Sunday, 29 April 2012

Splurge Sunday #1

I know I said I'd do this post on a Saturday but it's looking like that would take too much time! I'm also really struggling to think of things I don't mind shelling out lots of money for! So today, I have gone for the obvious choice - a lovely handbag. I absolutely adore handbags and if I had it my way I would have hundreds - I'm forever seeing new styles or colours that I want.

The bag I'm going to share with you today is a Vivienne Westwood. And here it is!

I think this bag is absolutely bloody gorgeous - the colour just jumps out at me and then the shape - what girl wouldn't want to carry a gorgeous bag in the shape of a heart around? In a practical sense I wouldn't want this bag - it's way too small to fit in all my rubbish that I evidently can't live without but if I was going to an event such as a wedding or formal party I would love it. It is an expensive £230 on the House of Fraser website but that is the whole point to these posts! I won't be buying it just yet as I have a few things on my list to buy for the new flat still, but in the future this is definitely the sort of thing I would buy with my hard earned savings that I will hopefully be earning over the summer, or even asking for it as a nice present from Chris as it is my birthday over the summer... we will see what else I find before then. It is a really gorgeous bag though and I will definitely be keeping my eye on it.

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