Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My travel makeup bag

First of all I'm going to start with my nails as I am really impressed with this nail varnish. It's the Rimmel Lycra Pro in 500 Peppermint and it's my new favourite! I had to buy some toothpaste before we left and of course that aisle is dangerously close to the beauty aisle and when I saw it I couldn't help myself. Most of the nail colours I have are pearlescent and I wanted a really nice block colour to wear. I've been wanting to a Peppermint nail colour for ages but didn't bother before as I like my nails to match in with what I'm wearing and I didn't have much that complimented it but recently I've been buying blue and green clothes and I noticed that one of my dresses actually has a couple of stripes of this colour in it, so I went for it! I don't really need to say much about it as I have pictures that show how it has done. I painted them on the Sunday night before we left and took this picture

Then while we were at Dynamic Earth sitting down for lunch (the Sunday after) I took this picture

As we can see it's lasted an entire week with no sign of chips, the colour is still strong and to be honest it pretty much looks like it has just been applied. It'sTuesday today and it is only just starting to wear away at the edges very slightly, it looks as if it's set to last for two weeks.

It just needs 2 coats and comes with a fat brush inside which makes application really easy. At £4.59 it's a little more expensive than I would usually pay but considering how long one use stays on I would say this is brilliant value for money and I am definitely going to invest in more colours in this line.

My SBC Propolis gel arrived just in time to take it with me, so I took the travel sized one out of the pair and used it on a daily basis on my eczema which has worked brilliantly. I actually get eczema on my eye lids and there are very few products gentle enough to put on my eye lids to treat it, this gel is one of them. I simply pump a small amount out and pat it over the dry area of skin and within five minutes it has soaked in and I'm able to put my makeup on. I get really dry skin everywhere so I have just been using it as a sort of all over moisturising gel and it's taken most of my eczema away. There are still a few patches that were a lot worse than the rest which are still there but they are gradually fading and much softer and not itchy at all. I've really enjoyed using this gel and it's made my skin really soft and moisturised but without being greasy.

I took the makeup that I use on a daily basis with me and I didn't realise how much nice stuff I had until I lined it all up and took a picture of it! Pretty much all of it is presents, my Mum buys me a really nice makeup kit every Birthday and Christmas and I very rarely have to buy anything myself. She also buys me stuff that lasts quite a while which means it lasts the 6 months between Christmas and my Birthday. Here's a look at what makeup I use on a daily basis

1. Bare Minerals lip gloss in Sugar Cookie (my favourite lip gloss ever)
2. Tea Tree Oil spot stick - I very rarely get spots nowadays but always have one of these handy just in case
3. Bare Minerals Eyelid primer
4. Maybelline Colossal Cat Eye Mascara
5. Bare Escentuals 7 day eyeshadow kit
6. Bare Minerals Blush in Vivacious
7. Bare Minerals Foundation in Light
8. Smashbox face primer
9. Smashbox Camera Ready concealer
10. Ghost perfume
11. Deoderant (I really like the way this one smells - I hate wearing deoderant that doesn't smell nice)
12. Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Face brush
13. Models Prefer eyeshadow brush
14. Bare Escentuals Flawless Face brush
15. Bourjois felt tip pen liquid eyeliner (this makes liquid eyeliner very easy to apply)
16. Bare Minerals eyeliner in Plum
17. Eyelash curler - I bought this one for about £1 in a cheap makeup shop
18. Shavata heart shaped tweezers
19. Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips

I love each and every part of this list and would recommend them all. As you can see I absolutely love Bare Minerals!


  1. I love the Bourjois felt tip liner, I've used it for years! xx

  2. same here, I literally couldn't line my eyes properly before I got it haha! x

  3. That color is so cute! It reminds me of tiffany blue! :) My favorite nail polish at the moment is Chanel's June, which is delicious orange... I love it!

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    xoxo Heidi Caterina


  4. Thanks for the comment Heidi I checked it out and hit the magic follow button ;) xx