Monday, 5 March 2012

Dreaming of summer...

Today has been horrible. The worst part is that it hasn't really been horrible. It's been an average day, a fine day even. Do you ever get those days where you just roll out of bed feeling crap and you never really shift it? That's what my day has been like today. I had to get up early today as Chris had a big day - he's currently on placement for a year and he had to go into uni for the day to catch up with lecturers and other students on placements. He had made me (he didn't really make me, I could have gone to bed at any time if I wanted to...) stay up until about 2:30am watching Rules of Engagement and I apparently get cranky with only 5 hours sleep.

It is also Monday which means that I had to get weighed this morning and I found out that I had only lost another 1lb which I was very disappointed with. I was angry with myself for the rest of the day which I now realise is silly. At least I lost weight - I can't even begin to imagine how bad a mood I'd have been in if I had gained! I thought I had been really good this week especially since joining the gym but when I thought about it properly I realised there had been a few treats that I had forgot about! Apparently my body also needs to get used to going to the gym. So most of the day I have been moping around, crying here and there, and generally feeling rubbish for absolutely no decent reason. 

I know this is silly now and Chris has actually been really lovely about it. He suggested that we keep no naughty food in the cupboards and instead buy loads of fruit to snack on. He's even said that he'll eat salads with me more to give my weight loss a bit of a boost - it really reminds me why I love him so much as eating salads is a big deal for him!

One good thing about today has been the weather - it was really cold this morning but as the day went on the sun came out and was really lovely and kind of warm in the afternoon. This is a glimmer of  light reminding me not to get stressed out because summer is just round the corner. I just have a couple of weeks left until I get a whole month off, then only a couple of weeks back until I am free from lectures until October. This really makes me feel better - thinking of warming my body up with lovely summer days, feeling relaxed and calm and spending time doing whatever I want. Also hopefully being my target weight and treating myself to new summer clothes! This is the thought that's spurring me on as I do the last bulk of work for the year.

To remind myself of warmer climates and relaxed days here are a few pictures from our last holiday abroad in 2010 to Greece

Summer, if you're out there... please hurry up, I need you! 

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  1. I agree. I'm so ready for it not to be Winter any more!