Thursday, 22 November 2012

A New Start

Hey guys, I realise I've not posted properly for ages but there is a good reason for that. I have started a new blog here which I hope you will visit. As I don't have a proper theme on this blog I found it hard knowing what to blog on, so I am moving away from "what I've done today" posts and I'm starting my own little corner of the internet specifically for what interests me. Those of you who know me well will know these things will include reading, writing, knitting, crochet, baking, fashion, beauty and loads more. I hope that you will come with me on this new journey, I can't wait to get started and have some posts planned already. Please hit the follow button if you like what you see - but please keep in mind that I am just starting and am still working on it as we speak!



Friday, 12 October 2012

I've been so ill! (again) & update

I realise my blog is littered with "I'm ill" posts but they are all genuinely true! It seems I can't ever just get a sniffle or a tummy ache for a few hours, it has to be something that knocks me back for days. This time it was an ongoing issue I have, but usually I can just have some really strong painkillers prescribed by the doctor, but unfortunately this time, what the doctor gave me didn't agree with me at all and I suffered from every single possible side effect listed. I was in bed for a whole week. How annoying! I missed one week of uni but luckily it's so early in the semester that it wasn't too bad. 

I have done a lot of uni work so far, one of my first assignments I'm actually really looking forward to doing. It's in a form that I have never done yet - I have to keep a critical diary, make notes in it every week about the books that we are studying, then choose 2 to write 1000 words on, but the diary gets handed in along with the short essays and we are graded on the diary as well. I'm looking forward to this because it has the potential to be quite easy, although quite a lot of effort. I also like this idea as a lot of my work will be done spread out on a weekly basis, rather than doing all the work in one week right before the work is due in. 

I also have to write a play that needs to be done and handed in by November - really scared about this as it's really not very long, but I'm trying to organise myself this year. I have done most of my reading for next weeks lectures so I am hoping that this week I can focus on getting some ideas down and get some writing done. I'm so proud of myself as I'm really putting in a lot of effort and I'm really getting on top of my work this year so far. I just really hope I can keep it up and do the best I can this year for the benefit of my degree.

I agreed to work a disgusting amount of hours in the shop this weekend. Saturday I'm doing 8:45-6:15 and Sunday I'm doing 9-7. At the time I was thinking about the money but I've been dreading it ever since. I so can't wait until it's over, not only will I be glad I've done it for the money but I'll also be able to really chill out on my days off - Monday and Tuesday. I have no plans for those days except that Chris and I are going to try to spend some time together and maybe go out for a meal, as it's been ages since we did something just the 2 of us together and at the moment we don't see each other all that much. We're both working really hard on trying to do the best we can for our degrees and that makes me really very happy, knowing that we are both putting in the effort to try to make our future much happier, easier and hopefully more enjoyable in careers that we enjoy. 

I hope all my followers are well, though I have noticed that a lot of you guys who blog have gone quiet! If anyone could recommend me blogs to follow that are similar to my own I'd really appreciate it. As usual you can get hold of me either in the comments or via Twitter @sarahflight1.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I can't believe it's been so long!

I know I haven't blogged for ages but I am going to fix that now. Right now. At 1 o clock in the morning, in my PJ's and thermal socks. It's actually been quite nice to step away from blogging for a few weeks but I am so ready to dive back in. So what have I actually been doing? Mostly knitting, dieting, going hard at the gym (where I have also been spending more time recently because our boiler has packed up. Luckily the gym has very nice shower facilities.), working, spending time with friends and most importantly, having some "me time" before uni starts again - which is Wednesday by the way. 

We had an awesome ladies night this month - finally saw my friend Amy for the first time in just over a year, she lives in Mansfield now and we hardly ever have time to meet up - we literally all have different working days and times so to get together really takes some effort. Firstly we went for a meal which was great to sit down, have lovely food (especially because of the diet, I've lost half a stone this month by the way) and then go out for a night on the town afterwards. It got pretty messy and resulted in a 2 day hangover. I don't actually mind this because I only drink once or twice a year nowadays so it's great to let our hair down a bit when we're all together again.

The knitting is going really well, though a lot of my friends have started following my Twitter account now so I can't really continue posting things that could be gifts for them... so that will have to be enough of that story I'm afraid. I am however going to be making a scarf for Chris next because he's jealous that I seem to be making things for "everyone" so I'm going to make him one, though I have never really followed a proper knitting pattern before so I am going to attempt to do that for his. I'll be able to post pictures and updates on that one. 

I am actually feeling very ready to start uni again. I have my reading list. I know what I'm doing. Only 1 year now and that's it. Next May it'll all be finishing and that will be it. I can't wait. Needless to say I am very excited about this Christmas. Ridiculously excited. I have even just watched a really awful film simply because it's set around the Christmas period. Ever watched The Holiday? Don't bother unless you're in the mood for a very bad but snuggly romance. I got under the warmest fleece ever and cuddled my Maximus while I was knitting and actually, really loved it. So yeah, if you find yourself in that kind of mood, I guess do watch it. Max is as handsome as ever by the way.

I will have to leave it at that for now but really look forward to getting back to regular blogging again. Hopefully it will help me keep organised and stay in a habit for uni work as well. What have you guys been getting upto recently? Tweet me or leave a comment, I'd love to hear what I've been missing out on.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Low Calorie Banoffee Dessert

I know I haven't posted for a while but I've been busy kicking the diet up a notch. I've been going crazy at the gym and I weighed myself today as a midweek weigh in to check that what I'm doing is working to find that I've lost 2lbs just since Monday - hurray!

So, staying on that theme, I've put together a quick and easy dessert that will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth

Low Calorie Banoffee Dessert

4 Light Digestive biscuits, smashed
1 pack banana flavoured Angel Delight
Toffee sauce
1 square chocolate of your choice
1/2 pint skimmed milk

123 calories each, makes 3

Smash the biscuits then put at the bottom of small dessert bowls, make Angel Delight according to packet instructions (with the skimmed milk) and place on top of biscuit base. Drizzle a small amount of toffee sauce on top and then grate the square of chocolate over the top. Ready to eat instantly or put in the fridge for later.

There's many good points about this dessert, one of the best I think is that it's so cheap to put together. Once you have most of the ingredients, it's there ready and waiting for you whenever you fancy it, as long as you can stop yourself from eating the whole bar of chocolate and only use 1 small square a time... You can always make with a different flavour Angel Delight such as chocolate to make a millionaires dessert instead. 

If you decide to try this please let me know, I'd love to hear any feedback.

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Dress by Sophie Nicholls

I found this cheap to download on the Kindle, and I was after a cheap read to keep me busy, and to fill a couple of hours here and there. I really enjoyed the majority of the book, but before I go any deeper, let's have a look at the description.

