Saturday, 17 March 2012

Guest Post - Slimming World Weight Loss

Today I have a treat for you - the lovely Luna from over at From Miss to Mrs is going to tell you about her weight loss story via Slimming World so far. I have also written a guest post for her about my weight story where I have come clean about things that have happened in my life that have helped make me who I am today (something that I usually try not to do!) so have a look at that as well if you would like to know a little more about me.

Here is her story!

"Throughout primary school years I was a slim child, moving up to secondary school weighing around 4.5 stone. This is where my weight troubles began.

Me at my biggest

At secondary school there were suddenly all these temptations like the school tuck shop, the ice cream van on the grounds at lunch time and the occasional school dinner of sausage roll, chips & gravy. My first 2 years at the school my weight was fine, but when we moved house closer to my school, I no longer needed to get the bus home and would walk, and this walk would be via various shops selling far too tempting goodies! I spent the rest of my school and college years overweight. I was never massive (although I felt it at the time), but I was much bigger than I should have been at that age.

At about age 18 I joined Slimming World for the first time and lost around 1.5 stone, which by no means made me skinny, but brought me to clothes size 14, with 1 size 12 item too, which I was ecstatic about! However it was around this time that I got back into a relationship, and 6 months later I was off to uni, so Slimming World was forgotten about. At uni I was aware of my size, but it didn’t bother me too much. I was too busy having fun! My weight went up and down but I was around a size 16-18 throughout those years.
A couple of years after uni and along came Slimming World attempt number 2. This time I lost just over a stone, making me a size 14, and I was happy with this. I was having fun with my friends, going out lots, and just generally enjoying life! Again, Slimming World fell on the back burner.

Over the next 5 or 6 years I met my soon-to-be-hubby, changed jobs a few times, and then went back to uni again for a 1 year course. Over this time the weight crept on, and during my course it went on FAST! By the end of the course I was a massive size 20/22. I was fully aware of my size and how I looked, but at the time I wasn’t in a frame of mind to change it.

Change came about a year later – October 2011. My Mum had been losing weight slowly on her own, but felt she had reached a point where she needed extra support and asked if I fancied joining Slimming World with her (for the 3rd time!). I’m getting married this August (2012), and had already had the hard time of finding a plus sized wedding dress. I had chosen one in September, however it hadn’t yet been ordered (luckily).  By January I had lost 1st 3lb, I had dropped a dress size to a size 18! So I went to be measured and my dress was ordered, but wanting to push myself, I’ve ordered my dress to fit me as a size 16! This may not seem like much, but for someone who was a size 20/22 to hopefully get married in a size 16 dress will feel fantastic! My current weight loss is 1st 10lbs. I’ve estimated that I need a total weight loss of around 3st to fit into my dress, and I WILL do it!

An old picture (I have no recent ones!), but in this picture I am the same weight as I am currently. I can see the difference in my stomach and my face!"

Please leave a comment to wish her luck for not only her weight loss but to send her your warm wishes for her wedding! Do let me know if you check out my post over at her blog too!


  1. Well done Luna, I know how hard this is. And of course, congratulations for the wedding :-)

  2. Wow Luna, nice one. You look fabulous when you lose weight. Congrats to your wedding hon, keep us posted with your progress.


  3. Good job! But it's not about being fat Luna that really matters,it's what's inside you. At times when you talk about a woman's physique some would consider skinny girls as sexy. But if you are happy with what you are totally,bulges and all, then there is no need to worry. Although there are times that you need to pay attention to what you're taking in. Delectable goodies,too much sugar and high cholesterol foods is something that you should avoid most likely to avoid the risk of heart attack and cancer in liver or have kidney stones. Most importantly do keep a good exercise routine, there are fitness membership program you can always find that is very good for you.