Thursday, 29 March 2012

Good days & thoughts...

Well, I actually managed to get myself an interview for the job working in the boarding kennels, looking after peoples dogs while they're on holiday and it actually seemed to go pretty well. I ended up spending over an hour there playing with the dogs and it was lovely - the woman even said if I don't hear from her soon to send her a text. I hope this means I get the job but I'm still applying for others until I get a solid offer.

Today Chris and I went to a safari park and had a great time. He told me he had never been to one in his whole life (!!!???) and I knew he was missing out! He absolutely loved it, especially as we were able to buy animal feed and drive through sticking our arms out the windows, feeding the giraffes and zebras. One giraffe stuck its massive long tongue out and licked all up his hand and arm and left him absolutely drenched in dribble! Rather him than me! After we went through the safari we parked up and had a walk through the rest of the park, went on a couple of water rides and sat and watched a sea lion show. We spent most of the day outside and I have a very slight tan from it! Usually I just burn but I've actually gone ever so slightly brown. Yay! The weather has been gorgeous this week - good for my skin and bad for my work. I not only have lots of uni work to do but I also want to do some creative writing of my own this Easter break too. Good thing the weather is supposed to be getting worse again from tomorrow.

The "thoughts" part of my post is this - my blog is basically my life; I write about what I do, giving opinions through the eyes of a student, my uni work and creative writing and lately my crafting. I'm thinking of setting up a different blog dedicated to my crafting so as I can focus on student life and writing more over here. My cousin Lorna and I have set up a facebook page and twitter account for our crafting and I'm thinking perhaps if I had a blog as well I could write up about my favourite crafting ideas, products and share what we have been making without bogging this blog down too much. What worries me is having two blogs to write - surely it will be hard to keep up - although really, blogging has very much become a way of life for me and after the initial set up of the separate blog it shouldn't take too much of my time away from everything else I do. I also like the idea of having this blog as more of an English/Creative Writing students life, as it was first intended. The trouble is I have so many different hobbies and interests it's hard to know where to put it all!! I'd love feedback on this - do you bloggers think it would be a good idea?

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  1. Congrats on getting an interview, I hope it goes well. As for a second blog, go for it! You are a braver girl than I though - too much work! I know what you mean about blogging being a part of your life - it's the same for me, no matter how hard I try to pull away. I am planning to go down to posting only on a weekly basis during the warmer months - we'll see... like you, I'm addicted :D