Monday, 20 February 2012

My trip to Edinburgh

I'm back! And I missed blogging loads! And as much as I adore Chris I am so glad that he's going back to work tomorrow. As he caught my virus and was unwell the week before last I have now spent 2 whole weeks with him with no breaks and it's starting to get hard! So here's my week!

First of all, before we left, I painted my nails on the Sunday night. I saw a colour that I have been wanting for ages and I couldn't help myself! So, for the week my nails looked like this (I made sure I took a photo before I left, I'll be reviewing this in a separate post).

I drove to Scotland which I had never done before (well that's obvious when I point out that I've never been to Scotland before...) and it was just breath taking. I knew I was going to really enjoy myself just driving up there, the mountains were just so gorgeous and it got me really excited for the trip. It was quite late in the afternoon when we got up there so after we checked into our hotel room we relaxed and then went for a meal. We stayed at the Holiday Inn which is literally right next door to Edinburgh Zoo - so close they even share a car park! and it is on a long straight road with lots of things on it, so we walked down the road until we found a lovely Indian restaurant and had a gorgeous meal - we were the only customers in there so had fantastic service which is just the way I like it!

The next day we went into the City Centre which was about 10 minutes up the road in the bus and we had a look around to see what we could find. I was going to say that "I dragged Chris into a luxury knitting shop" but he was actually keen to go in too! There was some really lovely things in there and everything was the best quality but unfortunately that came with massive price tags! The pure Scottish wool cost roughly £10 for a small ball of wool and the knitting needles and crochet hooks were about 5 times the usual price as well so unfortunately I didn't buy anything! I did look at some lovely knitting bags they had but at £100 each I don't think I'd have bought them if I had loads of money spare as they were quite small and I wouldn't have got much in it at all! It was lovely to look round though and get some ideas for future projects. After a nice day in the City Centre we found a cafe and treated ourselves to a cake! I was definitely not going to be watching what I ate while on holiday, although saying that I did eat quite well apart from the odd cake.

Our day at the Zoo was definitely the highlight. The pandas were actually curled up asleep when we saw them but apparently they sleep 16 hours a day! It was lovely to see them up close even though I didn't get a very exciting picture! I would definitely recommend going to Edinburgh Zoo, we spent the entire day there and didn't get bored at all. We got about 25 minutes all together in the panda enclosure and were taken through in small groups and told some lovely facts about pandas - I didn't realise the female pandas are only in season for about 2 days a year! No wonder the pandas are dying out! The rest of the animals were lovely to see as well, Chris particularly enjoyed all the monkeys and I adored all the big cats. One little touch that we thought was really lovely was a penguin parade. Every day they walk the penguins up the path and round the block at a certain time where everyone can gather round and see the penguins parading past. They only take the penguins who want to go so they open the enclosure door for about 10 minutes and wait for the penguins to volunteer themselves. Only the one penguin wanted to go so we saw a "penguin parade" that only involved one penguin! He must've been a bit of a show off wanting all the attention!

We also went to visit the Scottish Museum which was also a really good day out and totally free. We very happily stayed in there for a whole day and had a lovely time. We bought a really nice hand made trinket box made from wood and mother of pearl that we gave to the lady who was looking after Max for us and she loved it. We also went to Dynamic Earth which is a big place designed to show you different things to do with our planet and the universe which was really cool. There was a tour through all different times and places and each room was designed like a different zone. We were really impressed that they even went as far as to make sure the temperature and smells were right. There was even a giant iceberg in the middle of the ice age room!

There was also a 3D film that simulated being flown through all these different zones and the correct smells were somehow put into the room at the right time and at one point it even started snowing! To round off our visit we were ushered into a dome shaped room and ended up seeing a film all about space that was projected onto the dome which gave the impression of being right in the middle of it. I'd really recommend this place for kids as they'd love it and would learn an awful lot while they were there too. 

All in all we had a really lovely time. There's a lot to keep you entertained in Edinburgh and most of it seems to be at a very decent price! I'm definitely going to be keeping up to date with the pandas and have my fingers crossed that Tian Tian will come into season soon so they can get started on making some little panda babies!

I have a lot more to talk about regarding the beauty products that I took with me and have a couple of reviews to do so I think I will do a separate post for this tomorrow instead of writing any more tonight! This blog entry is definitely long enough so to round it off, I would highly recommend Edinburgh as a holiday or weekend destination particularly if you want to go to the Zoo but make sure you book to see the pandas before you go! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a really great time!! That story about the little show-off penguin is so funny. I really hope to visit your part of the world someday. I've seen many pics and documentaries of Scotland and it looks gorgeous.