Monday, 9 April 2012

Looking hot Xtina!

This is just a quick post as I'm trying (and failing) to write an essay on the epic of all epics Paradise Lost... snore! Actually I do find it quite interesting and enjoy studying it a lot but writing a big essay while considering that this time next week I'll be moving home and also that I'm booked up for overtime all week - I suppose that should be motivation to get it done but I just feel too swamped to do it. I'm only doing 4 hours of work each day so I'll make sure I get cracking properly tomorrow.

Anyway, Christina Aguilera has slimmed down a bit and my god does she look amazing. I think she's absolutely gorgeous no matter what she does or how much she weighs but I have to say that at the moment I think she is looking the hottest I've ever seen her look. Although she has slimmed down a bit she has kept her killer curves and I personally think she just looks perfect, incredibly happy and most importantly healthy. 

How lovely does she look in the last picture with her makeup and hair not as in your face as usual? I'm currently thinking of what to do with my hair - it needs a cut but it's the longest it has been for 10 years or more so I'm hesitant to chop it all off - I'm thinking maybe I'll have some long layers cut into it when I get my first pay slip in 2 weeks - whatever I end up doing I think I'll definitely be using Christina as inspiration. I just wish I could dye my hair blonde - I tried it as a teenager and it just didn't suit me at all!! I definitely need to give myself a bit of a make over to freshen up for spring/summer particularly as I'm losing weight. Thanks for being such great inspiration Christina!

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