Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My bed broke

And whenever I tell anyone this news I get this strange look that I can only describe as a "wink wink nudge nudge" look. And it only gets worse when I tell them that said bed was only a month old. It is honestly nothing like that, so you can stop giving me the look!

We needed a new bed and as usual, while trying to save money we went for a bed that was half price in the sale. We had to wait almost 30 days to have it delivered as it was and when it finally arrived it was just so nice to sleep in a real bed instead of on our mattress on the floor. We were bitterly disappointed with the quality when it did finally arrive though. I helped Chris assemble it and he said several times "I don't know how long this will last" but we persisted and it was just so nice to actually have a bed. The parts of the bed that were on display looked really nice and were good quality, the underneath and the frame however were shocking. I really don't understand how they got away with selling this bed for the full price. Anyway we had it for about 4 weeks and then got into bed, on Chris' birthday (which doesn't help with the wink wink face issue) and suddenly, it collapsed in the middle. So after only a month of having a bed, we suddenly found ourselves back at square one.

My point about this post is in this situation you absolutely must complain. The next day I phoned them straight away to complain and they were very kind and let me order another different one (I chose one that had plenty of reviews say that it's sturdy!) instead and they will be coming to collect the old shitty bed at the same time. It's not getting delivered until next week and I just so can't wait to have a bed again, and hopefully a much nicer one that lasts for longer than just a month!

There's still so much of my stuff that I need to sort through and find a home for, but this will entail buying bits of storage which will take me time to save up money for. I am buying piece by piece at a time when I can afford it. I really do love my new home. It's not just so much bigger but it also feels so much more like a home. Perhaps one day when I've bought everything and things have a home I will take some photos to put up here.

Have any of you ever had any furniture disappointments?

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