Thursday, 5 April 2012

Women hate me because I'm so beautiful

Don't worry, I haven't hit my head. Sometimes something comes up in the news that I just cannot ignore and I have to write my thoughts on it. The Samantha Brick debacle is one of them. If you haven't heard about it you can click here to find out what she said, what happened and what is still happening.

So basically, an average looking woman in her 40s comes out and says that women hate her because she is so stunningly attractive. I am not going to say anything bad about Samantha - there's certainly nothing wrong with her looks, she's quite a nice looking older woman. But that is, as far as I'm concerned, as far as it goes.

Fair play lady, if you think you're gorgeous then good for you, but please don't involve the rest of us in your delusions. There are a few things I don't understand with this and the first one is if us women who care so much about our looks - mostly women who are much younger than her - hate her so much because she's so much better than us, why don't we hate all beautiful women? I think lots of people would agree with me that there are so many other women out there who are so much nicer looking to be jealous of. Why don't we hate the likes of Beyonce, J Lo, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera... I could go on. I know that if I were to be stupid enough to hate a woman because she's so stunning that she'd really have to be something really special. 

If Samantha Brick is at a party, apparently every single man in the room fancies her. I find this incredibly hard to believe, and if in fact all of the women in the room hate her, this is certainly not the reason. It's a shame that as a 23 year old woman I am having to explain this for a 41 year old woman to understand but here we go. One of the most attractive traits a person can display is the fact they are nice, friendly and humble. You could be the most stunning woman in the world, but as long as you're kind, thoughtful and good, nobody will hate you for your looks. If anything, women around the world will idolize you. For me the most beautiful woman in the world is Christina Aguilera and I adore her. She is not only gorgeous in looks but she is also incredibly talented and comes across as a really lovely lady, and this is where Samantha Brick doesn't add up. 

I'm afraid Samantha, if women hate you it is probably because you're not a very nice person, and you are incredibly arrogant for no apparent reason. It is definitely not jealousy. We have plenty of women to aspire to look like and you are clearly not one of them. If every man in the room fancies you, I can only guess that you are probably visiting a nursing home.

However, I do half understand what she means. Once while I was out clubbing with my friends, we decided to all dress the same. We were wearing pink vest tops, black shorts and high heels. As a woman with a slightly larger than average bust, I was definitely slightly more on show than the rest of my friends, but this was certainly not intentional. I literally cannot help it. A girl in a bar walked up to me and started threatening me and even tried to hit me, while shouting at me telling me that I am looking for male attention and that I should "put myself away". She hadn't thought that my friends who were dressed exactly the same as me were behaving in such a way, she was clearly jealous of my chest and if any men were looking at me I certainly hadn't noticed. This has happened to me once in my entire life, and while I understand that it happens, it certainly doesn't happen very often, certainly not often enough to comment on or write an article about. Samantha Brick, as far as I am concerned, has had a few men looking her way in 41 years and has decided that she is one of God's gifts.  

I find it incredibly naive for Samantha to even consider blaming her good looks to be the reason why other women hate her. For this to make any sense at all, no beautiful women in the world would have any female friends. Yes there will be the odd person who comes along who is jealous, but there is one important thing that women do not like, and that is bitches. We don't like to make friends with women who will stab us in the back or try to make us feel inadequate. That is why women don't like you, Samantha, you are clearly not a very nice person who likes to make other women feel inadequate, and that is why you are receiving so many "vile messages". You have just attempted to make every woman in the UK feel inadequate, and it has backfired because you are really not beautiful enough to pull such a feat off. We are all offended that you are not only accusing us all of being jealous of you when we really, really aren't but that you are so narrow minded that you cannot see the bigger picture and realise why women really do dislike you.


  1. "We don't like to make friends with women who will stab us in the back or try to make us feel inadequate."

    Forget the backstabbing bit, it's the reference to inadequacy I'm interested in. How, pray tell, could Angelina Jolie help it, if she made let's say - Ann Widdecombe, feel aesthetically inadequate?! It wouldn't be her fault! It's just because she's more attractive!

    Just like some flat chested girl hated you for having bigger tits. Some women's insecurities make them feel inadequate before anyone else gets a chance to. It's a much more complex issue than I think you realise. And the issue is almost always down to people's own insecurities. Of which Brick has many herself, no doubt.

    I think Brick is a tool, to be honest. A bit of an idiot. But I fail to see how she's made anyone else feel inadequate!

  2. I just checked out the original article and the follow up one. I don't find her anything but average in the looks department. She's made herself appear ugly though with her arrogant attitude. I feel sorry for her that she's so deluded! Most people are drawn to attractive people, when they're not, it's because of a deeper flaw in that person: arrogance, pride and entitlement because of their looks.

  3. It's just my opinion, if all women you know hate you then in my opinion you are hanging around with the wrong people. I don't really see it as an issue because at the end of the day if/when you get treated like that you just walk away and make new friends!

    Jane that's exactly how I feel, for me beauty is all to do with a personality and I really can't consider Samantha Brick as beautiful mainly because of her arrogance!