Sunday, 8 April 2012

Save Money Sunday #1

The first week of my money saving products post features some great makeup that is just so cheap. I'm a little late with discovering this brand as it's been around for a while, I usually try to stay away from cheap makeup as I have such sensitive skin but so many people were singing the praises of this line I had to try it. And I'm glad I did because it is definitely just as good as some makeup I've tried that's 5 times the price.

It is MUA makeup from Superdrug - don't worry if you don't have a Superdrug close by as they have a website that you can order from.

I have always been scared of wearing lipstick and decided to try buying one of the nude shades from the MUA collection. Most of the pieces in the collection cost just £1 each so if I hated it, it wouldn't be any loss. To my surprise the lipstick was very creamy and it stayed on my lips very nicely. I actually really like the shade as well - I bought number 14 - nude but it came out a pinky coral on my lips. It was matte which is what I wanted - I've bought so many lipsticks in the past that come out shimmery which is just too much on me. I wanted a little bit of colour which is exactly what I got. I would recommend to anyone - at £1 each you can pretty much buy one in each colour if you're a lipstick fiend!

I also bought an extreme metallic quad for £3 and it's lovely. I'm currently using the 2 most subtle colours together to make a shimmery daytime look for wearing at work - bringing a little bit of shimmer to a natural look. It has lasted all day and hasn't disappeared into creases at all which usually happens to me with cheaper eyeshadow. This is a really nice set because you can do a subtle or darker looks. You could easily put it into your handbag if you were going out for a drink straight after work and turn your daytime look into a lovely smoky eye. The shadows themselves are also really creamy and they glide onto the lid beautifully. The colour come out very well too.

The nail varnish comes in lots of different colours but unfortunately it does start chipping after a few days. I wouldn't recommend it for ladies who like to put a colour on and leave it for the whole week but at only £1 or £2 a bottle it is perfect for buying a shade to match an outfit for an occasion. Perhaps you want to co-ordinate your lips to your nails for a night out or you're looking for a colour to match your outfit for an event like a wedding - I will definitely be buying it for these occasions. 

It's surprising how cheap you can buy makeup that works just as well as the more expensive brands - it's great that I can now treat myself to a few new colours without spending too much money. If you haven't tried it out for yourself yet I highly recommend that you do!


  1. the lipstick looks great.. have never tried any MUA products yet, must defo try them out sometimes :) x Marina

  2. Marina you really should try it out, it exceeds all expectations considering how cheap it is.

    I should have also said HAPPY EASTER in my post - I'm not religious and am also watching my weight so no chocolate so I keep forgetting it's Easter LOL!

  3. I'm really into 'nude' lipstick lately. Currently using a pinkish brown that I love - but it's Estee Lauder (expensive!) I'll check their website out. As you say, it's fun to be able to try out new shades without breaking the bank.

  4. Lovely pic Jane!

    I think when I'm used to wearing lippy i'll get brave and buy a really nice (expensive) one too but for now I need to feel really happy wearing it before I can justify spending my cash on it!