Thursday, 5 July 2012

Getting older & skincare

My 24th birthday is lurking just a few weeks away and it is certainly making me consider a lot of different things about getting older. I know that I am by no means old but birthdays have certainly lost their excitement and knowing that I'll be 25 next year is a bit scary. How on earth did I get to this age so quick? Although I must say I am loving absolutely everything about getting older. There was a time when I was dreading it but knowing that I have a great future ahead of me certainly helps. Most of my friends are settled in their own places with boyfriends/husbands/fiance's and some are even starting to plan starting their own family. It feels like such an exciting time.

However, my main point to this post is caring for your skin. When I was younger I used to have the mindset that it didn't matter what my skin looked like because I could cover it with foundation and concealer, but as I get older this has definitely changed. I have now learned that as long as I care for my skin, a lot of the time I don't actually need to wear makeup. And the main point is realising that "caring for your skin" isn't at all time consuming like I always thought it was.

My "routine" consists of:

  • Cleaning my face with a sensitive face wash cream - the one I use is Clean and Clear. I do this in my morning shower so it only takes a minute.
  • Applying sensitive moisturiser once I am dry and dressed. I am currently using the Simple range.
That is pretty much it. The only other rule I have is to always take makeup off before bed and take it off as soon as possible once you know you won't be going back out that day. Every so often I will treat my skin to a face mask and it really does help to revive it, especially after a stressful month.

Of course everyone has different skin and different needs, my cousin, Lorna, for example tends to get spotty quite easily, but she discovered that by applying a thin layer of Sudocrem to her face once a day cleared her right up. That's a great tip for anyone who suffers from acne - a really cheap solution and apparently it gives a great base to your makeup.

What I am now wondering is, when do I start my anti aging routine? Some people think I'm mental for even considering it at my age but I am a firm believer that it's better to prevent than to try to fix issues once they arrive. I am considering swapping to an anti aging moisturiser once I hit the age of 26 - I'm not talking spending lots of money on different lotions and potions just looking at the ingredients of what I buy and trying to consider which ones would help keep my skin looking fresh and young as I start to age.

As usual, if anyone as any opinions or thoughts please leave a comment!


  1. Your current routine is great - especially removing your makup before bed - experts claim makeup left on your skin overnight really contributes to aging. Does your makup or moisturizer also include a light sunscreen? That would be my only suggestion. I believe our genes play a part, as well as good nutrition and hydration. It's never too early to start an anti-aging regime.

  2. Also, maintaining our weight is important. too much losing and gaining and then losing again is hard on the skin. I realize this is usually easier said than done!

  3. Thanks Jane, I didn't think I was losing my marbles wanting to get started on the anti aging - even though a lot of my friends seem to think I am. I guess we'll see who's laughing in 10 years ;). My current moisturiser doesn't have SPF in it though I tend to buy whatever is on offer so next time I will have a look for that.