Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Thoughts

Today I am finishing off my work that needs to be in by tomorrow. I am reviewing a collection of poems by Grace Nichols called The Fat Black Woman's Poems and I found one that I really liked so today I'll be sharing it.


I'm guilty of buying too little food

1 carton milk
1 carton juice
1 half chicken
a little veg and fruit

Why can't you buy
for more than one day
at a time
my old man whines

Still blank as a zombie
I wander supermarket aisles

The chunky red odours
behind the cellophane
cannot revive
the spritely apples
the lady reluctantly urging samples

Between the bulge of the shelf
and the cast of my eye
between the nerve of my trolley
and the will of my mind
I'm always paralysed

By Grace Nichols

I just love that there's a poem about going shopping - it's something that I hate at times and love at others depending on what mood I'm in and what my weight is. On that subject, Chris weighed me today for the first time since we got back from holiday and I've lost another lb. This isn't a massive number but I'm really happy with it as I've had a few treats this week and haven't got as much exercise as I should have, and also I had treats while on holiday so I was expecting to have gained some - obviously I'm overjoyed that I've actually lost a little bit. This has made me really determined to have a good week and I can't wait to get some really good exercise. I'm starting to feel different mostly in my legs which feels very odd, my leggings are getting baggy all the way down and I'm starting to feel really good about myself. In a few weeks I have a whole month off for Easter and will only have a couple of bits of work to do so I plan on getting loads of exercise while doing my work. And speaking of work, I had better continue with this assignment.


  1. I hate grocery shopping - so I can relate to this poem completely. Congrats on losing another pound, you likely did a lot of walking when you were on holiday which made up for the treats you had :)

  2. I detest shopping for food - even online. Well done on the weightloss :-)

  3. I don't think anyone particularly enjoys it! The only thing that sometimes makes it bearable is the thought of picking up nice food to eat later but it would be really great if fridges magically restocked themselves wouldn't it! Thank you, I think the walking must've helped, there were a lot of hills at the zoo as well so I bet that helped.