Monday, 26 March 2012

On the up (hopefully)

Wow, what a day it's been! First, I stayed in bed until 12 o clock which was incredibly lazy of me but oh well I needed it and I had nothing much to get up for. I found out that I have lost 1 more lb this week which I'm really pleased with, I was expecting to have gained. Chris took me out for a lovely 3 course meal in the week which finished with the most gorgeous chocolate dessert I've ever had. As well as that it has been a mad week for getting my uni work finished and I didn't manage to get to the gym as much as I would have liked so I'm really pleased with myself. I have worked out that if I lose 2lbs a week for the next 3 weeks I will have lost 2 stone in total so now that I'm off for Easter I'm really going to spend the time in the gym and get this done! It started off well, I got in the gym today and started off by doing 10k on the bike on the next difficulty up and then finished off with 25 minutes of really pushing myself on the cross trainer.

The next thing on my list is that I have won another competition in blog land! I can't believe it, that's 2 I've entered now and won them both! Have a look here to see the necklace I've won and of course check out Sarah's blog if you're into fashion - she's very helpful when it comes to looking good on the cheap!

And now the next on my list is that someone finally responded to one of my job applications! Yay! I had a little phone interview this evening and the lady seemed really keen. Basically the job is doing shifts working in a kennel where people leave their dogs while they go on holiday. I'd be feeding them, grooming them, walking them and basically doing everything that I would do if I had a dog of my own - which I desperately want but won't be able to have for probably another 10 years or so! I have always had dogs and when I moved out from my Mums house I left this gorgeous collie behind and I miss her terribly.

So yes, that job would be lovely. Especially as it would only be for a few hours a day. Wish me luck! I'm already planning things out in my mind that I want to buy which I know I shouldn't do but can't help it!

When I told Chris I had won another blog competition he suggested that I give away one of my handmade goods on my blog, so I will be thinking about what to make and will let you guys know what I decide soon!

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  1. Congrats on your win - I love that locket :) Post a pic when you receive it.

    That sounds like a fun job and one that I'd also enjoy - I hope it works out for you.