What Amazon says

Meet Ella and her mother Fabbia Moreno who arrive in York, one cold January day, to set up their vintage dress shop.
The flamboyant Fabbia wants to sell beautiful dresses to nice people and move on from her difficult past. Ella just wants to fit in. But not everyone is on their side. 
Will Fabbia overcome the prejudices she encounters? What's the dark secret she's hiding? And do the silk linings and concealed seams of her dresses contain real spells or is this all just 'everyday magic'?
Among the leopard-print shoes, tea-gowns and costume jewellery in Fabbia's shop are many different stories - and the story of one particular dress. 
This is a full-length novel for lovers of vintage and readers of contemporary romance/fantasy.

What I thought

This was a really nice read all in all. Very well written, flows beautifully and has a good story to get involved in. We get to know Ella and her mother, and the other characters for that matter, very slowly, and a book that at first just makes me want to go shopping and find some amazing vintage pieces, turns darker and feels like much more of a "meaty" story. It reminds me of typical teenage girl dilemna's -I hadn't noticed how long ago that was until I read this - but also shows you the life of an older woman to contrast, making it a good read for a woman or girl of any age - provided she is old enough to not be bothered by the darker parts (I say that because I started reading adult books at a very young age because of my advanced reading skills). There is also an element of fantasy as we hear myths and stories told to Ella as she grows up, which I really enjoyed. I do like fantasy but sometimes find it hard to appreciate a whole book about a fantasy land with elves and wizards. For me, this book had the right amount of reality versus fantasy. The only way that this book disappointed me was because the end seemed to trail off into nowhere. A lot of time was spent building the story up and it was over before we knew it, with no real resolve, or at least not enough of a resolution to keep me happy. Maybe I'm the bad one for enjoying books to come to a head and have something truly awful happen before the end? I'm not sure. If you like happy endings, this is the one for you. Overall, I really enjoyed the book, the story is imaginative but still real and believable. I would recommend to anyone wanting a nice read with a bit of substance although it can be quite girly in places. I found the details of the vintage clothes and accessories a really nice touch that made me enjoy the story even more. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Feeling sorry for myself

Every so often, I have a really terrible time with period pains. I used to get them so bad every single time that I couldn't even stand up, now, it only happens very occasionally thankfully. Chris actually isn't feeling very well today either so hasn't gone to work. Needless to say we are sitting around quietly in fuzzy PJ's, and I have just made us bacon butties in an attempt to feel better. I feel so crap I don't even care about the diet right now! It is raining, and daytime TV is as bad as ever, but I am somewhat enjoying it, and cracking on with my knitting. I really want to hurry up and get the purpley pink project done as Chris has started complaining that I seem to be knitting for everyone but him! So I need to finish this one and make one for him ready for winter. Not just that but Lorna came over yesterday and brought me a huge bag filled with wool that she is going to give away to charity, but before it went she wanted me to take what I wanted, so I now have a few lovely balls of chunky pinky and purpley wool that will most likely be used on making something for myself for a change!

Here is one of them wrapped up in what we call a "Wallace and Gromit" style, and here is Wendy and Wallace demonstrating why we call it that!

I actually have so much knitting to be doing!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Autumn/Winter has landed!

As some of you know, while I study I have a part time job at Primark. When I went into work on Saturday, after having nearly 2 weeks off, I was shocked to find that the summer clothes were literally disappearing. And fast, really fast.

So I thought I would write a quick blog post to make sure that everyone was aware of this. If you are still yet to go on your holidays this year, make sure you hurry up and buy any summery bits that you might still need. Or, if you think like I do, now is the time to get your bargains for next year. I know that fashions change, but I think it is safe to say that summer colours and winter colours don't often change that much, plus there are always those simple skirts, shorts or vest tops that we want for casual wear. I am hoping to lose more weight by next year so I haven't bought anything, instead, starting from today I'll be trying to lose as much weight as I can before I go back to uni at the end of next month. The Olympics have definitely inspired me to play some sports and I have had a go at badminton and table tennis along with tennis. This week I plan on starting swimming too.

But back to the point - if you still want to buy some summer items head into shops as soon as you can because once it's gone it's gone, and of course, all the new exciting Autumn/Winter clothes are there too! I love winter and I am so excited about Christmas this year. I suppose it's because since moving we have more space for decorations, a bigger tree and presents, and of course this flat has much better heating. I'm so excited and seeing all the lovely fluffy jumpers and winter boots just feeds that excitement even more.

Here's a snap of the Burberry A/W collection to really get us in the mood!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Oh hey, pay day!

Despite only being paid £200 on my last pay day, I have actually been really good and managed to save £60 in my bank until this pay day. I can't tell you how long it has been since that happened. Anyway, the tax man hadn't done my student stuff right and he owed me £200 which he paid in today with the rest of my wages - I had done a lot of overtime this month so when I checked my bank this morning I was very happy to see £700 in my bank account! I have been saving it up because I finally want to get this flat done. Because this flat is probably 3 times the size of our last place, buying bits here and there has really taken quite a while!! But as I will be receiving my student loans next month too (we always use a little bit of it to spend on ourselves before it disappears on bills - seeing as we don't drink or party) I really wanted to get the majority of the things that I needed done this month so that I can add the finishing touch next month (probably a small TV for the bedroom). Thank you, Mr Tax man for allowing me to do this! So today I went out and bought new curtains, cushions, a chest of drawers and storage for my makeup (I have a lot of it and it needed to be sorted through properly). I still have some things to clear out and sort through and it'll probably take a week or 2 around work but I'm getting excited that soon it will be complete and I won't need to keep adding things. Everything will have a home, it will be neater and much more homely around here and most importantly I will take some photos and share them with you guys. I know there's a few of you who have been looking forward to seeing my new (ish) flat since I moved!

In other news, I have been considering starting swimming a couple of times a week but have been putting it off because I hate going to new places on my own. I don't know why but not knowing where things are or how things operate really make me very nervous. But today I decided that I need to stop putting it off. Next week I am going to go swimming and hopefully really enjoy myself and get a decent workout. I want to lose a bit more weight before uni starts again next month so I have 4-6 weeks to crack on and get it done. Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Another Christmas Present Sorted

So I finished knitting one scarf, and have started another. Today I went shopping with my Mum and found an absolutely lush bar of soap that totally matches the colour of the wool I am using. I picked it up and sniffed it thinking that it seemed too good to be true but it really does smell as good as it looks.

