Friday, 27 July 2012

Let's Get Lade by Thomas Amo

I have been twitter and blog buddies with Thomas for a while now but sadly have only just got round to reading some of his actual work! Blah blah everyone knows how much I read for uni blah - but yes! It is finally summer and we have finally had some good enough weather for me to spend a couple of lazy afternoons lying in the sunshine. So, I decided to finally have a read of his work and I have to say I was very impressed.

Book Description

It's New York, February 6, 1964. The Beatles are making their first American appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in one more day. The Plaza hotel is crazy with the preparations. Desk clerk Alex Fraser has secretly let his brother Freddie use the penthouse suite for the evening so he can wine and dine the girl of his dreams. There’s just one small problem—the secret service are using the same room to hide spy novelist Henry Lade. Lade's most recent novel has attracted the attention of the Soviets and East Germans who believe Lade may have secretly discovered their plot to bomb Fresno, California. They’ve dispatched assassins to kidnap or kill Lade, which ever is easiest. Worse, just like Alex and Freddie, Henry Lade and Secret Service Agent John Parker don't know that the penthouse suite is already a bit crowded—with John, Paul, George and Ringo. ~ Come Tomorrow, everyone will be wishing for yesterday!

What I think

This was the perfect read for me to shut my eyes off to the world and just escape into some fun and frolicking for a few hours. I did really, really enjoy it because the whole book was just so funny! Right from the start the book was funny, lighthearted but still incredibly witty, particularly with some of the remarks that the characters came out with about each other. It really in a way reminded me of real life; the way that each character had a story that wove into the main plot and not only made sense to the reader but came across as very funny, as we get to watch all the characters failing to see the craziness that they have landed in. 

I would say that this book would be perfect for a quick summer read, it only took a few hours for me to read from start to finish and I do read fairly slowly, in a way I wished it was slightly longer but at the same time I wanted to get through it because I was enjoying it so much. The book flowed brilliantly and because of this I can't really complain about it being too short; it was just right for the plot but I suppose that I have got used to reading longer novels.

One thing that I must mention is that a lot of the time when looking for a cheap read via the Kindle, you stumble across a good story, but unfortunately the English and the way it has been written is lacking. This is something I was very pleased to see in Let's Get Lade; not only was the story very imaginative but the book was superbly written throughout and I certainly could not find any mistakes. This is great news for me because badly written books really do offend me. A lot! 

I wouldn't normally read a lighthearted book like this, usually if I want a summer read I tend to pick up something more girly and for that reason I would give this book a rating of 4/5 - it would be 5/5 if the style had been perfectly suited to what I enjoy. I am glad that I did read this as it really was incredibly funny. If anyone is looking for a quick, humorous and cheap read for summer I would certainly recommend you try this book for yourself. You can find it on Amazon here and if you would like to get in touch with Thomas Amo here is his twitter and of course his blog.

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  1. This sounds like the cutest mad-cap caper ever! Thanks for recommending it :)