Friday, 12 October 2012

I've been so ill! (again) & update

I realise my blog is littered with "I'm ill" posts but they are all genuinely true! It seems I can't ever just get a sniffle or a tummy ache for a few hours, it has to be something that knocks me back for days. This time it was an ongoing issue I have, but usually I can just have some really strong painkillers prescribed by the doctor, but unfortunately this time, what the doctor gave me didn't agree with me at all and I suffered from every single possible side effect listed. I was in bed for a whole week. How annoying! I missed one week of uni but luckily it's so early in the semester that it wasn't too bad. 

I have done a lot of uni work so far, one of my first assignments I'm actually really looking forward to doing. It's in a form that I have never done yet - I have to keep a critical diary, make notes in it every week about the books that we are studying, then choose 2 to write 1000 words on, but the diary gets handed in along with the short essays and we are graded on the diary as well. I'm looking forward to this because it has the potential to be quite easy, although quite a lot of effort. I also like this idea as a lot of my work will be done spread out on a weekly basis, rather than doing all the work in one week right before the work is due in. 

I also have to write a play that needs to be done and handed in by November - really scared about this as it's really not very long, but I'm trying to organise myself this year. I have done most of my reading for next weeks lectures so I am hoping that this week I can focus on getting some ideas down and get some writing done. I'm so proud of myself as I'm really putting in a lot of effort and I'm really getting on top of my work this year so far. I just really hope I can keep it up and do the best I can this year for the benefit of my degree.

I agreed to work a disgusting amount of hours in the shop this weekend. Saturday I'm doing 8:45-6:15 and Sunday I'm doing 9-7. At the time I was thinking about the money but I've been dreading it ever since. I so can't wait until it's over, not only will I be glad I've done it for the money but I'll also be able to really chill out on my days off - Monday and Tuesday. I have no plans for those days except that Chris and I are going to try to spend some time together and maybe go out for a meal, as it's been ages since we did something just the 2 of us together and at the moment we don't see each other all that much. We're both working really hard on trying to do the best we can for our degrees and that makes me really very happy, knowing that we are both putting in the effort to try to make our future much happier, easier and hopefully more enjoyable in careers that we enjoy. 

I hope all my followers are well, though I have noticed that a lot of you guys who blog have gone quiet! If anyone could recommend me blogs to follow that are similar to my own I'd really appreciate it. As usual you can get hold of me either in the comments or via Twitter @sarahflight1.