(sorry for the naff photo - the lighting was awful)

This find has really inspired me to keep on knitting and get this project finished as quick as possible. I'm so happy with this present because it's not only cheap and cheerful, but a lot of thought and effort will go into the knitting of the scarf. I really hope my friend likes it.

In other news, I have actually finally started a writing project that has been sitting in my head for a while. I realise that this project probably won't get finished until uni is over next year, but by starting the writing now I am hoping not to lose my ideas and to get a head start ready for graduating next year when I will be looking into the possibility of self publishing.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

I have 50 followers!

Wow, when did that happen? Back when I started this blog I never imagined that anyone would want to read it. It was a place for me to write about my uni work and my love for writing itself, but since then it has grown into a lifestyle blog too. My favourite thing about blogging now is actually reading everyone elses. There's so many lovely blogs where I read about peoples lives, interests and get introduced to some great ideas or products that I never would have found any other way. Blogging has also put me in contact with some really lovely people and I'd just like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog, it really does make me very happy. I will be doing a giveaway on here soon to celebrate, so do make sure you keep checking back here. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Birthday

It was my Birthday yesterday and I was not looking forward to turning 24 at all, but this year is turning out to be really great. I spent the day with my mum, she bought me lunch and dessert and then I went home and had a quiet night in with Chris and Max. Despite Chris being a man he managed to get me some thoughtful presents; a foot spa because my feet hurt so much after a day at work and some personalised stationery with "Sarah Flight Creative Writer" engraved on it. If I wasn't already thinking I was lucky, Lorna came over today and brought some lovely presents, though really that wasn't very surprising because she knows me so well she always gets me things she knows I will love. So she got me a pedometer, so I can see how much I really do run around at work, a little picnic blanket for when I go and read in the park, a knitting basket that looks really nice and has pockets for needles on the inside and she also painted me this, which I put straight on the wall of my living room. I absolutely love it, it's the best present anyone has given me for a long time.

And here I am relaxing with my foot spa in front of the TV which is amazing

I am feeling very lucky right now.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Let's Get Lade by Thomas Amo

I have been twitter and blog buddies with Thomas for a while now but sadly have only just got round to reading some of his actual work! Blah blah everyone knows how much I read for uni blah - but yes! It is finally summer and we have finally had some good enough weather for me to spend a couple of lazy afternoons lying in the sunshine. So, I decided to finally have a read of his work and I have to say I was very impressed.

Book Description

It's New York, February 6, 1964. The Beatles are making their first American appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in one more day. The Plaza hotel is crazy with the preparations. Desk clerk Alex Fraser has secretly let his brother Freddie use the penthouse suite for the evening so he can wine and dine the girl of his dreams. There’s just one small problem—the secret service are using the same room to hide spy novelist Henry Lade. Lade's most recent novel has attracted the attention of the Soviets and East Germans who believe Lade may have secretly discovered their plot to bomb Fresno, California. They’ve dispatched assassins to kidnap or kill Lade, which ever is easiest. Worse, just like Alex and Freddie, Henry Lade and Secret Service Agent John Parker don't know that the penthouse suite is already a bit crowded—with John, Paul, George and Ringo. ~ Come Tomorrow, everyone will be wishing for yesterday!

What I think

This was the perfect read for me to shut my eyes off to the world and just escape into some fun and frolicking for a few hours. I did really, really enjoy it because the whole book was just so funny! Right from the start the book was funny, lighthearted but still incredibly witty, particularly with some of the remarks that the characters came out with about each other. It really in a way reminded me of real life; the way that each character had a story that wove into the main plot and not only made sense to the reader but came across as very funny, as we get to watch all the characters failing to see the craziness that they have landed in. 

I would say that this book would be perfect for a quick summer read, it only took a few hours for me to read from start to finish and I do read fairly slowly, in a way I wished it was slightly longer but at the same time I wanted to get through it because I was enjoying it so much. The book flowed brilliantly and because of this I can't really complain about it being too short; it was just right for the plot but I suppose that I have got used to reading longer novels.

One thing that I must mention is that a lot of the time when looking for a cheap read via the Kindle, you stumble across a good story, but unfortunately the English and the way it has been written is lacking. This is something I was very pleased to see in Let's Get Lade; not only was the story very imaginative but the book was superbly written throughout and I certainly could not find any mistakes. This is great news for me because badly written books really do offend me. A lot! 

I wouldn't normally read a lighthearted book like this, usually if I want a summer read I tend to pick up something more girly and for that reason I would give this book a rating of 4/5 - it would be 5/5 if the style had been perfectly suited to what I enjoy. I am glad that I did read this as it really was incredibly funny. If anyone is looking for a quick, humorous and cheap read for summer I would certainly recommend you try this book for yourself. You can find it on Amazon here and if you would like to get in touch with Thomas Amo here is his twitter and of course his blog.

Friday, 20 July 2012

"Spring Clean" exercise routine

As I have taken up tennis as a form of exercise and a hobby and I've been working 4 or 5 times a week I haven't been hitting the gym as much as usual. I know that working doesn't seem like much of an excuse but I walk 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back again every shift and also working in a clothes department store is very demanding on the legs it really tires me out. I'm constantly stood up and running around taking clothes to and from the shop floor, so by the time I'm home at 7pm I'm really knackered. I have been wanting to get some exercise besides this but I have a knee injury from when I used to run every day a few years back and when I do a lot of walking or running around, my knee hurts a lot and going to the gym just hurts it more. So I have been considering what I can do to help myself get some light exercise on the days that I work as well. Lucy recently blogged about how amazing and relaxing she is finding pilates at the moment and I thought, that could work. It is mainly stretching so my knee won't be stressed out; I did some more research and discovered that pilates alone does not help you lose weight but added to a good diet and some cardio a few times a week it can certainly aid it and make you leaner. That was all I needed to hear and so went out and bought myself a pink yoga mat. There's loads of videos on youtube so I will be looking there to find some beginners moves. 

My motivation for all this is that I want to be smaller by the time I go back to uni the last week of September.  I am very lucky that I like my hourglass figure; just at the moment I would like it a bit smaller.I recently sorted through all my clothes and threw a lot out (stuff that I used to wear clubbing when I was a single teenager.... say no more!) but I still have lots of clothes, particularly dresses, that are slightly too small for me at the moment, that I would love to wear autumn/winter as I love wearing dresses with thick tights and accessories like scarves (particularly the home made ones). Here are a few of my favourites.

They are only a little bit too small for me so it shouldn't take much effort to get back into them - some of them have barely been worn so this is a great inspiration for me.

 I think it's important to always update your exercise routine if your day to day life changes to make sure you don't fall into a rut and "forget" to workout - which can be done very easily as I discovered last year at uni when I gained some weight! Wish me luck with the pilates - hopefully I won't feel too much of an idiot doing it.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


A couple of things have happened today that have made me consider how many different types of inspirations can strike someone, particularly a creative "someone".

