Monday, 6 February 2012

Who's laughing now?

A few things have inspired me to write this post but mainly this post by M. E Franco and a new 3 part TV series starting tomorrow that I cannot wait for, Gok's Teen's: The Naked Truth. Find out about it here.

Bullying is a massive problem, especially for young children at school. I was bullied constantly, non stop for at least 10 years of my life, the entire duration of being at primary school. I was always very quiet and incredibly shy, but the reasons why I was bullied are as follows:

1. I am a natural red head.
2. I was a lot more "developed" than anyone else.
3. I was shy so an easy target.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, I was hit, spat on, kicked, shoved around and most importantly I was mentally tortured on a day to day basis. The bullying was mainly from one girl in particular and she really, really hated me and I could never understand why. I never did anything to her so why did she need to do it to me? My Mum always told me she was jealous but I didn't understand that for many years after. For me, the only thing that stopped it was one day when she was really ripping into me, after a good decade of sitting and taking it only to go home crying, I finally had enough. I quite simply got up in the middle of a maths lesson, walked over to her and punched her in the face. Who knew that it was so easy to stop bullying?? Seriously, after that, she wanted to be my friend. Of course I never wanted to be her friend so I kept my distance from her. It's funny how when I went to secondary school, the things I was bullied for instantly made me "cool". I was one of very few girls who actually had boobs and apparently, just a few months after I was bullied for it, it was a sought after asset! I really didn't understand it, being a red head was still not really fashionable but as my hair has been getting darker and darker my whole life, by this time it had gone a nice deep shade of auburn. I was still quiet but had learned to stand up for myself. All this allowed me to be somewhere in the middle. I wasn't bullied but plenty of people were. I never spoke to or had anything to do with the bullies, I had a few groups of friends and that was good enough for me. I didn't care about being "cool" I just wanted to not be bullied. The bully girl from primary school unfortunately came to the same school as me and even worse, was in my class for the rest of my secondary school life, but she already knew I was capable of shutting her up so she descended on new prey.

Nowadays, after watching these bullies for another 10 years or so, they all want to be friends with everyone from school. Now this I really don't understand, have they completely forgotten what a tosser they were only 5 or so years previous?? No, they just have nobody else! Most of the bullies that I knew have become young, mostly single, mothers with no real education and no real future. I took great pleasure in one girl from secondary school (who used to grab smaller kids, sometimes 3-4 years her junior and throw and push them around for fun) seeing me in a grocery store, she recognised me and grinned and waved at me just before starting to push her pram with her children (of which she had several of different colours because they all had different fathers) towards me until she realised that I had given her a dirty look and then quite literally turned my back on her. She was gutted. She had experienced some of the hurtful feelings that she was so ready to throw on anyone else and she didn't like it. The only difference is, she is now in a bad situation and nobody wants to help her because we all know what she's like. She is vile. I was so happy that I could serve her up a slice of cold shoulder pie, and hopefully make her realise that the hurt and pain that you so readily give to other people stays with them their entire lives.

I for one am glad I was bullied, in a very strange way at least. I now know how to stand up for myself and nobody gets away with hurting me or someone that I love. I know how important it is to help children who are suffering from these bullies. I'm also disgusted that it's still happening, but for anyone who is suffering from it I can tell you that it will stop, even if it does take 10 years or more, it will eventually come to the end. And these low lives who are trying to make themselves feel better by ruining you will never amount to anything. This is the most important lesson I've learnt from growing up.

I now share a home with my fiancee, am working towards getting myself a degree in what I love and have a very bright future ahead of me. They have council houses and babies. The girl who bullied me is actually even worse as she has nothing but an on/off boyfriend who she keeps finding cheating but keeps taking him back as she has nobody else, and she takes care of a small baby that he had by another woman. (She's also dying her hair red!?! I guess my Mum was right) If I had to go through 10 years of suffering for a whole life of happiness while I watch these low lives suffer then I'm very happy I was bullied.

So, who's laughing now?


  1. Unfortunately what goes around, usually come around. It sounds like you had some very tough times growing up, but it's made you into the woman you are. I feel badly for the bad choices this girl has made, I hope she's grown up enough to at least change her ways, especially since she's now a mother. I love it that she's dying her hair red, too funny!!

  2. Thanks Jane. I hope these people learn to change their habits otherwise they really will end up all alone. It is pretty funny that she's dying her hair red! lol!!