Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Simple Things

Sometimes, it's the really little things that make us happy, and that's exactly how I've been feeling these past few days. At the exact right time, just as I was starting to feel bored as I actually start my summer holidays, I was asked at work if I would like to increase my hours. Yes please! I took the job a couple of months ago on the basis that I'd be able to work overtime and once I was an employee it would be easy to get more hours. It seems that has actually been the case! So now my contracted hours will be 10-2 Saturday and 10:45-5:30 Sunday and I am really, really happy with that. I will also be trying to get overtime and saving up some money over the summer and also treating myself a little bit too - I've got lots of Birthdays coming up in June and July as well.

I have started to really love getting exercise and I'm considering starting going swimming maybe once a week on top of going to the gym. The gym I'm at doesn't have a swimming pool but our local pool isn't far and it only costs a couple of £'s for an adult swim anyway. I will need to decide when to do this!

I've started to pamper myself a little bit more as a way of treating myself. When I feel like I need a little treat instead of eating or spending money I'm looking at the beauty products I already have - I have millions of them - and doing something nice. Here are my latest nails.

It has been ages since I used my pokey nail tools and decided to create some simple polka dots again, this time bright pink and white. Go to this post for details on how to get this look.

I've just come back from work and now I'm not in again Saturday so I'm going to spend my time playing some games and tidying up the flat a bit, it's nice to just feel relaxed and in control for a change!


  1. cute nails! I love it! We all deserve a little pampering now and again :)

  2. Thanks that's so true! it's amazing what a boost just having nice nails gives me haha!

  3. ahhh swimming... I miss malmesbury pool!

  4. I miss that too Becky!! Got nobody around Cheltenham who'd go with me though :(