First and most significantly, I was at work today on the tills in the men's department, and every so often you get a chattier than most customer. Today an old man was asking me if I had any plans to go away this summer, so I told him that seeing as it's my last summer before graduating I am trying to work and save some money up, and hopefully I will be able to go away next year. He of course asked what I am studying and when I told him English and Creative Writing he suddenly got excited and told me that he loves to write as well, and told me that the words "just come to him from above". While I find this notion weird because I don't have a religious bone in my body, it made me consider that so many different people write or do other creative activities for different reasons. I do it because I'm good at being creative, and I love being creative. But for some people it truly is something that they get from something else way more important than enjoyment. This is something that I had actually forgotten; uni teaches you almost to suck the creativity out of writing, to write a particular way to ensure you bag the best grades. Meeting someone today who clearly didn't care about the standard of the work, just the reason behind the work in the first place really was something that I needed. It reminded me to always make sure I write what I want to write, rather than what I think people will want to read, because that is truly where the enjoyment of writing comes from. No wonder a creative writing course can put you off writing at times.

The second occurance was a lush thunder storm. For some reason storms really make me chill out, stop for a moment and just watch life and nature flash in the distance from my window. It just makes me think about life, how lucky I am and reminds me to do whatever makes me happy. It also rained really hard for about 5-10 minutes which I absolutely adore, listening to the rain outside while snuggling up inside reading a good book is just a fabulous feeling. I have given up complaining about the terrible weather we're having this summer, I'm making the most of it by working as much as possible and filling my spare time with knitting, reading and cracking on with some dissertation research. And on that note, I'm off to get into bed to snuggle up and read a bit before dozing off to sleep.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A chance to write

So, a chance has popped up for me to get into writing over the summer. I know that I always have this chance to write about anything I want, but at the moment I am actually really busy. If I can get overtime at work I would rather do that at the moment than anything else so I can save a little bit of money up. But when an opportunity stares you in the face well you've at least got to try haven't you?

A competition to write a 10 minute radio play for a local radio station has presented itself to me. Not only is it short enough to not take too much time away from me but as anyone who has been following me for a while knows, I studied radio plays at uni last semester and am quite comfortable with writing in this format. Not only that but I actually enjoy it. I will have to write something new though as the winning script will be played on the radio and has to be child friendly due to the time it will be airing. Needless to say, I have no child friendly writing, at all, ever. I have dark stuff inside me that tends to appear while writing which is weird, seeing as I'm not really "dark" at any other time in my life. I suppose these things are deep inside all of us somewhere (I hope).

Anyway, I will keep updating on how this is going - I haven't even got an idea for it yet. In other news Lorna is coming to play tennis on Thursday after I finish my 4 hour shift and then Chris' younger sister will be coming to stay with us for a few days. She hasn't stayed with us for ages so I'm actually looking forward to that, especially because as she gets older I seem to be getting on with her much better. I also finished the pink and cream scarf I have been knitting on and off for months and have started on a deep purple one. I'm hoping to get a few done for Christmas to use up wool and save money - it is less than 6 months to go now so it doesn't seem quite so bad to plan so far ahead now... to me at least anyway!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Asos £100 challenges

There's a competition over at The Discount Coder blog to win £100 worth of Asos vouchers - all you have to do is put together an outfit for less than £100 from the asos website, so here is my entry

shoe boots £35

bag £15

necklace £6

bracelet £8

earrings £6

Total £98

I wanted to do something classy but stylish and I'm really into leopard print at the moment so I decided to use this skirt as my first purchase and then built the rest of the outfit around it. I absolutely love the shoe boots and I would definitely wear this outfit myself.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Venus & Serena we are not

Yes, for the first time in ages, Lorna and I attempted some real sport. A far cry from dreading P.E lessons as a teenager, I have been growing bored of the gym and wanting to start some organised sport. There's 2 outdoors tennis courts at the university campus and it is completely free to play. Not to mention it is summer so uni is deserted at the moment. Brilliant, a free sport that we can get involved in. This morning we were so in the mood that even the pouring showers of rain every 5-10 minutes didn't stop us - although strangely, once we got to the tennis court, the sky suddenly turned blue and we had some very nice weather indeed, although the cool wind was there to stop us feeling hot. And it did a great job because I have just noticed that I actually managed to get some sunburn - but only on one shoulder?! I look ridiculous! 

Anyway, it was really great to get outside and get some great exercise while actually having fun. We both had a blast and we plan to start playing regularly - once or twice a week. Not only do we want to get fitter but we are also finding ourselves wanting to improve. Which for me seems crazy as I have never been a fan of partaking in sports as such; I always chose the gym or to go running at my own pace. It's really nice to enjoy a sport and we are even considering joining a club at some point once we have improved slightly (a lot). It is easy to assume that it costs a lot of money to play a sport, but I'm sure if there are free tennis courts at my university there must be others that have similar facilities. I have checked and the campus grounds and tennis courts are open to the general public so I would suggest to anyone interested in partaking in sport but not wanting to spend a fortune, check out any local college's or uni's and you might find just what you're looking for...

Monday, 9 July 2012

50 shades of Grey

Don't worry guys, I haven't gone crazy and decided to read this shit, I just wanted to put my thoughts and feelings down about it. It really makes me laugh that everyone who I'm friends with on Facebook (apart from the obvious uni friends) absolutely loves it, and everyone on my Twitter feed says it's awful. It really does show the difference between the types of people who I went to school with and the types of people who I choose to befriend via blogging or Twitter.

What bothers me about 50 Shades of Shit is that it is actually written incredibly badly. Even the people who have read it and enjoyed it usually admit that the writing quality is bad. I don't understand why anyone would read something that they know hasn't been written very well? The next is that from what I hear, it doesn't even have a proper story line. Why would anyone read a book with no story? Is it just because it's erotica? If so then are people really so clueless to not know that there's a lot of erotica out there? A lot of which is actually very well written. It saddens me that this might be the case.

I suppose at least 50 Shades of Gash is getting people who wouldn't normally read to open a book. Although to be honest, in my opinion I would rather people don't read anything than read bad stuff that makes no sense - as this isn't going to help them with their reading skills in the future, in fact if anything it would probably make it worse.

I know that these opinions are very much based on what I've heard seeing as I haven't read the book(s) but I see reading work as giving the writer my recognition - and I really do not want to do that. I know that I may come across as a bit of a book snob, but anyone who knows me knows that I do love to sink my teeth into a good bit of chick lit when I want to relax, particularly in the sunshine. But the types of books I read are genuinely well written - my favourite "chick lit" author is Marian Keyes who writes very well rounded characters, good story lines and also at times makes chick lit a bit darker than the average writer.

