to be 2-3 years old. I don't think he's going to be replaced, Max is the first real pet (one that lasts longer than a few years) I've had that's actually mine and only mine. Of course he's Chris' as well but even he agrees that he's mine!

I have a uni friend who I haven't seen since Christmas, I was going to contact her and check she was OK as it's not like her to not turn up but then I got this nasty virus and had to take a couple of weeks off myself. It turned out that her Mum died of cancer over the Christmas break and words cannot express how sorry I am to hear this news. She's cracking on with uni work and I've told her that I'll help her with the bits she's got behind with. There's going to be some serious cake eating over the next week. I would have invited her to my flat for a proper chat but Chris has managed to catch my virus and the last thing she'd need would be to catch that.

So this week for me consists of

1. Burying my hamster
2. Doing my own uni work
3. Helping my friend with her outstanding uni work
4. Taking care of a man who's unwell
5. Treating my friend to hugs and cake

So I do apologise if my blog isn't updated as much as usual and if I don't leave you guys many comments! I'm still here and still reading your posts I promise!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Who's laughing now?

A few things have inspired me to write this post but mainly this post by M. E Franco and a new 3 part TV series starting tomorrow that I cannot wait for, Gok's Teen's: The Naked Truth. Find out about it here.

Bullying is a massive problem, especially for young children at school. I was bullied constantly, non stop for at least 10 years of my life, the entire duration of being at primary school. I was always very quiet and incredibly shy, but the reasons why I was bullied are as follows:

1. I am a natural red head.
2. I was a lot more "developed" than anyone else.
3. I was shy so an easy target.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, I was hit, spat on, kicked, shoved around and most importantly I was mentally tortured on a day to day basis. The bullying was mainly from one girl in particular and she really, really hated me and I could never understand why. I never did anything to her so why did she need to do it to me? My Mum always told me she was jealous but I didn't understand that for many years after. For me, the only thing that stopped it was one day when she was really ripping into me, after a good decade of sitting and taking it only to go home crying, I finally had enough. I quite simply got up in the middle of a maths lesson, walked over to her and punched her in the face. Who knew that it was so easy to stop bullying?? Seriously, after that, she wanted to be my friend. Of course I never wanted to be her friend so I kept my distance from her. It's funny how when I went to secondary school, the things I was bullied for instantly made me "cool". I was one of very few girls who actually had boobs and apparently, just a few months after I was bullied for it, it was a sought after asset! I really didn't understand it, being a red head was still not really fashionable but as my hair has been getting darker and darker my whole life, by this time it had gone a nice deep shade of auburn. I was still quiet but had learned to stand up for myself. All this allowed me to be somewhere in the middle. I wasn't bullied but plenty of people were. I never spoke to or had anything to do with the bullies, I had a few groups of friends and that was good enough for me. I didn't care about being "cool" I just wanted to not be bullied. The bully girl from primary school unfortunately came to the same school as me and even worse, was in my class for the rest of my secondary school life, but she already knew I was capable of shutting her up so she descended on new prey.

Nowadays, after watching these bullies for another 10 years or so, they all want to be friends with everyone from school. Now this I really don't understand, have they completely forgotten what a tosser they were only 5 or so years previous?? No, they just have nobody else! Most of the bullies that I knew have become young, mostly single, mothers with no real education and no real future. I took great pleasure in one girl from secondary school (who used to grab smaller kids, sometimes 3-4 years her junior and throw and push them around for fun) seeing me in a grocery store, she recognised me and grinned and waved at me just before starting to push her pram with her children (of which she had several of different colours because they all had different fathers) towards me until she realised that I had given her a dirty look and then quite literally turned my back on her. She was gutted. She had experienced some of the hurtful feelings that she was so ready to throw on anyone else and she didn't like it. The only difference is, she is now in a bad situation and nobody wants to help her because we all know what she's like. She is vile. I was so happy that I could serve her up a slice of cold shoulder pie, and hopefully make her realise that the hurt and pain that you so readily give to other people stays with them their entire lives.

I for one am glad I was bullied, in a very strange way at least. I now know how to stand up for myself and nobody gets away with hurting me or someone that I love. I know how important it is to help children who are suffering from these bullies. I'm also disgusted that it's still happening, but for anyone who is suffering from it I can tell you that it will stop, even if it does take 10 years or more, it will eventually come to the end. And these low lives who are trying to make themselves feel better by ruining you will never amount to anything. This is the most important lesson I've learnt from growing up.

