Saturday, 25 February 2012

Work work work!

Sorry for being a bit quiet for a few days but it's been really busy here. I had to get all my holiday stuff sorted out, wash clothes, dry them, put them all away, clean the whole flat and on top of it all I have an assignment due in on Tuesday too. I had my girl friends come over last night, we get together every month at least once for a good gossip and a meal. We're all watching our weight a bit nowadays as well so we have a really lovely meal and always treat ourselves to dessert as it's only once a month! I love doing this as it helps me to keep on track with my weight loss knowing that in a couple of weeks time I will get a good treat. But anyway I had to get everything in the flat sorted out before they got here and I finished about an hour before they arrived which left me just enough time to make myself look half decent.

We went for a carvery dinner and each had a different dessert - I had the honeycomb sundae, Lorna had a toffee and shortbread cheesecake, Jo had eton mess with raspberries and Michaela had the same as me. Was lovely! It wasn't too bad either as we went back to my flat and got straight on the kinect to work it off. We put kinect sports season 2 on and split into 2 teams to play against each other and I'm very happy to say that Lorna and I won! By a lot! We were having such fun we stayed on it for about an hour and a half! And when they eventually left at about 12:30AM I don't know why but I just felt kind of hyper so I got on my twister and did even more exercise until 1AM... I feel like this was a bit of a mistake today as my legs and bum are really feeling it! Bad! Although I guess that's a good thing! Today will be spent doing my uni work and trying to get some exercise (as long as my lower body will allow it...) and then later on making a sausage pasta bake. This isn't a recipe I found, the other day I bought some sausages as they were half price and wondered what to do with them - I had everything to make a pasta bake so I chopped a few up and threw them in and it was actually lovely! So I'm making it again today.

The weather here is really nice and has been for a few days so for my exercise today I might go for a walk this afternoon. I also found my big ipod and it's charger when I tidied the whole flat up (I did it properly, even categorised all the electrical wires that we're not currently using) so I'm listening to summery music and now... doing my uni work... fun times! Hope your weekend is more exciting than mine!


  1. Your night out sounds lovely. Just the thing to look forward to when you're dieting :-)

  2. I really enjoyed hearing about your night out :) I have to lol at the thought of you on your twister at 1 am!!