Wednesday, 18 July 2012


A couple of things have happened today that have made me consider how many different types of inspirations can strike someone, particularly a creative "someone".

First and most significantly, I was at work today on the tills in the men's department, and every so often you get a chattier than most customer. Today an old man was asking me if I had any plans to go away this summer, so I told him that seeing as it's my last summer before graduating I am trying to work and save some money up, and hopefully I will be able to go away next year. He of course asked what I am studying and when I told him English and Creative Writing he suddenly got excited and told me that he loves to write as well, and told me that the words "just come to him from above". While I find this notion weird because I don't have a religious bone in my body, it made me consider that so many different people write or do other creative activities for different reasons. I do it because I'm good at being creative, and I love being creative. But for some people it truly is something that they get from something else way more important than enjoyment. This is something that I had actually forgotten; uni teaches you almost to suck the creativity out of writing, to write a particular way to ensure you bag the best grades. Meeting someone today who clearly didn't care about the standard of the work, just the reason behind the work in the first place really was something that I needed. It reminded me to always make sure I write what I want to write, rather than what I think people will want to read, because that is truly where the enjoyment of writing comes from. No wonder a creative writing course can put you off writing at times.

The second occurance was a lush thunder storm. For some reason storms really make me chill out, stop for a moment and just watch life and nature flash in the distance from my window. It just makes me think about life, how lucky I am and reminds me to do whatever makes me happy. It also rained really hard for about 5-10 minutes which I absolutely adore, listening to the rain outside while snuggling up inside reading a good book is just a fabulous feeling. I have given up complaining about the terrible weather we're having this summer, I'm making the most of it by working as much as possible and filling my spare time with knitting, reading and cracking on with some dissertation research. And on that note, I'm off to get into bed to snuggle up and read a bit before dozing off to sleep.

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  1. People describe the creative process in many ways -- that inspiration comes from within, from the unconscious, from a muse, from God above -- it is all just poetic metaphors for a mysterious process that no one really understands.