Sunday, 4 March 2012

This weekend

So, this weekend has been rather productive. I have made a good start at reading Paradise Lost for my uni work. I'm actually really enjoying it so far. I know people are going to get bored of reading this but I really believe a lot of it is down to the gym! I feel so much better for going to the gym already, it's making me tired at the right times (about now!) and it's making me more alert in the day and also I'm less tired in the mornings and can get out of bed much easier. That even includes getting up at a decent time at the weekend! But there's been something really refreshing about getting good exercise, going home and having a relaxing bath, putting my PJ's on then getting into bed to read. As I mentioned in a previous post I only have a few more assignments to go until this year is over so I'm really going to put the effort in for the last few, I just keep reminding myself that it'll be summer soon and I can relax all I want then!

In between getting work and reading done I also practiced my crochet. I'm really shocked at how quickly I've got the hang of it. Here is my 2nd ever crochet attempt

I'm actually really impressed with myself! And then I stumbled across a hat pattern on Pinterest (again with this amazing website!) that claimed it was easy enough for a beginner. So I put that to the test and here is the result (or at least the start of the result)

I can confirm that it was definitely beginner friendly! I was really proud of myself, unfortunately I didn't have a hook big enough to match the pattern so it would have been a small version of what I was hoping for so I just stopped when I was happy that I could actually do it. I have however been out today and bought a bigger hook and also some gorgeous wool. I'll be starting the hat again sometime soon and trying to see if I can actually end up with a finished result to wear! I'm so happy that within literally a few days of learning how to crochet I have actually picked up a pattern and not only given it a go but I can do it! It took me years of knitting to even consider a pattern. For those who might be interested it is a pattern for a slouchy hat and you can find it here. I would really recommend that blog for anyone who fancies crocheting a hat - there's loads of different patterns to choose from depending on your skill level.

I have also put together my Mum's present for Mothers Day - I made her a roll up pouch for her knitting needles - I haven't taken a picture of it yet but I'll do that and post a picture in the next couple of days. It's a little bit messy but it does it's job and I think it's rather cute! I'm sure it'll be appreciated.

I have also been going to the gym this weekend and spending my evenings snuggled up on the sofa with my love watching our new favourite TV show - Rules of Engagement. If you haven't seen it and you enjoy lighthearted funny TV shows you will definitely get it by watching this. It's not very often that Chris and I find something to watch that we both really enjoy as much as each other so it's really lovely to find one that we can both look forward to watching together. 

I hope you've all had a good weekend. 


  1. I know what you mean about working out giving you more energy - it has the same effect in me - that's partly why I do it. You're doing great with your crochet and I'm impressed that already have your Mother's Day gift ready :)

  2. Thanks Jane I'm impressed with myself too! I wanted to make sure I had it done with enough time to buy a back up plan if needed haha!