I now share a home with my fiancee, am working towards getting myself a degree in what I love and have a very bright future ahead of me. They have council houses and babies. The girl who bullied me is actually even worse as she has nothing but an on/off boyfriend who she keeps finding cheating but keeps taking him back as she has nobody else, and she takes care of a small baby that he had by another woman. (She's also dying her hair red!?! I guess my Mum was right) If I had to go through 10 years of suffering for a whole life of happiness while I watch these low lives suffer then I'm very happy I was bullied.

So, who's laughing now?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Exercise Toys

Firstly I will have to comment on the fact that it was snowing gently all day yesterday. We had really small flakes falling gently from the afternoon through to quite late in the evening which resulted in a really nice blanket of snow. Maximus (my cat) has never set his paws on snow before as last year when we had snow he was still too little to go outside so he had to watch from the window! I let him go outside in it and he was very confused! Walking very softly over the ground and then shaking his paws as he then looked up at me as if to say "what did you put this here for?!" Needless to say he didn't stay outside for very long. It's the sort of snow I enjoy because there's enough on the ground to look pretty but not to mess up your entire week of plans. When we got up this morning it had melted which was nice to see. Here's a picture of my front drive that I took late last night.

Anyway, as it was snowing yesterday I decided not to bother getting the car on the road and spent the day inside. It gave me the chance to have a play on a new Kinect game that Chris had bought us. I have been using the kinect quite often to get my exercise and love it, and now I'm even more in love. I have been using the game "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" which is a specific exercise game where you have a personal trainer and exercise classes to take in the comfort of your own home. So it was nice to play a game more about fun than fitness, Kinect Sports Season 2.

I'm not going to do a proper review for it but I do absolutely love it because it gives you sports to play in your own home, my personal favourite being tennis, and you actually have so much fun you don't really see it as exercise. One thing that I love about using the Kinect for exercise is that you get gamerscore for getting achievements and that really spurs me on - my friends can look through the games I've been playing and see what I've been doing. Kinect Sports Season 2 also tells you how many calories you've burned, and I actually seemed to burn more calories using this game than the specific workout game because it's so much more fun. I'm definitely going to be using this as a regular source of exercise from now on.

I have lost weight before and didn't really bother with toning up the first time round, so this is something I really want to do this time. Even though I had lost all the weight I wanted before, I still wasn't happy because I wasn't very toned. I see this as a good time to sort this issue out and get the body I wanted in the first place but never seemed to achieve. I have bought myself a Pineapple Twist Board which you basically stand on and then twist yourself on. It's a really small lightweight piece of equipment and is incredibly cheap (I got mine for £9.99) which was why I bought it but I have read really good reviews on the internet about it. Some women even said they had lost a dress size or more just from using it. I actually have small hand weights as well and I find that using them with the twist board makes the exercise even harder and more effective. I like that I can do this while watching my favourite TV show and again, I hardly notice that I'm exercising.

It seems the secret to getting exercise and sticking to it is finding something that really works for you, something that you can fit around your daily life (like getting on a piece of equipment while watching the TV) and something that you enjoy. I'm hoping that I've found the right combination for me and look forward to seeing the results.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

So, yesterday I tried out the Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara in Glam Black and I have to say, I love it! My lashes are rather short and so a good mascara really does me wonders. It makes me wonder why I didn't get a new one sooner but I guess that's the life of a student! I was quite skeptical as have tried out mascara's before and they didn't really do a lot but this one is definitely my new favourite.

The brush is curved which fits nicely into the natural shape of your eye and it only takes a few strokes to get a really nice even coverage all over. It goes right the way from each end of your eye and coats all of the lashes without any effort. If you're someone who doesn't like to get too dramatic with your lashes then this is very achievable with this mascara. I was really surprised that it gave a nice light coat of mascara and gave a really pretty daytime look. I like to build mine up a bit so put a couple of coats on. I did have to go out (to the vet!) so I didn't build it up too much to keep it casual but I could have easily kept building it up to make a really lovely, dramatic eye look. It made my lashes look really, really long and it lasted all day too. I kept checking at regular intervals and there was no crumbling down my face or smudging, it held in place all day and kept looking really fresh.

