Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Feeling sorry for myself

Every so often, I have a really terrible time with period pains. I used to get them so bad every single time that I couldn't even stand up, now, it only happens very occasionally thankfully. Chris actually isn't feeling very well today either so hasn't gone to work. Needless to say we are sitting around quietly in fuzzy PJ's, and I have just made us bacon butties in an attempt to feel better. I feel so crap I don't even care about the diet right now! It is raining, and daytime TV is as bad as ever, but I am somewhat enjoying it, and cracking on with my knitting. I really want to hurry up and get the purpley pink project done as Chris has started complaining that I seem to be knitting for everyone but him! So I need to finish this one and make one for him ready for winter. Not just that but Lorna came over yesterday and brought me a huge bag filled with wool that she is going to give away to charity, but before it went she wanted me to take what I wanted, so I now have a few lovely balls of chunky pinky and purpley wool that will most likely be used on making something for myself for a change!

Here is one of them wrapped up in what we call a "Wallace and Gromit" style, and here is Wendy and Wallace demonstrating why we call it that!

I actually have so much knitting to be doing!!


  1. Menstrual pain sucks! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Love Wallace and Gromit! Good luck with the knitting :)

  3. Such a pain! I actually used to have awful period pain too but now I just get horrendous PMS and then once I'm actually on it's ridiculously light and easy - seems to have swapped around lol! Hope you feel mucho better soon + that knitting proved a good distraction.