Thursday, 22 November 2012

A New Start

Hey guys, I realise I've not posted properly for ages but there is a good reason for that. I have started a new blog here which I hope you will visit. As I don't have a proper theme on this blog I found it hard knowing what to blog on, so I am moving away from "what I've done today" posts and I'm starting my own little corner of the internet specifically for what interests me. Those of you who know me well will know these things will include reading, writing, knitting, crochet, baking, fashion, beauty and loads more. I hope that you will come with me on this new journey, I can't wait to get started and have some posts planned already. Please hit the follow button if you like what you see - but please keep in mind that I am just starting and am still working on it as we speak!



Friday, 12 October 2012

I've been so ill! (again) & update

I realise my blog is littered with "I'm ill" posts but they are all genuinely true! It seems I can't ever just get a sniffle or a tummy ache for a few hours, it has to be something that knocks me back for days. This time it was an ongoing issue I have, but usually I can just have some really strong painkillers prescribed by the doctor, but unfortunately this time, what the doctor gave me didn't agree with me at all and I suffered from every single possible side effect listed. I was in bed for a whole week. How annoying! I missed one week of uni but luckily it's so early in the semester that it wasn't too bad. 

I have done a lot of uni work so far, one of my first assignments I'm actually really looking forward to doing. It's in a form that I have never done yet - I have to keep a critical diary, make notes in it every week about the books that we are studying, then choose 2 to write 1000 words on, but the diary gets handed in along with the short essays and we are graded on the diary as well. I'm looking forward to this because it has the potential to be quite easy, although quite a lot of effort. I also like this idea as a lot of my work will be done spread out on a weekly basis, rather than doing all the work in one week right before the work is due in. 

I also have to write a play that needs to be done and handed in by November - really scared about this as it's really not very long, but I'm trying to organise myself this year. I have done most of my reading for next weeks lectures so I am hoping that this week I can focus on getting some ideas down and get some writing done. I'm so proud of myself as I'm really putting in a lot of effort and I'm really getting on top of my work this year so far. I just really hope I can keep it up and do the best I can this year for the benefit of my degree.

I agreed to work a disgusting amount of hours in the shop this weekend. Saturday I'm doing 8:45-6:15 and Sunday I'm doing 9-7. At the time I was thinking about the money but I've been dreading it ever since. I so can't wait until it's over, not only will I be glad I've done it for the money but I'll also be able to really chill out on my days off - Monday and Tuesday. I have no plans for those days except that Chris and I are going to try to spend some time together and maybe go out for a meal, as it's been ages since we did something just the 2 of us together and at the moment we don't see each other all that much. We're both working really hard on trying to do the best we can for our degrees and that makes me really very happy, knowing that we are both putting in the effort to try to make our future much happier, easier and hopefully more enjoyable in careers that we enjoy. 

I hope all my followers are well, though I have noticed that a lot of you guys who blog have gone quiet! If anyone could recommend me blogs to follow that are similar to my own I'd really appreciate it. As usual you can get hold of me either in the comments or via Twitter @sarahflight1.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I can't believe it's been so long!

I know I haven't blogged for ages but I am going to fix that now. Right now. At 1 o clock in the morning, in my PJ's and thermal socks. It's actually been quite nice to step away from blogging for a few weeks but I am so ready to dive back in. So what have I actually been doing? Mostly knitting, dieting, going hard at the gym (where I have also been spending more time recently because our boiler has packed up. Luckily the gym has very nice shower facilities.), working, spending time with friends and most importantly, having some "me time" before uni starts again - which is Wednesday by the way. 

We had an awesome ladies night this month - finally saw my friend Amy for the first time in just over a year, she lives in Mansfield now and we hardly ever have time to meet up - we literally all have different working days and times so to get together really takes some effort. Firstly we went for a meal which was great to sit down, have lovely food (especially because of the diet, I've lost half a stone this month by the way) and then go out for a night on the town afterwards. It got pretty messy and resulted in a 2 day hangover. I don't actually mind this because I only drink once or twice a year nowadays so it's great to let our hair down a bit when we're all together again.

The knitting is going really well, though a lot of my friends have started following my Twitter account now so I can't really continue posting things that could be gifts for them... so that will have to be enough of that story I'm afraid. I am however going to be making a scarf for Chris next because he's jealous that I seem to be making things for "everyone" so I'm going to make him one, though I have never really followed a proper knitting pattern before so I am going to attempt to do that for his. I'll be able to post pictures and updates on that one. 

I am actually feeling very ready to start uni again. I have my reading list. I know what I'm doing. Only 1 year now and that's it. Next May it'll all be finishing and that will be it. I can't wait. Needless to say I am very excited about this Christmas. Ridiculously excited. I have even just watched a really awful film simply because it's set around the Christmas period. Ever watched The Holiday? Don't bother unless you're in the mood for a very bad but snuggly romance. I got under the warmest fleece ever and cuddled my Maximus while I was knitting and actually, really loved it. So yeah, if you find yourself in that kind of mood, I guess do watch it. Max is as handsome as ever by the way.

I will have to leave it at that for now but really look forward to getting back to regular blogging again. Hopefully it will help me keep organised and stay in a habit for uni work as well. What have you guys been getting upto recently? Tweet me or leave a comment, I'd love to hear what I've been missing out on.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Low Calorie Banoffee Dessert

I know I haven't posted for a while but I've been busy kicking the diet up a notch. I've been going crazy at the gym and I weighed myself today as a midweek weigh in to check that what I'm doing is working to find that I've lost 2lbs just since Monday - hurray!

