Thursday, 9 February 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Update

I have now lost a whole stone since Christmas which I'm really happy about, and I'm now not calling it a "diet" but a lifestyle change, because I have no intentions of going back to my old habits. Like most people, when I moved out from home I didn't know a lot about cooking and I honestly had no idea that making everything from scratch was so much better. A pasta sauce in a jar is just tomatoes, right? NO!! What I love the most about making everything from scratch is that I don't have to go without anything. I could eat chips every day of the week if I wanted to and still lose weight.

I have no target to reach, I don't even know how much I weigh, Chris is still keeping it a secret and just telling me how much I lose every week which is working really well. I also didn't realise it was so easy to fit exercise in as well. Like most, I assumed that exercise meant going running or going to the gym for hours at a time. I've been doing things I enjoy like playing kinect games and using my twister in front of the T.V. Also, if I find I need one item from the shops, instead of driving to tesco I will walk to the shop on the corner. It's only a 10 minute walk each way but doing this as often as you can certainly adds up. 

The most important thing for me is that I'm saving so much money making everything from scratch. Being a student means I don't have an awful lot of money to spend but saving money on food means more money to spend on fun things! I think the best thing for me now is to keep this lifestyle up and keep getting weighed and see how much weight I lose before it levels out at a natural weight while living this lifestyle. If I feel like losing a bit more or toning up then I can put extra effort into more exercise. 

It has been snowing again for the past hour or so, it was raining first so I didn't think it would settle but it came down thick and fast and now we have a white blanket outside which is pretty! If we get any more snow I'll be walking to Tesco and back tomorrow which will be very good exercise!

I can't stress to people trying to lose weight how important making all your food from scratch is and it doesn't have to be time consuming. I'm looking up slimming world recipes online and buying their magazines to keep me motivated and I have to say, I'm feeling great! I'm really excited how well my weight loss is going and I can't wait til the summer to show it off!


  1. Congratulations! I agree with you about making food from scratch - I always have done so and not only is it much healthier long-term, it's also cheaper and gives you a feeling of true satisfaction to know you've made it - especially when you have friends or family in for a bite. Keep going!

  2. Well done on your weight loss. You're right about thinking of it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. That suggests permanence :-)

  3. I am doing the same thing!!! I still get a couple of premade things like granola bars but for the most part I feel like a different person! A few years ago I went vegetarian, then I started cooking all our dinners from scratch, now I've moved on to cooking for every meal, it's time consuming (in my opinion) but well worth it! I have been a member of a gym for over a year and a half now and I actually get kinda sad if I miss a day! I love going to classes and I've met some really awesome people! So far I've lost 14 pounds, it's a wonderful feeling and I agree, it's totally possible if you try! Congrats on your weight loss and healthy new life! Xo Lori