Sunday, 26 February 2012

Baby Kitties

I saw this today and it really made me laugh, and I also agree that it's true!

So many people I know my age are having babies and if truth be told all I need for quite some time is my lovely cat! For the reasons above and the fact that he's quite outdoorsy so he goes outside for hours at a time then comes in for food, sleep and a cuddle. He does 99% of his toilet duties outside and will only use his litter box when he's absolutely desperate. For this reason alone I absolutely adore him! All the neighbours love him to bits even though he is constantly leaving dead birds and mice, sometimes with no heads on the front steps. My Maximus is definitely better than a baby, he is my baby and gets treated as such. He quite often gets into bed with us and snuggles in right between his "Mummy and Daddy". He makes my life so much more enjoyable just by being there and I love him so much, so here's a few pictures of my baby, when he was a proper baby to make your Sunday that little bit cuter.

Happy Sunday


  1. Haha, I loke that part about not expelling them from your unmentionables!! So much more convenient to get a cat instead! Maximus is so adorable - I love that little black/grey spot on the top of his head - it looks like a small heart in the second to last pic :)

  2. Jane you and your hearts!! That black spot has disappeared now, as he was growing it just got smaller and smaller until it eventually just went away. He's only 18 months so still a baby really but he's a really big muscular cat already so it's nice to remind myself how little he used to be :)

  3. Awww, he's a cutie. To be fair though, if I had a cat he couldn't wash the dishes like my kids do :-)

  4. Thanks for the comments, he's my pride and joy :)