Thursday, 2 February 2012

Writing Contest!

As it's February and the month for love, Sapphire Star Publishing are holding a romance contest. Here are the details for anyone interested:

Grand Prize: Kindle Fire & publishing contract with Sapphire Star Publishing
2nd Prize: $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Prize: $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

How to enter:

  1. Send your entries to
  2. Stories do not need to be complete, but must be at least 25,000 words.
  3. All romance genres accepted.
  4. Entries will be accepted February 1 through February 29, 2012. Winners will be announced by March 9, 2012.
  5. Please include your contact information in your email.

The Fine Print:

  1. All entries must be original work by submitting author.
  2. Entries must be under no legal obligation to another publisher.
  3. Sapphire Star Publishing agrees to keep content of entries confidential. Author retains all rights to entry.
  4. Grand prize winner will be offered a publishing contract with Sapphire Star Publishing but is under no legal obligation to accept.
  5. Minimum of 20 participants for Grand Prize to be awarded.
Go to their website here and follow them on Twitter here

Good luck to anyone who enters! Best get cracking....

1 comment:

  1. Cool and I already have my first line "It was a dark and stormy night!" Sure hope it hasn't been used before... lol!