My point to this post is that I wish people would be a bit more informed and instead of picking up the same book that everyone else is reading, research what styles and genres they really do enjoy and find a good writer in this area. There really are brilliant writers out there who don't get anywhere near the amount of recognition that they deserve because people are too busy picking up 50 Shades of Vomit just because society tells them they should.

As an aspiring writer, this is something that really bothers me about writing and reading. It seems that a lot of the time success doesn't come down to talent; it's just pure luck and hype.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Countdown to new bed: 4 nights

Can you tell that I can't wait? I am so over crawling up off the mattress on the floor every morning. I'm also over the huge mess of broken bed parts that's slowly engulfing the bedroom. It will be so nice to not have to get down on the floor to get into bed.

Tomorrow I am working a 10 hour shift instead of my usual 4. It seemed like such a good idea to get more money when I was asked last week but as it gets closer I dread it more and more. 4 hours drags at times so spending the best part of my day there I imagine is going to be awful. I keep telling myself to think of the money. I know that it will seem worthwhile once it's done and I can look forward to getting paid next week. I should have a tax refund come through as well which will be nice seeing as it's the pay right before my birthday. £135 extra will definitely be nice. I think I will use some of it for this "treat" that I spoke of a couple of posts ago. I think I have decided to buy myself a dressing table. In our old flat there was barely space for a double bed, a bedside table and a decent wardrobe, but our bedroom here is absolutely huge and there's so much space. I've decided that I'd really love a dressing table where I can put all my makeup and products and not have to worry about tidying them away once I've finished with them. If/when I get one I will upload a picture as it will definitely be my pride and joy.

Do you remember the pink scarf I started knitting for a friend ready for next Christmas? Well I've been picking it up and putting it down for months but it's almost finished. I'm so pleased that I decided to get crafty through the year for presents as I have so much wool floating around all in different colours I may as well use it and save money by not only giving a cheap/free but thoughtful present. I also found another bit of knitting that I had started and obviously forgot about. It's a lovely deep purple colour and the ball of wool is huge - it just so happened that another of my friends wore a jumper almost exactly the same colour as it the other day so I will be continuing that one once the pink one is completed. Hopefully I will have that done within the next few days and of course I will post a picture.

I have to get up early tomorrow so I will have to be off now - for those of you not working have a great weekend.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Getting older & skincare

My 24th birthday is lurking just a few weeks away and it is certainly making me consider a lot of different things about getting older. I know that I am by no means old but birthdays have certainly lost their excitement and knowing that I'll be 25 next year is a bit scary. How on earth did I get to this age so quick? Although I must say I am loving absolutely everything about getting older. There was a time when I was dreading it but knowing that I have a great future ahead of me certainly helps. Most of my friends are settled in their own places with boyfriends/husbands/fiance's and some are even starting to plan starting their own family. It feels like such an exciting time.

However, my main point to this post is caring for your skin. When I was younger I used to have the mindset that it didn't matter what my skin looked like because I could cover it with foundation and concealer, but as I get older this has definitely changed. I have now learned that as long as I care for my skin, a lot of the time I don't actually need to wear makeup. And the main point is realising that "caring for your skin" isn't at all time consuming like I always thought it was.

My "routine" consists of:

  • Cleaning my face with a sensitive face wash cream - the one I use is Clean and Clear. I do this in my morning shower so it only takes a minute.
  • Applying sensitive moisturiser once I am dry and dressed. I am currently using the Simple range.
That is pretty much it. The only other rule I have is to always take makeup off before bed and take it off as soon as possible once you know you won't be going back out that day. Every so often I will treat my skin to a face mask and it really does help to revive it, especially after a stressful month.

Of course everyone has different skin and different needs, my cousin, Lorna, for example tends to get spotty quite easily, but she discovered that by applying a thin layer of Sudocrem to her face once a day cleared her right up. That's a great tip for anyone who suffers from acne - a really cheap solution and apparently it gives a great base to your makeup.

What I am now wondering is, when do I start my anti aging routine? Some people think I'm mental for even considering it at my age but I am a firm believer that it's better to prevent than to try to fix issues once they arrive. I am considering swapping to an anti aging moisturiser once I hit the age of 26 - I'm not talking spending lots of money on different lotions and potions just looking at the ingredients of what I buy and trying to consider which ones would help keep my skin looking fresh and young as I start to age.

As usual, if anyone as any opinions or thoughts please leave a comment!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My bed broke

And whenever I tell anyone this news I get this strange look that I can only describe as a "wink wink nudge nudge" look. And it only gets worse when I tell them that said bed was only a month old. It is honestly nothing like that, so you can stop giving me the look!

We needed a new bed and as usual, while trying to save money we went for a bed that was half price in the sale. We had to wait almost 30 days to have it delivered as it was and when it finally arrived it was just so nice to sleep in a real bed instead of on our mattress on the floor. We were bitterly disappointed with the quality when it did finally arrive though. I helped Chris assemble it and he said several times "I don't know how long this will last" but we persisted and it was just so nice to actually have a bed. The parts of the bed that were on display looked really nice and were good quality, the underneath and the frame however were shocking. I really don't understand how they got away with selling this bed for the full price. Anyway we had it for about 4 weeks and then got into bed, on Chris' birthday (which doesn't help with the wink wink face issue) and suddenly, it collapsed in the middle. So after only a month of having a bed, we suddenly found ourselves back at square one.

My point about this post is in this situation you absolutely must complain. The next day I phoned them straight away to complain and they were very kind and let me order another different one (I chose one that had plenty of reviews say that it's sturdy!) instead and they will be coming to collect the old shitty bed at the same time. It's not getting delivered until next week and I just so can't wait to have a bed again, and hopefully a much nicer one that lasts for longer than just a month!

There's still so much of my stuff that I need to sort through and find a home for, but this will entail buying bits of storage which will take me time to save up money for. I am buying piece by piece at a time when I can afford it. I really do love my new home. It's not just so much bigger but it also feels so much more like a home. Perhaps one day when I've bought everything and things have a home I will take some photos to put up here.

Have any of you ever had any furniture disappointments?

Monday, 2 July 2012

2nd Year Passed

Yay! I passed my 2nd year of uni! Which means that in only a years time I will be finishing my degree - and I'll be honest, I'm shitting myself! So much so that I am actually taking it upon myself to start my work for my 3rd year early! A few people think I'm mental but I just really want to make sure that I do as much as I possibly can to make sure I get the best grade I can. Today I have started research for my 10,000 word dissertation which I am thinking of focusing on the violence and villainy in Shakespeare plays.

