Monday, 30 April 2012

Uni is over (almost!)

So I still have 1 last assignment to finish off by Wednesday and then 2 exams in the next month but all my lectures are officially over - which makes things a lot easier. I don't mind going in for lectures, although I do walk 15-20 minutes there and back and the weather recently has been absolutely horrendous so it's nice to not have to keep walking in the rain. Plus, I now have all the time to do whatever I want - obviously I'm finishing off  all my work and then revising but being able to do it in my own time makes me get it done a lot easier. When I'm busy I do like to procrastinate.

I have been so busy with moving and starting my new job - I've also been doing more overtime than I have contracted hours and fitting that in with everything has been crazy but it has been nice. All I do is scan items at the till then go off and fold clothes on the shop floor. It's the easiest job I've ever done and the amount of work I can pick up is fantastic if I find myself really needing the money. It has also paid for a lovely new sofa and bed and that is just with my first wages. I also plan on getting some new curtains as the ones that came with this flat are literally hideous. I will get it all done little bit at a time. I still have lots of tidying and sorting out of stuff to do which is getting done in little bits at a time. I really can't wait until it's all completely done though - and when it is I will be putting some pics on here as I am really proud of this place - even if it does still look like a tip at the moment!

As for my writing I'm really proud of the play that I have written this semester - the assignment that is to be handed in on Wednesday and I am definitely excited about writing again. I have been approached by a local radio station who asked if I would consider writing a radio play for them and I am waiting to see if anything comes of it - even if it doesn't it just feels so good to know that people are interested in what I do. This is definitely inspiring me to think about what I want to write in the future, especially after uni is over. Once these exams are done it will be September before I know it and I know my last year at uni is going to go so quick. I keep getting told that it's the fastest year out of the 3 and this year has just completely flown by.

Now that my lectures are over I'm looking forward to blogging on a much more regular basis - oh and by the way I have discovered BB cream which is my new favourite thing in the world (sorry Chris) and plan on doing a post about it soon which I'm really excited about!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Splurge Sunday #1

I know I said I'd do this post on a Saturday but it's looking like that would take too much time! I'm also really struggling to think of things I don't mind shelling out lots of money for! So today, I have gone for the obvious choice - a lovely handbag. I absolutely adore handbags and if I had it my way I would have hundreds - I'm forever seeing new styles or colours that I want.

The bag I'm going to share with you today is a Vivienne Westwood. And here it is!

I think this bag is absolutely bloody gorgeous - the colour just jumps out at me and then the shape - what girl wouldn't want to carry a gorgeous bag in the shape of a heart around? In a practical sense I wouldn't want this bag - it's way too small to fit in all my rubbish that I evidently can't live without but if I was going to an event such as a wedding or formal party I would love it. It is an expensive £230 on the House of Fraser website but that is the whole point to these posts! I won't be buying it just yet as I have a few things on my list to buy for the new flat still, but in the future this is definitely the sort of thing I would buy with my hard earned savings that I will hopefully be earning over the summer, or even asking for it as a nice present from Chris as it is my birthday over the summer... we will see what else I find before then. It is a really gorgeous bag though and I will definitely be keeping my eye on it.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Save Money Sunday #3 (a few days late!!!)

Sorry it's late! I have just handed in my 2nd to last assignment and now have a whole week to finish my last one off that I have almost finished anyway! I feel like I can relax a bit now!

So here we go, another money saving post and this weeks is a tad random but oh well! As most of you know I absolutely love any product that allows me to save money on the essentials to enable me to have more money to spend on bits that I want rather than need. So today we're looking at...

Halo sanitary products.

I feel like I don't really have to say much about these products as the prices speak for themselves:

Halo Stay Dry Liner Normal 30 – 75p
Halo Breathable Liner Scented Fold And Wrapped 20 – 75p
Halo Compact Tampons Regular 20 - £1.00
Halo Compact Tampons Super 20 - £1.00
Halo Compact Tampons Super Plus 18 - £1.00
Halo Ultra Towel Night Time 10 - £1.00
Halo Breathable Liner Fold And Wrapped 20 - £1.00
Halo ultra Towel Super 12 - £1.00
Halo Stay Dry Liner Large 26 £1.00
Halo Stay Dry Liner Extra Large 22 - £1.00
Halo Ultra Towel regular 14 - £1.50
Halo Compact Tampons Lite 20 - £1.00 

These prices are less than half of what I have been paying and still manages to donate 15p from each sale to a women's health charity.

