Monday, 12 March 2012

Crazy weight loss and Saturdays flat viewing

Well, the flat that we saw on Saturday... there's nothing much more to say except "wow". It's a 2 bedroom first floor apartment, just down the road from here and is literally twice the size of our current flat and probably even more. It would be amazing for us to have all that space and bills included means that although we'd be paying £200 more a month for the rent, we would have no bills to worry about and it would work out as being cheaper. It's come up at a really unfortunate time though as we are 5 weeks away from getting our student loans which we would be using to put towards the deposit etc. We are trying to work out our finances to see if we can stretch our money for a week or 2 as we really don't want to lose out. The good thing about this place is the fact that it allows us plenty of space to grow and would enable us to live there for a long time. After uni we will be wanting to buy our own house but it will take us time to be able to find decent jobs and save up for a good deposit, and as someone who used to work in a solicitors office I know how much conveyancing fees can amount to! Dare I say it but the 2nd bedroom is a really good size and the flat would even suit us up until we have our first child (a thought that really unsettles me!! haha!) So if we could get it, it would really be an amazing investment for us and our future but we think we will probably miss out on it unfortunately!

Anyway as for the "crazy weight loss" part of the post - unfortunately it is not mine! I have lost 3lbs this week which is brilliant and now puts me at 1 stone and 4lbs loss. I have to go to the doctor in 6-7 weeks and always get weighed when I go so I would like to lose the other 10lbs by then which if I keep up the good habits I should be able to do. It's crazy but there comes a time when you have lost enough weight that you really don't fancy rubbish food anymore as you realise that it'll undo all the good work you've been doing. For me it has been getting over the 1 stone hurdle and I am very content that after I have lost the rest of my weight and I'm happy with my figure, I can start treating myself to a cake here and there. Pinterest is also really helpful for keeping me working hard. There are so many motivational pictures up there in the fitness section that makes me think "no, I am happy with my salad and will have some treats very occasionally".

So, I bet you can all guess what the crazy weight loss is! Chris told me at the start of the week that he would also join the gym with me but that if he was going to be exercising he would want to sort his eating habits out as well. So for the most part of the week I have been cooking lean bits of meat like chicken and making my own honey mustard sauce for it so it's not boring, with new potatoes for him and a few for me accompanied by salad. We went to the gym 4 times and had a good laugh together - his mate Spence also goes to that gym and we saw him in there one night. It turns out all he goes there for is to lift weights and he spent 99% of his time just stood in the mirror!! That was a good laugh! Anyway, I have also corrected his dodgy habit of eating a bacon roll at work and instead given him 80p a day - enough money for him to buy 2 slices of brown toast in the morning as his breakfast and have been sending him with a packed lunch which includes wraps with ham and salad and bits of fruit as snacks. Before I tell you how much weight he has lost this week I would just like to state that I have not been starving him! I have simply stopped him snacking on rubbish and made each of his meals healthier. It shocks me that he's lost so much because he isn't a massive man! He is naturally solid and wide and has big shoulders and arms and his legs are very muscular but I wouldn't have said he had lots of weight to lose - perhaps he is just hiding it in all those wider places so it's less obvious?! So this week he has lost..... 9lbs!!!! I am so surprised and so proud of him! He also doesn't want to ruin his good habits and is really keen on making healthier lifestyle choices, although for his meal tonight I did give him a steak pie because I think he deserves it! Back onto the lean chicken tomorrow!

For those of you also working hard on your weight (I know there's a few of you!) here's a few bits of motivation that have been helping me this week.


  1. Thanks for these great motivational pics - I love the last one in particular. That pound of fat is nasty - all the more reason to be thankful it's gone I guess, lol!! Men tend to lose weight much faster and easier than women, I assume it has something to do with the fact that they have more muscle mass. That flat sounds great, I hope it works out.

  2. haha Jane that bit of fat really is rank isn't it!! If seeing that isn't enough motivation enough to get rid of it then I don't know what is lol!!

  3. WOW on that weight loss. Thanks for the motivational pics at the end of the post. I NEEDED those about now.