Thursday, 31 May 2012

10 minutes to the perfect face & adorning ava

So I've been wanting to do this post for a few days but only just got round to doing it. Basically, I am incredibly lazy and try to get as much time in bed in the mornings as possible, this results in me trying to find beauty products to slap on and go and I think I've found the perfect combination! Have you tried BB cream yet? I bloody love the stuff! It's not foundation, concealer, moisturiser, etc etc.... basically it's a wonder product that does all of these things! I was a little skeptical but I heard so much good feedback that I simply had to try it and I love it so much! I chose the Garnier one simply because I picked it up while shopping in Tesco and it was the only one to choose from! You literally slap it on and it melts down beautifully into your skin giving you a really healthy glow and gently covering your imperfections. I would say that if you suffer from bad acne or have something on your skin that you really want to put a thick layer over and hide then it is not for you, but I am quite happy with my skin these days - I realised that if I took proper care of my skin I actually hardly ever got spots or issues with it. Anyway, basically unless you want really thick coverage - give it a go, it gives you an out-the-door look in literally seconds and is totally worth it for that reason alone. There's a whole host of different brands so have a shop around and pick one out for the price to suit you!

So with that in mind - I put together a little every day routine that means I can do a full face of makeup in 10 minutes or less, and if you like making an effort for nights out but don't like spending hours on the look you can have a more night friendly look within 15-20 minutes at the most. Here's my version of it.

What You'll Need

BB cream
Cream blush
A decent mascara
Eyelash Curlers
Eyeshadow and lip products of your choice.

Really, the base of this look is what makes it so quick, by using the BB cream and cream style blush, your base makeup can be done within about 2 minutes - I'm not even joking! Apply your BB cream and then use concealer to cover any dark circles under eyes, spots, or imperfections. My cream blush is in a stick which makes it even quicker to apply - draw patches on your cheeks to make yourself look like a clown (it's scary at first haha!) and then blend it in with your fingers until you are happy with it. That's it! Now all you have to do is apply your eye and lip makeup - when I roll out of bed but need to look half decent from work all I do is swipe one colour over my eyes and put a bit of mascara on but on my days off or nights out it's nice to have a play around. By doing my makeup like this I'm saving so much time that the only real time spent is on my eyes. 

As I get older I'm finding myself wanting to put less and less time into my looks! In these pictures I even decided to curl/wave my hair because of the lack of effort involved! I literally had a shower, let my hair dry most of the way through then when almost dry but still damp I put it into a pony tail then put it into a twisty bun. Wait for an hour or 2 (or go to bed if it's for the next morning), take it out and done! I get a strange kick out of looking like I've spent a lot longer on my looks than I actually have!

You may have noticed the necklace in my 2nd picture - it's the one I won from the lovely Adorning Ava - I've been meaning to take a picture of me wearing it but hadn't got around to it yet. I knew I wanted to do this post on BB cream so decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone! If you like it then please have a look at their website - I was genuinely shocked by how heavy and good the quality was as this item is only £10 to buy anyway. They are a lovely little company that has some gorgeous items at very good prices - I will definitely be making some purchases when birthdays and Christmas (sorry for that word this time of the year!!) roll around.

Hope you've enjoyed this post - I really loved doing this one!

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