I decided to invest in some to try out - they're cheap enough to throw them in the bin if I didn't like them and I can confirm for the prices they are very good quality. If you want to find out more about the Halo charity you can visit their website here and if you want to give them a try you can pick them up in any Tesco store.

Any product that's worth less than half the usual price I would pay and still manages to donate part of the money to charity is definitely worth a try in my opinion!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Please don't hate me...

... for not doing my Sunday post - I will be doing it in the next few days. I stayed up until 2am last night finishing off an essay, today I spent the day with the Everyman Theatre actors as they read my work - which was absolutely the best experience ever. They loved my work and gave me lots of great tips too. Anyway I have another essay to start now due in on Wednesday that will involve lots of late nights and then I have to polish my play and write an essay to go with it to hand in early next week. I am so busy and tired and to be honest literally drained of all life at the moment. I very very very rarely drink any kind of hot beverages but today I found myself sipping on coffee as I tried to stay awake all day - Max is meowing all night at the moment as he hates being cooped up indoors until he is used to our new home - I literally got about 1 hour sleep last night and have been running on empty all day - I can't help but think this will continue for the rest of the week... Oh yes and then I have exams in a couple of weeks too!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Writing and general update

I have now moved home - hence how quiet I've been this week and I really am so, so, so, so tired. I literally can't put it into words how tired I am. Max has been keeping us up all night maowing because he wants to go outside. I finally gave in this morning at 5am as we were only getting 2-3 hours sleep a night and it's just not enough. Anyway, needless to say he is yet to come back. We went looking for him at our old address as it's only a 5 minute walk and our old neighbour told us that he had been around there today. The little idiot was sitting on the window sill at our old flat maowing hoping we would let him in - but he knew we wouldn't be there. Silly thing. Anyway we've been looking for him earlier and again just now at midnight and still haven't found him. I hope we find him soon I miss him and worry about him being out on his own when he isn't sure where abouts we are.

So basically, I'm tired and stressed about my cat. I'm also stressed about the amount of work I need to do by next week. My last two essays are to be handed in and then a few weeks after it's all about exams then done for the year! Blimey! After work tomorrow I intend to spend the rest of my weekend writing and getting it all done. It quite simply has to get done.

On the creative writing note, I posted about how much I was struggling to write anything I was happy with and I wasn't enjoying the writing at all. I should have mentioned it to him way before but I finally told Chris how useless I felt and how I wasn't happy with the script I was writing. I told him the exact reason why I was stressing about it - professional actors from my local theatre - The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham - will on Monday be performing my play I have been writing in front of me and all my class mates. This is the most important piece of writing I've ever done and I was just so worried it wouldn't end up good enough. Chris reminded me that I should forget about the actors - I was too worried about writing something they would like and enjoy that I stopped writing for myself. I know that to a certain extent we always have to try to write for someone otherwise we would never get anywhere with our writing, but at the end of the day, if the writer isn't enjoying the work why would anyone else enjoy it? He told me to just write what I like and how I like - I'm a good writer after all, why wouldn't my work be good enough? I think I was worried because the sorts of plays I write tend to be, well odd. Different. I don't like anything to make much sense until a certain point when I spring something on the audience. Anyway I just sat down and wrote in a way that I would enjoy the play and was told by my lecturer afterwards that it is a very good play and she even said she can't wait to see how the actors perform it. Needless to say I am absolutely terrified. Really looking forward to it but so scared. Lets hope that it all goes well, this is going to be such a good addition to my writers' CV.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Save Money Sunday #2

So, this week we're having a look at a product that isn't dirt cheap but I certainly think it's a very good price for what it is. It's from a shop that we probably wouldn't expect to be on a money saving blog - Marks and Spencer.

I'm going to try to narrow down what exactly we're looking at in this post although I will say that I find pretty much all the M&S accessories to be a good price for the quality of the product. I stumbled across these as I was looking for a comfy pair of flats to wear for work and my cousin Lorna had said that she had bought a good pair of heels from M&S which are the comfiest and most padded pair of heels she'd ever worn. I figured it would probably be worth spending a little more money to make sure I got some comfy work shoes and was shocked to see the prices of the shoes and accessories similar to that of other shops such as New Look and Dorothy Perkins. I was also expecting to find that they were a little old lady styled but was nicely surprised that most of the accessories were age friendly.

