Saturday, 24 March 2012

Weekend wishes

Wow! My first weekend for a while where I don't have to worry about getting uni work done. It also coincided with the first show of The Voice UK which was amazing! I usually hate talent shows but I really did love this one. The fact that the judges say yes or no totally dependent on their singing ability is just brilliant. It really makes me think perhaps the music industry isn't doomed to die because of Simon Cowell. So I sat down to have my dinner and realised I had missed 5 minutes then ran to turn the TV on and I'm so glad I did. I really like all the judges but I am looking forward to seeing what pulls out of the bag. He isn't really much of a singer but of course he has been making music that I love for years and years. He always seems to do something that little bit different and I think he's brilliant at making music that stands out. I look forward to watching this again next week! Here's a little clip of what I think was the best audition of the night.

Chris decided he was watching 2 games of football this afternoon so I decided to get all my housework done including my laundry and get myself to the gym. I haven't got so much done on a Saturday before in ages it feels great! Now tomorrow we can do whatever we want!

For those of you feeling a little bored this weekend I have a really great website/blog to show you. If you're a book lover as well like me then even better. A blog dedicated to things that have been found in old books that the previous owner was using as a bookmark. It sounds odd but have a look - it's so interesting finding out so much about someones life just by looking at the item and the book in which they were reading. Click here to have a look. I officially love this blog. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Sarah, I followed the link and this blog is nothing short of fascinating! I believe I will be her next follower. Great audition, I've caught this show a few times and enjoyed it.

  2. Actually, it's a 'he' and he has no follower gadget.

  3. I know it's awkward isn't it?! A really great site though I'm sure I'll be wasting many hours looking through it :)