Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Exercise Toys

Firstly I will have to comment on the fact that it was snowing gently all day yesterday. We had really small flakes falling gently from the afternoon through to quite late in the evening which resulted in a really nice blanket of snow. Maximus (my cat) has never set his paws on snow before as last year when we had snow he was still too little to go outside so he had to watch from the window! I let him go outside in it and he was very confused! Walking very softly over the ground and then shaking his paws as he then looked up at me as if to say "what did you put this here for?!" Needless to say he didn't stay outside for very long. It's the sort of snow I enjoy because there's enough on the ground to look pretty but not to mess up your entire week of plans. When we got up this morning it had melted which was nice to see. Here's a picture of my front drive that I took late last night.

Anyway, as it was snowing yesterday I decided not to bother getting the car on the road and spent the day inside. It gave me the chance to have a play on a new Kinect game that Chris had bought us. I have been using the kinect quite often to get my exercise and love it, and now I'm even more in love. I have been using the game "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" which is a specific exercise game where you have a personal trainer and exercise classes to take in the comfort of your own home. So it was nice to play a game more about fun than fitness, Kinect Sports Season 2.

I'm not going to do a proper review for it but I do absolutely love it because it gives you sports to play in your own home, my personal favourite being tennis, and you actually have so much fun you don't really see it as exercise. One thing that I love about using the Kinect for exercise is that you get gamerscore for getting achievements and that really spurs me on - my friends can look through the games I've been playing and see what I've been doing. Kinect Sports Season 2 also tells you how many calories you've burned, and I actually seemed to burn more calories using this game than the specific workout game because it's so much more fun. I'm definitely going to be using this as a regular source of exercise from now on.

I have lost weight before and didn't really bother with toning up the first time round, so this is something I really want to do this time. Even though I had lost all the weight I wanted before, I still wasn't happy because I wasn't very toned. I see this as a good time to sort this issue out and get the body I wanted in the first place but never seemed to achieve. I have bought myself a Pineapple Twist Board which you basically stand on and then twist yourself on. It's a really small lightweight piece of equipment and is incredibly cheap (I got mine for £9.99) which was why I bought it but I have read really good reviews on the internet about it. Some women even said they had lost a dress size or more just from using it. I actually have small hand weights as well and I find that using them with the twist board makes the exercise even harder and more effective. I like that I can do this while watching my favourite TV show and again, I hardly notice that I'm exercising.

It seems the secret to getting exercise and sticking to it is finding something that really works for you, something that you can fit around your daily life (like getting on a piece of equipment while watching the TV) and something that you enjoy. I'm hoping that I've found the right combination for me and look forward to seeing the results.

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  1. I am woefully ignorant re any games that people are playing. I had no idea that you could actually 'play' sports in your home! Sounds like fun and as you say - you'd hardly notice you're exercising :)
    I totally agree with your statement that the secret is to find something that really works for you and stick to it.