Work is good at the moment - I have been doing a lot of overtime whenever I can get it so I'm looking forward to pay day this month! I Definitely will need to treat myself to something even if it's something very small.

On another note, I have started a new daytime obsession. I have started watching absolutely terrible TV - The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of New York City. What's up with that? I know it's terrible and yet I can't stop watching! I just love watching these spoiled rich women and what they do with their lives. It's very odd.

Anyway, I'm going to go and do some more research, but before I do here is a batch of chocolate cupcakes that I made for Chris' birthday last week

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Simple Things

Sometimes, it's the really little things that make us happy, and that's exactly how I've been feeling these past few days. At the exact right time, just as I was starting to feel bored as I actually start my summer holidays, I was asked at work if I would like to increase my hours. Yes please! I took the job a couple of months ago on the basis that I'd be able to work overtime and once I was an employee it would be easy to get more hours. It seems that has actually been the case! So now my contracted hours will be 10-2 Saturday and 10:45-5:30 Sunday and I am really, really happy with that. I will also be trying to get overtime and saving up some money over the summer and also treating myself a little bit too - I've got lots of Birthdays coming up in June and July as well.

I have started to really love getting exercise and I'm considering starting going swimming maybe once a week on top of going to the gym. The gym I'm at doesn't have a swimming pool but our local pool isn't far and it only costs a couple of £'s for an adult swim anyway. I will need to decide when to do this!

I've started to pamper myself a little bit more as a way of treating myself. When I feel like I need a little treat instead of eating or spending money I'm looking at the beauty products I already have - I have millions of them - and doing something nice. Here are my latest nails.

It has been ages since I used my pokey nail tools and decided to create some simple polka dots again, this time bright pink and white. Go to this post for details on how to get this look.

I've just come back from work and now I'm not in again Saturday so I'm going to spend my time playing some games and tidying up the flat a bit, it's nice to just feel relaxed and in control for a change!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Fitness update

So, Chris kept not remembering exactly how much weight I had lost each week so I decided to start weighing myself which is turning out to be much easier to manage. I haven't lost any weight for a couple of weeks due to having our girly meet up and nice meal and not being able to go to the gym. I hurt my toe on a midnight stroll to the bathroom in the dark and basically I lost my toenail - the whole thing came clean off! Even thinking about it now is making me feel sick - yes I'm a wimp. I am pleased though because I haven't put any weight back on due to eating sensibly most of the time and getting a little bit of light exercise at home with no shoes on. I finally went back to the gym yesterday - my toenail has grown back a tiny bit but at least it isn't hurting to wear socks and shoes now. It feels odd but it doesn't hurt and well - the nail is already off so it can't get much worse than that can it? - but yesterday I realised how much fitter I am. I might not be losing weight the fastest but that's OK with me as it will make it easier to keep it off and I have lost roughly 2 stone so far this year which is great in my opinion - by the end of the year I could easily have lost 4 stone and the thought of that is just amazing. Especially now that it's summer and I have loads of time to spend at the gym or swimming or whatever exercise I fancy doing. But yes, I realised how much fitter I'm getting. I managed to push myself really far yesterday before feeling tired, the sweat was pouring out of me but I literally could not raise my heart rate anywhere near as high as it was when I first started going. It was comfortably in the fat burning zone as I pushed myself and it ensured for a really, really good workout. And the result? I felt amazing. I just love that rush that you get after a workout, your problems seem to just fade away and you get the feeling that things are actually really good.

Chris' teenage sister was telling me via the internet that she has gained a whole stone since the last time I saw her (February) and when I told her just do 10 minutes of exercise a day she said "but I hate it". It actually upset me that she feels so bad about herself yet won't do anything to help. It bothers me when people have this outlook because the most important thing to remember is that nobody's going to do it for you. If you want to feel better you've got to do something about it. And I guarantee that within a few weeks you will start feeling the difference as long as you're committed..... I really don't understand why some people don't see that? Also, you learn to enjoy exercise because of that amazing feeling it gives you and because you realise that it's because of the exercise that you feel better about yourself and your looks.

Anyway, enough jabbering as usual. Here's a few pictures I found on the internet to keep me inspired and feeling good that were too cute (and true) not to share :)

Hope you're having a good day!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

10 minutes to the perfect face & adorning ava

So I've been wanting to do this post for a few days but only just got round to doing it. Basically, I am incredibly lazy and try to get as much time in bed in the mornings as possible, this results in me trying to find beauty products to slap on and go and I think I've found the perfect combination! Have you tried BB cream yet? I bloody love the stuff! It's not foundation, concealer, moisturiser, etc etc.... basically it's a wonder product that does all of these things! I was a little skeptical but I heard so much good feedback that I simply had to try it and I love it so much! I chose the Garnier one simply because I picked it up while shopping in Tesco and it was the only one to choose from! You literally slap it on and it melts down beautifully into your skin giving you a really healthy glow and gently covering your imperfections. I would say that if you suffer from bad acne or have something on your skin that you really want to put a thick layer over and hide then it is not for you, but I am quite happy with my skin these days - I realised that if I took proper care of my skin I actually hardly ever got spots or issues with it. Anyway, basically unless you want really thick coverage - give it a go, it gives you an out-the-door look in literally seconds and is totally worth it for that reason alone. There's a whole host of different brands so have a shop around and pick one out for the price to suit you!

So with that in mind - I put together a little every day routine that means I can do a full face of makeup in 10 minutes or less, and if you like making an effort for nights out but don't like spending hours on the look you can have a more night friendly look within 15-20 minutes at the most. Here's my version of it.

What You'll Need

BB cream
Cream blush
A decent mascara
Eyelash Curlers
Eyeshadow and lip products of your choice.

Really, the base of this look is what makes it so quick, by using the BB cream and cream style blush, your base makeup can be done within about 2 minutes - I'm not even joking! Apply your BB cream and then use concealer to cover any dark circles under eyes, spots, or imperfections. My cream blush is in a stick which makes it even quicker to apply - draw patches on your cheeks to make yourself look like a clown (it's scary at first haha!) and then blend it in with your fingers until you are happy with it. That's it! Now all you have to do is apply your eye and lip makeup - when I roll out of bed but need to look half decent from work all I do is swipe one colour over my eyes and put a bit of mascara on but on my days off or nights out it's nice to have a play around. By doing my makeup like this I'm saving so much time that the only real time spent is on my eyes. 

