Monday, 19 March 2012

Today Chris weighed me as usual on a Monday morning and confirmed that I had lost another 2lbs. I'm really happy with this as it means I only need 1 more lb to come off before I can declare myself as having lost one and a half stone since around Christmas. I am on one hand really pleased with this but on the other I feel slightly down as I can't really feel much difference in myself, or at least not as much as I would like to for having lost that amount of weight. Of course I will continue with my weight loss, I am hoping that when I hit a 2 stone loss I will be feeling a bit different. I suppose I do feel ever so slightly different. My collar bones seem to jut out a little more and my legs feel a bit different. Perhaps it's because nowadays I wear pretty much nothing but leggings - which basically cling to you no matter how big or small you are. When I lost weight before I used to struggle to hold my jeans up and had to invest in several belts and then several new jeans as I lost a couple of dress sizes. Perhaps It's just because of the mountain of work.... I do feel a tad drained because of it. I have this last essay to hand in on Wednesday and then that's pretty much it before Easter. On Thursday I have a meeting about my dissertation. I can't believe it's already so close to me considering what my dissertation will be on. I can't even begin to imagine how hard writing 10,000 words is going to be when I struggle to write essays up to 2500 words. I suppose I'll have to pick a topic I can babble on about for hours... Shakespeare it is then.

I'm also feeling a bit down as I have been applying for loads of part time or summer jobs for weeks now and I have not only not been successful yet but I hardly ever get any kind of response at all. I find myself sitting around hoping for replies just to get nothing. I have however just applied for 9-12 hours a week working at my local craft store which would be amazing. I do love crafting and getting a decent discount on some supplies and also working around crafts would be great. I would be able to keep those hours as I go into my last year of uni as well. Still, I am not expecting to get it. There must be hundreds of other students all applying for the same jobs.

I also feel like I should really get myself into the gym but this work is more important at the moment. I feel lazy and like I want to go and sweat it out. I'm really looking forward to handing this essay in on Wednesday when I intend to head straight for the gym after and spend an hour every day for the rest of the week there.

Sorry for this slightly depressing post, I am sure it's because of the amount of work I have piling up.

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  1. Thanks for popping in at A Creative Spirit. I followed you over on Pinterest. Love that you want a FitBit. I have a coworker that has one and she LOVES it. Keeping plugging thru to get a job for the summer. It will happen.....