Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Venus & Serena we are not

Yes, for the first time in ages, Lorna and I attempted some real sport. A far cry from dreading P.E lessons as a teenager, I have been growing bored of the gym and wanting to start some organised sport. There's 2 outdoors tennis courts at the university campus and it is completely free to play. Not to mention it is summer so uni is deserted at the moment. Brilliant, a free sport that we can get involved in. This morning we were so in the mood that even the pouring showers of rain every 5-10 minutes didn't stop us - although strangely, once we got to the tennis court, the sky suddenly turned blue and we had some very nice weather indeed, although the cool wind was there to stop us feeling hot. And it did a great job because I have just noticed that I actually managed to get some sunburn - but only on one shoulder?! I look ridiculous! 

Anyway, it was really great to get outside and get some great exercise while actually having fun. We both had a blast and we plan to start playing regularly - once or twice a week. Not only do we want to get fitter but we are also finding ourselves wanting to improve. Which for me seems crazy as I have never been a fan of partaking in sports as such; I always chose the gym or to go running at my own pace. It's really nice to enjoy a sport and we are even considering joining a club at some point once we have improved slightly (a lot). It is easy to assume that it costs a lot of money to play a sport, but I'm sure if there are free tennis courts at my university there must be others that have similar facilities. I have checked and the campus grounds and tennis courts are open to the general public so I would suggest to anyone interested in partaking in sport but not wanting to spend a fortune, check out any local college's or uni's and you might find just what you're looking for...


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    1. Cheers Debra, maybe in a few weeks ;)

  2. That's a great idea Sarah. Finding a sport that you actually enjoy is the best of both worlds: fun & exercise (that you hardly notice because you're having so much fun, lol!!)

    1. Definitely Jane! The good thing about this tennis malarky is that the campus is deserted so nobody is there to see how bad we are ;)

  3. I am not very coordinated so tennis has NEVER been a sport I could catch onto well. I love that you are getting out and enjoying. And since Wimbledon was recent it is a good motivator. :) The sunburn didn't look fun tho. Just think that if you keep it up, you all will be good when your campus gets busy again.