It did look better from a distance but here's my photos of before and after. If you're wondering what I have on my eyelids it's Bare Escentuals Prime Time eye shadow primer in the Brightening colour which I've linked here and a very light dusting of Bare Escentuals eyeshadow from a kit that I can't find on the internet to link to anywhere! I got it as a gift for Christmas so I'll see if I can track down where it came from. But it's a kit with a colour for every day of the week and the one I'm wearing is called "Thursday" which is a very dark dusty green/brown colour. Here's a link to the eye shadow kits here. I love BE and it's all I wear (apart from mascara as I prefer a more dramatic look) as it's very quick and easy to apply and get good results for a casual look or you can build them up to get a more night time look. When I put them on I know they will not budge all day, and although the prices are a little high, it's actually much cheaper for me to buy this brand as one small pot of foundation will last me a whole year. I imagine the shadows will last me forever!

I'll definitely be wearing this mascara all the time and would recommend it to anyone, although busywomen who work all day/long hours would probably benefit a lot from it because of it's staying power, and it really does look as good at the end of the day as it did when you put it on.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Getting organised

I've been having a think about how I can make the most of my time, and the answer is obvious; I need to get more organised. At the moment, I'm spending an awful lot of time sitting in front of my uni work, but actually getting very little done. This means there's hardly any time left to do anything else in the day, so basically I'm spending a lot of time getting nothing done with not a lot of time left to do anything else. I also want to make sure that I keep my healthy habits up, as most of January I wasn't at uni so it was quite easy to find time to exercise and spend time preparing good food.

So today, I've decided to draw myself up a little timetable and work out certain hours to get my uni work done in. Hopefully this will allow me to know how much time I have and get much more done in less time, freeing my time up to get myself exercise and do other things that I enjoy doing without feeling guilty!

Today I'm also going to try out a new mascara, I realised the other day that I haven't bought a new one for ages, and because I don't wear make up every single day it seems to have lasted but it's good to replace them every 6 months or so if you don't use it up before, so for the first time I'm going to be testing the Maybelline Volum' Express "Colossal Cat Eyes" mascara. I don't have brilliant lashes so I'm looking forward to seeing how much it does for me.

Also, as promised here's a picture of the knitting I've done so far. It's just going to be a simple scarf with random stripes to use up some nice wool that was doing nothing!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Writing Contest!

As it's February and the month for love, Sapphire Star Publishing are holding a romance contest. Here are the details for anyone interested:

Grand Prize: Kindle Fire & publishing contract with Sapphire Star Publishing
2nd Prize: $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Prize: $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

How to enter:

  1. Send your entries to
  2. Stories do not need to be complete, but must be at least 25,000 words.
  3. All romance genres accepted.
  4. Entries will be accepted February 1 through February 29, 2012. Winners will be announced by March 9, 2012.
  5. Please include your contact information in your email.

The Fine Print:

  1. All entries must be original work by submitting author.
  2. Entries must be under no legal obligation to another publisher.
  3. Sapphire Star Publishing agrees to keep content of entries confidential. Author retains all rights to entry.
  4. Grand prize winner will be offered a publishing contract with Sapphire Star Publishing but is under no legal obligation to accept.
  5. Minimum of 20 participants for Grand Prize to be awarded.
Go to their website here and follow them on Twitter here

Good luck to anyone who enters! Best get cracking....

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Twitter, for me at least, has become a really important part of life. I'm growing to love it more and more each day, even though I found it hard to get used to for ages! If you haven't had a go with it and you have something for people to look at via the internet then you should create an account and give it a go. Twitter not only allows me to advertise my blog and connect with like minded people (a lot of the time bloggers) it also helps other people find out who you are and what you do. And, even better, it has a handy little "retweet" button that people can press to show everyone who's following them what you have said. This reaches out to so many more people than you could find anywhere else, it's simply fabulous! What's more is you follow whoever you want, there's no accepting friends that you don't really want to talk to so it gets rid of anything unwanted on your feed (and I have a lot of unwanted rubbish from people I don't want to talk to on Facebook!) - you literally only see what you want to see. I've found some really lovely people via Twitter and in turn have found lovely blogs to add to my reading list.

On a personal note, following accounts such as Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Zest Magazine has really helped me to stay positive about trying to lose some weight and also has kept me really motivated. I'm also not much of a fan of watching the news (my Mum seems to watch it all the time and I've developed a hatred for it because of this!) but following the BBC news on Twitter allows me to get short snippets of what's going on in the world without needing to watch the TV or read through a whole newspaper. I'm really interested in Journalism and it seems Twitter is becoming the main source for breaking news and giving updates as stories unfold throughout the day. Of course it's also fun to follow your favourite celebrities and get gossip straight from the horses mouth!

If you haven't already checked it out then you should give it a go, and give it a while to let it sink in! It's very odd to start with but once you start networking it can turn into a bloggers best friend. My account is @sarahflight1 for those of you who are not already following me, see you there!