What I particularly have my eye on and intend to buy is the platinum plated jewellery. I have bought platinum plated jewellery before but paid £30-£50 per piece. I did wear it every day and after probably 6-months to a year it did start making my skin turn funny green colours. This is a major problem I have when buying fashion jewellery - for some reason it seems to make me go silly colours very quickly. While I would not recommend platinum, gold or silver plated jewellery for every day wear as eventually the platinum will wear away with heavy use, I think these pieces are certainly worth buying for those nights out or special occasions for an added bit of sparkle. Prices aren't much different to other bits of fashion jewellery that are absolutely no way near as good quality. I did inspect these pieces very closely in the shop and I was really, really pleased with the quality for the price. As long as you don't abuse these pieces by wearing them daily or in the bath they should last a good long time.

When it comes to jewellery, I have a bit of an obsession for cocktail rings. I absolutely love wearing sparkly rings, I just think with painted nails it can make you look so classy and feminine without too much effort. I plan on buying myself this ring on payday to wear when I meet up with the girls for an extra bit of glitter.

Although I'm also tempted by this piece

M&S also have some lovely pieces that incorporate Swarovski crystals which I think are gorgeous

I definitely plan on buying a few of these pieces for Birthday presents that I have coming up - I seem to have a lot of female friends and family having Birthdays throughout the summer so I think I might go in there and pick at least 1 piece out for each of them. Prices vary for all the different pieces but generally you're looking at between £10-20 for a lovely quality piece of fashion jewellery. I especially love those blue swarovski crystals; they remind me of a lovely hot beach and gorgeous sea colours stretching into the distance....

If you want to have a look at the other pieces click here and do let me know if you're going to buy something for yourself :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Writing doubts

I seem to have hit a strange wall with my writing - I'm not so sure what I want to write about anymore, or even what form my writing should take. I don't really know where this is coming from, just whenever I sit down to do my creative writing uni work it is no longer exciting - neither is it enjoyable and I hate that. Perhaps it's just because of the amount of uni work I have to do? Maybe that's why I'm not enjoying it? Maybe over the summer when I'm relaxed and have lots of spare time to do my own writing I will find the enjoyment for it again? I really hope so. I love writing and it's definitely what I want to do in life, if I start to not enjoy writing altogether I literally have no idea what else I'd do. It's times like these that I'm glad I am doing both English Literature and Creative Writing at uni - at least it's keeping my options open. Perhaps it's about time I started to investigate what other careers or jobs would be accessible to me? This time next year I'll be thinking about graduating and I'd really like to have a proper plan together for then. Chris has pretty much been offered a brilliant paid job for when he's finished uni - he's currently doing a years placement before finishing off his last year this coming September and the boss told him that they'd love to have him work there when he has finished uni - although it's not guaranteed 100% it does sound very good. He even said to me if he got it that he'd be earning so much money I could just keep working part time and focus on my writing - this is such a sweet thing for him to consider but even that didn't excite me! I don't know what's wrong with me at all.

I really do hope that it's just a phase because of needing to write for assignments rather than enjoyment. I seem to be the only person that gets halfway through their degree and then starts having doubts?! Of course even if I decide to do something completely random and in no way related I will still finish my degree no matter what. It means far too much for me to just give up on. I think I'm going to give myself a while to see if my bad mood towards writing lifts and if not, start researching what else I could do with my degree.

(Sorry for the rant)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Looking hot Xtina!

This is just a quick post as I'm trying (and failing) to write an essay on the epic of all epics Paradise Lost... snore! Actually I do find it quite interesting and enjoy studying it a lot but writing a big essay while considering that this time next week I'll be moving home and also that I'm booked up for overtime all week - I suppose that should be motivation to get it done but I just feel too swamped to do it. I'm only doing 4 hours of work each day so I'll make sure I get cracking properly tomorrow.

Anyway, Christina Aguilera has slimmed down a bit and my god does she look amazing. I think she's absolutely gorgeous no matter what she does or how much she weighs but I have to say that at the moment I think she is looking the hottest I've ever seen her look. Although she has slimmed down a bit she has kept her killer curves and I personally think she just looks perfect, incredibly happy and most importantly healthy. 

