Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hair curling for short hair

For months - literally MONTHS I've been searching youtube for tricks on how to curl short hair. By short hair I mean about shoulder length, by the way. I've spent so many evenings trying to do different stuff to it, wetting it, plaiting it, scrunching it, etc for it to never give the look I've wanted. It's always gone so messy : / So I just tried curling it with my straighteners and it went more like what I was looking for but didnt do much for it because the curls were too big for my hair length. So I tried curling it in the same way but instead with my travel sized straighteners which worked much better. I'm actually really pleased with it, the curls/waves end up a much better size to compliment the length of my hair. I'll upload a pic in a few weeks as I plan on wearing my hair like this for my friends hen night. It will then be coloured properly with any luck! I hope someone puts this as a video on youtube at some point, I could have saved so much time faffing if someone had posted a vid on this!