Sunday, 18 March 2012

Crazy week

It really has been such a crazy week. Well, a crazy few days to be honest. On Thursday I got up and took Chris to work as normal for 9 am, but our journey was slightly different. I was in my usual early morning state which is quiet and trying to focus on where I am driving and not much else, I turned the corner heading into town and right by the side of the road there sat a rooster. "What the fuck is a rooster doing sitting on the side of the road?" I asked Chris, but before I could even finish my sentence, a chicken literally came running out of nowhere and jumped in front of my car. It is officially the biggest and most random animal I have ever ran over and I was distraught, mainly because of how unexpected it was. We live in Cheltenham which is a really busy town and it has been race week this week as well which means it would have been even busier than normal. Why was there a chicken and a rooster there?? Anyway, I slammed my break on, let go of the steering wheel to throw my hands up in the air and scream in a dramatic "Wallace and Gromit" fashion which obviously didn't help anyone.

 The feathers flew everywhere and I sat there shouting at Chris "Is it dead?? Have I killed it??" He had a look around and confirmed that the chicken was still alive, and as I checked my mirror, I saw her hobbling off the side of the road and back onto the path. So, my day started off with me running over a chicken. All I could think was "wow, I really shouldn't have got out of bed this morning, what's going to happen next??"

Well all I can really say is I am so glad that I did get out and stay out of bed because we actually managed to secure that massive 2 bedroom flat that we fell in love with! Yay! We officially move in on the 16th of April and I so cannot wait.

As I said, it is race week here in Cheltenham which involves lots of betting on horses and I do love a good betting session every now and then. Chris had been placing small bets online while at work all day and had lost between £5-£10 and when he got home there was time for one more race of the day. "I want you to pick this horse" he says, apparently he didn't know which horse to pick as none of them really stood out to him. So, I got excited and had a quick look at the list, I saw the one I wanted and said "That one". Of course I picked the horse named "Champagne Fever" whose jockey was dressed from head to toe in baby pink and he said "are you sure, dear?" Of course I'm sure, look at it! It's the most girly horse ever! "Alright then, if you insist. How much shall I put on? If I put it on this you will get money back if it comes in the top 5..." NOPE I want £2 on it to win. "Are you sure dear...?" Yes!..... So he put it on and about 20 minutes later we watched the race - Champagne Fever was ahead the whole time and won with no effort at all! Hello £30!

Then, on Friday, my cousin Lorna and I put our little mini business plan into action. As we are both very crafty and enjoy making things we decided to see if we should sell a few things. We made a facebook page which you can see here although there is hardly anything on there yet. We have a tonne of ideas of what to make but unfortunately we also have a tonne of work to be getting through. So, we decided that within the next month we will put it into action properly.

I am now working hard on my next essay which is 2500 words and that is going to keep me busy over the next week. I do plan on meeting up with Lorna again next Friday where we plan on going to look at some charity shops to see if there's anything exciting in there that we can recycle and make something cool out of. There's also a new 2nd hand furniture shop in town which I want to have a look in. Our new flat really is massive so I would like some more furniture that doesn't cost a bomb. I think I will have to keep looking in there every week to see if I find any bargains.

This evening we have unfortunately witnessed something truly awful in the world of football. Chris is a massive football fan and so we end up watching most matches. On Saturday's Bolton - Tottenham match, Fabrice Muamba collapsed after 41 minutes, with no other player anywhere near him. Medical staff from both teams rushed to the 23 year old and had to give him CPR in front of over 35,000 fans and both the teams, where a lot of the players broke down into tears. After 10 minutes of trying to get him back, they were forced to take him away on a stretcher, although he still was not breathing at this time. The CPR continued all the way in the ambulance to the hospital and now it has been confirmed that while he is now breathing, he is in a critical condition in intensive care within the heart attack unit. The match was abandoned and football fans left the stadium, shocked and in silence. I really hope that he pulls through and is alright, it's really scary to consider that he is my age and is about 1000 times fitter than me, and he basically dropped dead from heart issues. My thoughts go out to his family and I really hope that I wake up in the morning to good news. 


  1. I've been watching for news of Fabrice Muamba too. Nothing as at the time of this comment, but at least he's hanging in there. At times like this, it doesn't matter what colour your team wears.

  2. Congrats on getting that flat!! After the chicken incident, things are really looking up in your life :)

  3. I also saw this mentioned on another blog (Rambles from my chair) about the poor young man at the football match. Quite right that the game was stopped, but I can't help that the game would have gone on in the USA, they just would not have told anyone about the details until after the game. England should be proud of doing the right thing.

  4. Thank you for the comments. Football fans over here do tend to get a lot of bad press but when something like this happens it is nice to see everyone come together. He is still critical but at least he is still alive at the moment.

  5. Congrats on the new flat. HOW cool... Being from OHIO, USA I would LOVE to see pics of the new place when you move in.

  6. I have pics of it now empty if you'd like to see it Kim :P