Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Birthday

It was my Birthday yesterday and I was not looking forward to turning 24 at all, but this year is turning out to be really great. I spent the day with my mum, she bought me lunch and dessert and then I went home and had a quiet night in with Chris and Max. Despite Chris being a man he managed to get me some thoughtful presents; a foot spa because my feet hurt so much after a day at work and some personalised stationery with "Sarah Flight Creative Writer" engraved on it. If I wasn't already thinking I was lucky, Lorna came over today and brought some lovely presents, though really that wasn't very surprising because she knows me so well she always gets me things she knows I will love. So she got me a pedometer, so I can see how much I really do run around at work, a little picnic blanket for when I go and read in the park, a knitting basket that looks really nice and has pockets for needles on the inside and she also painted me this, which I put straight on the wall of my living room. I absolutely love it, it's the best present anyone has given me for a long time.

And here I am relaxing with my foot spa in front of the TV which is amazing

I am feeling very lucky right now.


  1. You are very lucky :) Happy belated birthday wishes! I loved hearing about the wonderfully thoughtful gifts you received. That painting is incredible - so adorable, I'd have hung it up straight away as well.

    1. Thanks Jane, I'm seeing the girls to celebrate on Saturday too, can't wait :))

  2. Happy birthday, old lady! What I wouldn't give to be 24 again. Enjoy your foot spa (nice!) and lovely giraffe painting.