Friday, 23 March 2012

Been away for a few days

I haven't actually been away - what actually happened was I spilled water on my new computer that Chris built me in January and it went pop! Oops! Especially as it was worth over £1000!! That's the last time I put a water bottle on my desk! Luckily I only blew the power supply which has now been replaced for £60 - definitely very lucky there.

Anyway, I finally worked out why I wasn't feeling any different after losing almost 1 and a half stone - I was still wearing the same clothes! And they were actually baggy! Perhaps I was too busy with uni to really pay attention and notice?? Anyway, I went shopping today with my cousin Lorna, we actually went into charity shops looking for bits of fabric we could use to sew some interesting bits with - we didn't find anything very exciting. Lorna however bought some massive curtains for just under £5, they were blue and floral which is apparently the style she wants to go with when she gets her own place - she's slowly picking up cheap bits when she sees them, and I bought a pink oven glove with kittens on it for £2. It looks like it hasn't been used ever. Anyway, back to my actual point - I thought I would try some clothes a size down seeing as I had just noticed that my tops were all hanging away from my body now and I bought 3 tops the next size down. Yay! They're a bit more summery but will all look nice with my woolly cardigan so definitely will do me for a couple of months until I hopefully lose a little bit more weight. That's the first time I've been shopping in what felt like ages and it was amazing! I even bought a pair of tortoise shell style (not real obviously!) over sized sunglasses for only £1! I do love my bargains! So today I'm happy. I'm one dress size smaller, I have my computer back and I have some nice new things that didn't cost the earth! And now I'm about to start catching up on all my favourite blogs! Have a great weekend everyone. I intend to nerd out and use my beloved computer to play a few games! Oh and get my ass to the gym!


  1. Getting a few new pieces was a smart move - you deserve to feel good in your clothes! Glad to hear your computer fix wasn't an expensive one. I sometimes catch myself setting my ipad down on the kitchen counter by the sink... I'd sure scream if it ever dropped in! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. We do silly things at times don't we! It was on the radio the other morning that some guy had a new ipad, was really excited about it so was carrying it around with him everywhere and dropped it and cracked the whole thing only 4 hours after buying it!!