Monday, 13 February 2012

Going away

As I'm sure everyone is very aware it's Valentines day tomorrow which means that I'm off on a little mini holiday to Edinburgh for a week and to visit the pandas! I got up early this morning to get all my housework done, there's nothing worse than going away and coming home to a mess is there? And it was all done before 9am so I'm rather pleased with myself! Now I'm just excitedly watching panda cam - I thought there was nothing in the enclosure but after a while of watching I saw a black and white face pop round the corner! So cute! Literally as I type this Yang Guang (Sunshine) is walking back and forth right in front of the camera. Click here to watch panda cam yourself.

The rest of today will be spent packing and sorting Max's things out as he will be going to stay with our elderly neighbour who absolutely adores him. I have a sneaky suspicion that by the time we get back next Monday he might have gained a little weight! He came in late the other night with absolutely filthy paws (I assume he had been digging) and he went and jumped straight on my bed! He never gets into bed unless we're already in there so I was a little bit shocked to find him there looking rather guilty!

So, my blog isn't going to be updated now for a week but I will be dying to get back and write up how our panda trip went! Have a lovely Valentines day whatever you're doing.


  1. Wow, have a fantastic time! I'm totally jealous :) Look forward to hearing about your time and hopefully a few pics. Max does look a bit guilty and not sure what he's going to do about those paws!

  2. Go have a great time and will look forward to the panda photos you'll probably put up on fb :)