So, staying on that theme, I've put together a quick and easy dessert that will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth

Low Calorie Banoffee Dessert

4 Light Digestive biscuits, smashed
1 pack banana flavoured Angel Delight
Toffee sauce
1 square chocolate of your choice
1/2 pint skimmed milk

123 calories each, makes 3

Smash the biscuits then put at the bottom of small dessert bowls, make Angel Delight according to packet instructions (with the skimmed milk) and place on top of biscuit base. Drizzle a small amount of toffee sauce on top and then grate the square of chocolate over the top. Ready to eat instantly or put in the fridge for later.

There's many good points about this dessert, one of the best I think is that it's so cheap to put together. Once you have most of the ingredients, it's there ready and waiting for you whenever you fancy it, as long as you can stop yourself from eating the whole bar of chocolate and only use 1 small square a time... You can always make with a different flavour Angel Delight such as chocolate to make a millionaires dessert instead. 

If you decide to try this please let me know, I'd love to hear any feedback.

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Dress by Sophie Nicholls

I found this cheap to download on the Kindle, and I was after a cheap read to keep me busy, and to fill a couple of hours here and there. I really enjoyed the majority of the book, but before I go any deeper, let's have a look at the description.

What Amazon says

Meet Ella and her mother Fabbia Moreno who arrive in York, one cold January day, to set up their vintage dress shop.
The flamboyant Fabbia wants to sell beautiful dresses to nice people and move on from her difficult past. Ella just wants to fit in. But not everyone is on their side. 
Will Fabbia overcome the prejudices she encounters? What's the dark secret she's hiding? And do the silk linings and concealed seams of her dresses contain real spells or is this all just 'everyday magic'?
Among the leopard-print shoes, tea-gowns and costume jewellery in Fabbia's shop are many different stories - and the story of one particular dress. 
This is a full-length novel for lovers of vintage and readers of contemporary romance/fantasy.

What I thought

This was a really nice read all in all. Very well written, flows beautifully and has a good story to get involved in. We get to know Ella and her mother, and the other characters for that matter, very slowly, and a book that at first just makes me want to go shopping and find some amazing vintage pieces, turns darker and feels like much more of a "meaty" story. It reminds me of typical teenage girl dilemna's -I hadn't noticed how long ago that was until I read this - but also shows you the life of an older woman to contrast, making it a good read for a woman or girl of any age - provided she is old enough to not be bothered by the darker parts (I say that because I started reading adult books at a very young age because of my advanced reading skills). There is also an element of fantasy as we hear myths and stories told to Ella as she grows up, which I really enjoyed. I do like fantasy but sometimes find it hard to appreciate a whole book about a fantasy land with elves and wizards. For me, this book had the right amount of reality versus fantasy. The only way that this book disappointed me was because the end seemed to trail off into nowhere. A lot of time was spent building the story up and it was over before we knew it, with no real resolve, or at least not enough of a resolution to keep me happy. Maybe I'm the bad one for enjoying books to come to a head and have something truly awful happen before the end? I'm not sure. If you like happy endings, this is the one for you. Overall, I really enjoyed the book, the story is imaginative but still real and believable. I would recommend to anyone wanting a nice read with a bit of substance although it can be quite girly in places. I found the details of the vintage clothes and accessories a really nice touch that made me enjoy the story even more. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Feeling sorry for myself

Every so often, I have a really terrible time with period pains. I used to get them so bad every single time that I couldn't even stand up, now, it only happens very occasionally thankfully. Chris actually isn't feeling very well today either so hasn't gone to work. Needless to say we are sitting around quietly in fuzzy PJ's, and I have just made us bacon butties in an attempt to feel better. I feel so crap I don't even care about the diet right now! It is raining, and daytime TV is as bad as ever, but I am somewhat enjoying it, and cracking on with my knitting. I really want to hurry up and get the purpley pink project done as Chris has started complaining that I seem to be knitting for everyone but him! So I need to finish this one and make one for him ready for winter. Not just that but Lorna came over yesterday and brought me a huge bag filled with wool that she is going to give away to charity, but before it went she wanted me to take what I wanted, so I now have a few lovely balls of chunky pinky and purpley wool that will most likely be used on making something for myself for a change!

Here is one of them wrapped up in what we call a "Wallace and Gromit" style, and here is Wendy and Wallace demonstrating why we call it that!

I actually have so much knitting to be doing!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Autumn/Winter has landed!

As some of you know, while I study I have a part time job at Primark. When I went into work on Saturday, after having nearly 2 weeks off, I was shocked to find that the summer clothes were literally disappearing. And fast, really fast.

So I thought I would write a quick blog post to make sure that everyone was aware of this. If you are still yet to go on your holidays this year, make sure you hurry up and buy any summery bits that you might still need. Or, if you think like I do, now is the time to get your bargains for next year. I know that fashions change, but I think it is safe to say that summer colours and winter colours don't often change that much, plus there are always those simple skirts, shorts or vest tops that we want for casual wear. I am hoping to lose more weight by next year so I haven't bought anything, instead, starting from today I'll be trying to lose as much weight as I can before I go back to uni at the end of next month. The Olympics have definitely inspired me to play some sports and I have had a go at badminton and table tennis along with tennis. This week I plan on starting swimming too.

But back to the point - if you still want to buy some summer items head into shops as soon as you can because once it's gone it's gone, and of course, all the new exciting Autumn/Winter clothes are there too! I love winter and I am so excited about Christmas this year. I suppose it's because since moving we have more space for decorations, a bigger tree and presents, and of course this flat has much better heating. I'm so excited and seeing all the lovely fluffy jumpers and winter boots just feeds that excitement even more.

Here's a snap of the Burberry A/W collection to really get us in the mood!