Saturday, 11 February 2012

Winter Weather Complaints

The past couple of years has seen winter in the UK drop to really low temperatures and of course, that's when the complaints start. It's really been bothering me that so many people are complaining about it because in my opinion the weather has been beautiful! Apart from the odd blanket of snow we have had a mostly dry winter and although it's very cold, some nights even reaching minus ten degrees, we have had clear blue skies and sunshine. I really don't understand what's to complain about as this weather doesn't stop you doing anything, you quite simply just need to pile on the layers, something that I love as I wear all my home made knitted items. Going for a walk or a run might be cold but at least you won't get wet! The majority of the winters that I have experienced have been wet, grey, windy and generally horrible. Nobody likes getting wet in the rain.

I really hope these extra cold but clear and sunny winters continue, I love going outside wrapped up enjoying the sunshine. The only complaint I have is that I suffer from very bad, dry skin which just gets worse in cold weather. My Mum had a new SBC set that included Propolis gel which is supposed to help dry cracked skin and I put a very small amount of it on the worst part of my dry skin and by that evening it had almost totally gone. I've ordered a set for myself which includes one full size and one travel sized and I can't wait until it arrives, I'm hoping it's the answer that my skins been trying to find for a long time!

I would have given a link as to where I got it from but there are a lot of different sets that come with the Propolis gel included so I would advise if anyone is interested to do a search of SBC and have a look at the different sets that you can get. My Mum loves the collagen gel and now has everything in the collagen series from serum, gel, body butter, shower gel, moisturiser, the list goes on! I can't wait until my kit arrives and I will certainly report back as to how I got on with it.

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  1. I agree with you about complaining - it's a bad habit that accomplishes nothing. Why not just bundle up as you say and go on with the day in a positive way?We've had a very mild winter here as well, normally we have several feet of snow and long stretches of -25 or colder weather - this has been a dream winter!
    I look forward to hearing your report after you've had a chance to use this line for a while - I'm always on the lookout for a really good cream as well.