How lovely does she look in the last picture with her makeup and hair not as in your face as usual? I'm currently thinking of what to do with my hair - it needs a cut but it's the longest it has been for 10 years or more so I'm hesitant to chop it all off - I'm thinking maybe I'll have some long layers cut into it when I get my first pay slip in 2 weeks - whatever I end up doing I think I'll definitely be using Christina as inspiration. I just wish I could dye my hair blonde - I tried it as a teenager and it just didn't suit me at all!! I definitely need to give myself a bit of a make over to freshen up for spring/summer particularly as I'm losing weight. Thanks for being such great inspiration Christina!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Save Money Sunday #1

The first week of my money saving products post features some great makeup that is just so cheap. I'm a little late with discovering this brand as it's been around for a while, I usually try to stay away from cheap makeup as I have such sensitive skin but so many people were singing the praises of this line I had to try it. And I'm glad I did because it is definitely just as good as some makeup I've tried that's 5 times the price.

It is MUA makeup from Superdrug - don't worry if you don't have a Superdrug close by as they have a website that you can order from.

I have always been scared of wearing lipstick and decided to try buying one of the nude shades from the MUA collection. Most of the pieces in the collection cost just £1 each so if I hated it, it wouldn't be any loss. To my surprise the lipstick was very creamy and it stayed on my lips very nicely. I actually really like the shade as well - I bought number 14 - nude but it came out a pinky coral on my lips. It was matte which is what I wanted - I've bought so many lipsticks in the past that come out shimmery which is just too much on me. I wanted a little bit of colour which is exactly what I got. I would recommend to anyone - at £1 each you can pretty much buy one in each colour if you're a lipstick fiend!

I also bought an extreme metallic quad for £3 and it's lovely. I'm currently using the 2 most subtle colours together to make a shimmery daytime look for wearing at work - bringing a little bit of shimmer to a natural look. It has lasted all day and hasn't disappeared into creases at all which usually happens to me with cheaper eyeshadow. This is a really nice set because you can do a subtle or darker looks. You could easily put it into your handbag if you were going out for a drink straight after work and turn your daytime look into a lovely smoky eye. The shadows themselves are also really creamy and they glide onto the lid beautifully. The colour come out very well too.

The nail varnish comes in lots of different colours but unfortunately it does start chipping after a few days. I wouldn't recommend it for ladies who like to put a colour on and leave it for the whole week but at only £1 or £2 a bottle it is perfect for buying a shade to match an outfit for an occasion. Perhaps you want to co-ordinate your lips to your nails for a night out or you're looking for a colour to match your outfit for an event like a wedding - I will definitely be buying it for these occasions. 

It's surprising how cheap you can buy makeup that works just as well as the more expensive brands - it's great that I can now treat myself to a few new colours without spending too much money. If you haven't tried it out for yourself yet I highly recommend that you do!

Friday, 6 April 2012

I got a job! = new feature

Yay I got the job working in the clothes shop in town! And I start tomorrow! Everything is happening majorly fast! It's only 4 hours on a Saturday 10-2 but apparently there is always overtime going so I'm hoping that it will turn into quite a nice job for me. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up overtime through the holidays while I'm off from uni and then while I'm at uni I can still earn a bit of money while not doing too many hours. We'll see how it goes.  At least I can start earning some of my own money again.

And so with that in mind I have decided to start a new feature on my blog. I know there are people who look at my blog mainly when I am looking for a good deal or finding a cheap product that works really well, so to make it easier for those people to find the blog entries I have decided to start blogging every Sunday where I will find a product that I really like that I think is a really good price. It could be any product that I take a fancy to although will most likely be girly items like makeup or clothes. These Sunday blogs will be especially for those of us who want a little treat or are maybe looking for a nice birthday present without spending too much cash. And, I have also decided that on the last Saturday of every month I will be doing a similar blog post but the other way round - I will be specifically looking for items that I think are worth saving up for and splashing the cash on. I'm really looking forward to these posts and already have one lined up for this Sunday - I hope my followers enjoy these posts too!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Women hate me because I'm so beautiful

Don't worry, I haven't hit my head. Sometimes something comes up in the news that I just cannot ignore and I have to write my thoughts on it. The Samantha Brick debacle is one of them. If you haven't heard about it you can click here to find out what she said, what happened and what is still happening.

So basically, an average looking woman in her 40s comes out and says that women hate her because she is so stunningly attractive. I am not going to say anything bad about Samantha - there's certainly nothing wrong with her looks, she's quite a nice looking older woman. But that is, as far as I'm concerned, as far as it goes.

