Sunday, 15 April 2012

Save Money Sunday #2

So, this week we're having a look at a product that isn't dirt cheap but I certainly think it's a very good price for what it is. It's from a shop that we probably wouldn't expect to be on a money saving blog - Marks and Spencer.

I'm going to try to narrow down what exactly we're looking at in this post although I will say that I find pretty much all the M&S accessories to be a good price for the quality of the product. I stumbled across these as I was looking for a comfy pair of flats to wear for work and my cousin Lorna had said that she had bought a good pair of heels from M&S which are the comfiest and most padded pair of heels she'd ever worn. I figured it would probably be worth spending a little more money to make sure I got some comfy work shoes and was shocked to see the prices of the shoes and accessories similar to that of other shops such as New Look and Dorothy Perkins. I was also expecting to find that they were a little old lady styled but was nicely surprised that most of the accessories were age friendly.

What I particularly have my eye on and intend to buy is the platinum plated jewellery. I have bought platinum plated jewellery before but paid £30-£50 per piece. I did wear it every day and after probably 6-months to a year it did start making my skin turn funny green colours. This is a major problem I have when buying fashion jewellery - for some reason it seems to make me go silly colours very quickly. While I would not recommend platinum, gold or silver plated jewellery for every day wear as eventually the platinum will wear away with heavy use, I think these pieces are certainly worth buying for those nights out or special occasions for an added bit of sparkle. Prices aren't much different to other bits of fashion jewellery that are absolutely no way near as good quality. I did inspect these pieces very closely in the shop and I was really, really pleased with the quality for the price. As long as you don't abuse these pieces by wearing them daily or in the bath they should last a good long time.

When it comes to jewellery, I have a bit of an obsession for cocktail rings. I absolutely love wearing sparkly rings, I just think with painted nails it can make you look so classy and feminine without too much effort. I plan on buying myself this ring on payday to wear when I meet up with the girls for an extra bit of glitter.

Although I'm also tempted by this piece

M&S also have some lovely pieces that incorporate Swarovski crystals which I think are gorgeous

I definitely plan on buying a few of these pieces for Birthday presents that I have coming up - I seem to have a lot of female friends and family having Birthdays throughout the summer so I think I might go in there and pick at least 1 piece out for each of them. Prices vary for all the different pieces but generally you're looking at between £10-20 for a lovely quality piece of fashion jewellery. I especially love those blue swarovski crystals; they remind me of a lovely hot beach and gorgeous sea colours stretching into the distance....

If you want to have a look at the other pieces click here and do let me know if you're going to buy something for yourself :)

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