As I get older I'm finding myself wanting to put less and less time into my looks! In these pictures I even decided to curl/wave my hair because of the lack of effort involved! I literally had a shower, let my hair dry most of the way through then when almost dry but still damp I put it into a pony tail then put it into a twisty bun. Wait for an hour or 2 (or go to bed if it's for the next morning), take it out and done! I get a strange kick out of looking like I've spent a lot longer on my looks than I actually have!

You may have noticed the necklace in my 2nd picture - it's the one I won from the lovely Adorning Ava - I've been meaning to take a picture of me wearing it but hadn't got around to it yet. I knew I wanted to do this post on BB cream so decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone! If you like it then please have a look at their website - I was genuinely shocked by how heavy and good the quality was as this item is only £10 to buy anyway. They are a lovely little company that has some gorgeous items at very good prices - I will definitely be making some purchases when birthdays and Christmas (sorry for that word this time of the year!!) roll around.

Hope you've enjoyed this post - I really loved doing this one!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Well hello there!

Hello ladies and gents - I'm back! Yes I have finally finished my 2nd year of uni - it got a little tense towards the end with pretty much shitting myself when it came to exams but I got there in the end. I've done all I can do and now I just have to wait to see what happens.

I do apologise for going quiet here, there and everywhere but now I have all the time in the world (or until September at least) and will definitely be back properly and blogging regularly from now on. I had a lovely email from Jane who told me that the comments section here was playing up and you guys were unable to leave me messages - I think I should have sorted that out now! And yet again with a new template - I promise to stop giving my blog face lifts... or at least I will try.

So, in general, we have had some absolutely amazing weather here this past week and I have actually done some pretty cool things since my last exam on Wednesday. Straight after the exam, I went into town and met up with a friend and we joined in with the massive street party that was going on as the Olympic torch passed through Cheltenham

I did my nails for the occasion (you can get this cheap look here)

I baked some practically fat free cake that looked like bread (for myself)

I baked an amazing birthday cake (if I say so myself) - chocolate sponge topped with a summer fruits icing and then topped again with a chocolate glaze (for someone else)

I've been playing with Max until he passes out asleep mid playtime 

And today was ladies night - but we decided to meet up straight after I finished work at 2pm and went to the park right outside my new flat and did some serious sun bathing and chatting before heading off for a lovely meal - a nice man stopped and offered to take a picture for us

So, as we can see summer is officially underway and I am so looking forward to relaxing properly in between getting fit and reading and writing in my rare bit of free time. I hope all you guys are enjoying the spring/summer and if you're in the UK I hope you're enjoying this major heatwave! It makes me feel so much better about not having a holiday booked abroad this year - this week it has actually been hotter here than Hawaii!!

As for my blog, I don't think I'll write certain posts on certain days anymore as it just didn't work for me! I will be starting fresh from now, writing about my life, my writing and of course life from a female students perspective. I look forward to getting back to blogging and I hope that my followers will enjoy having me back! 

Let me know what you've been upto! :) Sarah x

Monday, 30 April 2012

Uni is over (almost!)

So I still have 1 last assignment to finish off by Wednesday and then 2 exams in the next month but all my lectures are officially over - which makes things a lot easier. I don't mind going in for lectures, although I do walk 15-20 minutes there and back and the weather recently has been absolutely horrendous so it's nice to not have to keep walking in the rain. Plus, I now have all the time to do whatever I want - obviously I'm finishing off  all my work and then revising but being able to do it in my own time makes me get it done a lot easier. When I'm busy I do like to procrastinate.

I have been so busy with moving and starting my new job - I've also been doing more overtime than I have contracted hours and fitting that in with everything has been crazy but it has been nice. All I do is scan items at the till then go off and fold clothes on the shop floor. It's the easiest job I've ever done and the amount of work I can pick up is fantastic if I find myself really needing the money. It has also paid for a lovely new sofa and bed and that is just with my first wages. I also plan on getting some new curtains as the ones that came with this flat are literally hideous. I will get it all done little bit at a time. I still have lots of tidying and sorting out of stuff to do which is getting done in little bits at a time. I really can't wait until it's all completely done though - and when it is I will be putting some pics on here as I am really proud of this place - even if it does still look like a tip at the moment!

As for my writing I'm really proud of the play that I have written this semester - the assignment that is to be handed in on Wednesday and I am definitely excited about writing again. I have been approached by a local radio station who asked if I would consider writing a radio play for them and I am waiting to see if anything comes of it - even if it doesn't it just feels so good to know that people are interested in what I do. This is definitely inspiring me to think about what I want to write in the future, especially after uni is over. Once these exams are done it will be September before I know it and I know my last year at uni is going to go so quick. I keep getting told that it's the fastest year out of the 3 and this year has just completely flown by.

Now that my lectures are over I'm looking forward to blogging on a much more regular basis - oh and by the way I have discovered BB cream which is my new favourite thing in the world (sorry Chris) and plan on doing a post about it soon which I'm really excited about!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Splurge Sunday #1

I know I said I'd do this post on a Saturday but it's looking like that would take too much time! I'm also really struggling to think of things I don't mind shelling out lots of money for! So today, I have gone for the obvious choice - a lovely handbag. I absolutely adore handbags and if I had it my way I would have hundreds - I'm forever seeing new styles or colours that I want.

The bag I'm going to share with you today is a Vivienne Westwood. And here it is!

I think this bag is absolutely bloody gorgeous - the colour just jumps out at me and then the shape - what girl wouldn't want to carry a gorgeous bag in the shape of a heart around? In a practical sense I wouldn't want this bag - it's way too small to fit in all my rubbish that I evidently can't live without but if I was going to an event such as a wedding or formal party I would love it. It is an expensive £230 on the House of Fraser website but that is the whole point to these posts! I won't be buying it just yet as I have a few things on my list to buy for the new flat still, but in the future this is definitely the sort of thing I would buy with my hard earned savings that I will hopefully be earning over the summer, or even asking for it as a nice present from Chris as it is my birthday over the summer... we will see what else I find before then. It is a really gorgeous bag though and I will definitely be keeping my eye on it.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Save Money Sunday #3 (a few days late!!!)

Sorry it's late! I have just handed in my 2nd to last assignment and now have a whole week to finish my last one off that I have almost finished anyway! I feel like I can relax a bit now!

So here we go, another money saving post and this weeks is a tad random but oh well! As most of you know I absolutely love any product that allows me to save money on the essentials to enable me to have more money to spend on bits that I want rather than need. So today we're looking at...

Halo sanitary products.