Fair play lady, if you think you're gorgeous then good for you, but please don't involve the rest of us in your delusions. There are a few things I don't understand with this and the first one is if us women who care so much about our looks - mostly women who are much younger than her - hate her so much because she's so much better than us, why don't we hate all beautiful women? I think lots of people would agree with me that there are so many other women out there who are so much nicer looking to be jealous of. Why don't we hate the likes of Beyonce, J Lo, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera... I could go on. I know that if I were to be stupid enough to hate a woman because she's so stunning that she'd really have to be something really special. 

If Samantha Brick is at a party, apparently every single man in the room fancies her. I find this incredibly hard to believe, and if in fact all of the women in the room hate her, this is certainly not the reason. It's a shame that as a 23 year old woman I am having to explain this for a 41 year old woman to understand but here we go. One of the most attractive traits a person can display is the fact they are nice, friendly and humble. You could be the most stunning woman in the world, but as long as you're kind, thoughtful and good, nobody will hate you for your looks. If anything, women around the world will idolize you. For me the most beautiful woman in the world is Christina Aguilera and I adore her. She is not only gorgeous in looks but she is also incredibly talented and comes across as a really lovely lady, and this is where Samantha Brick doesn't add up. 

I'm afraid Samantha, if women hate you it is probably because you're not a very nice person, and you are incredibly arrogant for no apparent reason. It is definitely not jealousy. We have plenty of women to aspire to look like and you are clearly not one of them. If every man in the room fancies you, I can only guess that you are probably visiting a nursing home.

However, I do half understand what she means. Once while I was out clubbing with my friends, we decided to all dress the same. We were wearing pink vest tops, black shorts and high heels. As a woman with a slightly larger than average bust, I was definitely slightly more on show than the rest of my friends, but this was certainly not intentional. I literally cannot help it. A girl in a bar walked up to me and started threatening me and even tried to hit me, while shouting at me telling me that I am looking for male attention and that I should "put myself away". She hadn't thought that my friends who were dressed exactly the same as me were behaving in such a way, she was clearly jealous of my chest and if any men were looking at me I certainly hadn't noticed. This has happened to me once in my entire life, and while I understand that it happens, it certainly doesn't happen very often, certainly not often enough to comment on or write an article about. Samantha Brick, as far as I am concerned, has had a few men looking her way in 41 years and has decided that she is one of God's gifts.  

I find it incredibly naive for Samantha to even consider blaming her good looks to be the reason why other women hate her. For this to make any sense at all, no beautiful women in the world would have any female friends. Yes there will be the odd person who comes along who is jealous, but there is one important thing that women do not like, and that is bitches. We don't like to make friends with women who will stab us in the back or try to make us feel inadequate. That is why women don't like you, Samantha, you are clearly not a very nice person who likes to make other women feel inadequate, and that is why you are receiving so many "vile messages". You have just attempted to make every woman in the UK feel inadequate, and it has backfired because you are really not beautiful enough to pull such a feat off. We are all offended that you are not only accusing us all of being jealous of you when we really, really aren't but that you are so narrow minded that you cannot see the bigger picture and realise why women really do dislike you.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pandas are getting frisky!

Yes! It's happening! The Edinburgh zoo pandas are trying for a baby! Tian Tian started ovulating in the night and her and Yang Guang have tried for a baby 3 times today and if needed they will be trying again 3 times tomorrow. If you don't already know, pandas only come into season once a year for about 36 hours - no wonder pandas are dying out. It's really important that pandas are helped as much as possible to breed to help keep pandas alive and so this is great news. Panda cam is off for now while they are romantic - fingers crossed that soon we will have news on a panda baby!!

Good luck Tian Tian and Yang Guang! Lets hope they succeed!

If you've never seen what a baby panda looks like here's a picture for you to see what could be in Edinburgh in the next year....

Aaawww!! Don't you just want to kiss and cuddle it?!

Anyway - sorry I've been a bit quiet - I've been busy knitting, sorting things out getting ready to move and I have another interview lined up for Thursday for working weekends in a clothes shop which I'd really like probably more so than the job looking after dogs as I'd be earning more money and I don't do a lot in the daytime at weekends anyway. Wish me luck. Also, my necklace from Adorning Ava arrived and I absolutely love it but I will tell you all about that in a different post.

I've been thinking about my blog and recently I've been posting a lot about student/price friendly products so I think I've decided instead of doing this randomly to find a product that is a great price every week and doing a post on it on a certain day every week - not sure which day yet as I need to see if I get this job! Let me know what you think!