Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Feeling Girlie

Happy leap day everyone! I hope nobody is feeling down - a few of my friends have said that making the month extra long has only depressed them! In happier news I know there have been a lot of proposals today so congratulations to everyone who has got engaged.

I went to the gym for the first time this morning and now feel fabulous! I forgot how much more motivated you feel once you get some real hard exercise. When I got out of bed this morning I really felt like climbing back in but instead I went and did my food shopping (so I wouldn't be tempted by treats after going to the gym) and then went down there. It was great, there was no induction needed, there's no contract, I just signed a piece of paper and went straight in! There's a women's only section in there so I went straight in and everyone was really nice - they even have the resistance equipment in the women's section sitting in a circle so you go and join in with the conversation! I'm very impressed for £12 a month I'm going to get some really great exercise. It's left me having a real exercise high and I feel really, really good.

The past few days I've spent a record amount of time on youtube and google images looking up hot women - Chris insists that I must actually be a lesbian but to be honest it just really motivates me when I see what can be achieved with a bit of effort! This lead to me looking up my favourite woman of all time and my absolute idol and it's left me feeling really girlie so I'm going to share it with you!

This video sums up what I believe being girlie is all about - having fun, being cheeky, sexy, flirty and of course not being scared to express yourself. I do love burlesque in general and when I have the money free I love attending pole dancing classes, I actually have my own pole but "can't get it up" (sorry I couldn't help that) due to our flat having ceilings that are far too high. I can't wait until I'm really fit again and hopefully by the time we'll be moving and I can hopefully have my pole working again I'll be fit enough to just jump on - it actually takes a lot of effort and a really high level of fitness. The film burlesque, by the way is very fun and girlie so if you're ever in the mood to sing and dance you should definitely watch it! I love Christina so much and just watching her puts me in such a good mood!

Whatever you're doing today I hope you've had a good day - make the most of it because it won't be happening again for 4 years! 


  1. Aw glad you had such a good feb 29th all day at work everyone was joking about it and anytime any of us girls bent down to get paper/any supplies the men would go crazy ha-ha! I really need to get into going to the gym again! I miss that buzz!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Sarah, that sounds like a funny day at work! I'm actually looking forward to the next time I go to the gym, I must be odd haha!

  3. Happy belated Leap Day! Great to hear that your gym experience was such a positive one - an added bonus that the price is right :) I had a girlfriend who was taking pole lessons a few yaers ago and she said it was quite a workout.