I feel like I don't really have to say much about these products as the prices speak for themselves:

Halo Stay Dry Liner Normal 30 – 75p
Halo Breathable Liner Scented Fold And Wrapped 20 – 75p
Halo Compact Tampons Regular 20 - £1.00
Halo Compact Tampons Super 20 - £1.00
Halo Compact Tampons Super Plus 18 - £1.00
Halo Ultra Towel Night Time 10 - £1.00
Halo Breathable Liner Fold And Wrapped 20 - £1.00
Halo ultra Towel Super 12 - £1.00
Halo Stay Dry Liner Large 26 £1.00
Halo Stay Dry Liner Extra Large 22 - £1.00
Halo Ultra Towel regular 14 - £1.50
Halo Compact Tampons Lite 20 - £1.00 

These prices are less than half of what I have been paying and still manages to donate 15p from each sale to a women's health charity.

I decided to invest in some to try out - they're cheap enough to throw them in the bin if I didn't like them and I can confirm for the prices they are very good quality. If you want to find out more about the Halo charity you can visit their website here and if you want to give them a try you can pick them up in any Tesco store.

Any product that's worth less than half the usual price I would pay and still manages to donate part of the money to charity is definitely worth a try in my opinion!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Please don't hate me...

... for not doing my Sunday post - I will be doing it in the next few days. I stayed up until 2am last night finishing off an essay, today I spent the day with the Everyman Theatre actors as they read my work - which was absolutely the best experience ever. They loved my work and gave me lots of great tips too. Anyway I have another essay to start now due in on Wednesday that will involve lots of late nights and then I have to polish my play and write an essay to go with it to hand in early next week. I am so busy and tired and to be honest literally drained of all life at the moment. I very very very rarely drink any kind of hot beverages but today I found myself sipping on coffee as I tried to stay awake all day - Max is meowing all night at the moment as he hates being cooped up indoors until he is used to our new home - I literally got about 1 hour sleep last night and have been running on empty all day - I can't help but think this will continue for the rest of the week... Oh yes and then I have exams in a couple of weeks too!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Writing and general update

I have now moved home - hence how quiet I've been this week and I really am so, so, so, so tired. I literally can't put it into words how tired I am. Max has been keeping us up all night maowing because he wants to go outside. I finally gave in this morning at 5am as we were only getting 2-3 hours sleep a night and it's just not enough. Anyway, needless to say he is yet to come back. We went looking for him at our old address as it's only a 5 minute walk and our old neighbour told us that he had been around there today. The little idiot was sitting on the window sill at our old flat maowing hoping we would let him in - but he knew we wouldn't be there. Silly thing. Anyway we've been looking for him earlier and again just now at midnight and still haven't found him. I hope we find him soon I miss him and worry about him being out on his own when he isn't sure where abouts we are.

So basically, I'm tired and stressed about my cat. I'm also stressed about the amount of work I need to do by next week. My last two essays are to be handed in and then a few weeks after it's all about exams then done for the year! Blimey! After work tomorrow I intend to spend the rest of my weekend writing and getting it all done. It quite simply has to get done.

On the creative writing note, I posted about how much I was struggling to write anything I was happy with and I wasn't enjoying the writing at all. I should have mentioned it to him way before but I finally told Chris how useless I felt and how I wasn't happy with the script I was writing. I told him the exact reason why I was stressing about it - professional actors from my local theatre - The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham - will on Monday be performing my play I have been writing in front of me and all my class mates. This is the most important piece of writing I've ever done and I was just so worried it wouldn't end up good enough. Chris reminded me that I should forget about the actors - I was too worried about writing something they would like and enjoy that I stopped writing for myself. I know that to a certain extent we always have to try to write for someone otherwise we would never get anywhere with our writing, but at the end of the day, if the writer isn't enjoying the work why would anyone else enjoy it? He told me to just write what I like and how I like - I'm a good writer after all, why wouldn't my work be good enough? I think I was worried because the sorts of plays I write tend to be, well odd. Different. I don't like anything to make much sense until a certain point when I spring something on the audience. Anyway I just sat down and wrote in a way that I would enjoy the play and was told by my lecturer afterwards that it is a very good play and she even said she can't wait to see how the actors perform it. Needless to say I am absolutely terrified. Really looking forward to it but so scared. Lets hope that it all goes well, this is going to be such a good addition to my writers' CV.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Save Money Sunday #2

So, this week we're having a look at a product that isn't dirt cheap but I certainly think it's a very good price for what it is. It's from a shop that we probably wouldn't expect to be on a money saving blog - Marks and Spencer.

I'm going to try to narrow down what exactly we're looking at in this post although I will say that I find pretty much all the M&S accessories to be a good price for the quality of the product. I stumbled across these as I was looking for a comfy pair of flats to wear for work and my cousin Lorna had said that she had bought a good pair of heels from M&S which are the comfiest and most padded pair of heels she'd ever worn. I figured it would probably be worth spending a little more money to make sure I got some comfy work shoes and was shocked to see the prices of the shoes and accessories similar to that of other shops such as New Look and Dorothy Perkins. I was also expecting to find that they were a little old lady styled but was nicely surprised that most of the accessories were age friendly.

What I particularly have my eye on and intend to buy is the platinum plated jewellery. I have bought platinum plated jewellery before but paid £30-£50 per piece. I did wear it every day and after probably 6-months to a year it did start making my skin turn funny green colours. This is a major problem I have when buying fashion jewellery - for some reason it seems to make me go silly colours very quickly. While I would not recommend platinum, gold or silver plated jewellery for every day wear as eventually the platinum will wear away with heavy use, I think these pieces are certainly worth buying for those nights out or special occasions for an added bit of sparkle. Prices aren't much different to other bits of fashion jewellery that are absolutely no way near as good quality. I did inspect these pieces very closely in the shop and I was really, really pleased with the quality for the price. As long as you don't abuse these pieces by wearing them daily or in the bath they should last a good long time.

When it comes to jewellery, I have a bit of an obsession for cocktail rings. I absolutely love wearing sparkly rings, I just think with painted nails it can make you look so classy and feminine without too much effort. I plan on buying myself this ring on payday to wear when I meet up with the girls for an extra bit of glitter.

Although I'm also tempted by this piece

M&S also have some lovely pieces that incorporate Swarovski crystals which I think are gorgeous

I definitely plan on buying a few of these pieces for Birthday presents that I have coming up - I seem to have a lot of female friends and family having Birthdays throughout the summer so I think I might go in there and pick at least 1 piece out for each of them. Prices vary for all the different pieces but generally you're looking at between £10-20 for a lovely quality piece of fashion jewellery. I especially love those blue swarovski crystals; they remind me of a lovely hot beach and gorgeous sea colours stretching into the distance....

If you want to have a look at the other pieces click here and do let me know if you're going to buy something for yourself :)