Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Apologies & R.I.P

My blog is probably going to be quieter now for a little while as I have things I need to catch up with, I will still make sure I post but the content will probably be a lot shorter than usual! I have quite a bit of uni work to be doing now and am going to visit my Mum tomorrow. I say "visit my Mum" but what's actually happening is my poor hamster has died! We are renting this flat and although we have a garden here I want to take him to My Mums to be buried because we won't be living here for much longer, the flat will see us through uni but we will be wanting our own house in a few years. Not to mention that if I bury him here my cat will probably dig his body up and nobody should be disrespected like that! So, R.I.P Fudge Banoffee.

He managed to get to 3 years old which is good for a hamster, their life span tends to be 2-3 years old. I don't think he's going to be replaced, Max is the first real pet (one that lasts longer than a few years) I've had that's actually mine and only mine. Of course he's Chris' as well but even he agrees that he's mine!

I have a uni friend who I haven't seen since Christmas, I was going to contact her and check she was OK as it's not like her to not turn up but then I got this nasty virus and had to take a couple of weeks off myself. It turned out that her Mum died of cancer over the Christmas break and words cannot express how sorry I am to hear this news. She's cracking on with uni work and I've told her that I'll help her with the bits she's got behind with. There's going to be some serious cake eating over the next week. I would have invited her to my flat for a proper chat but Chris has managed to catch my virus and the last thing she'd need would be to catch that.

So this week for me consists of

1. Burying my hamster
2. Doing my own uni work
3. Helping my friend with her outstanding uni work
4. Taking care of a man who's unwell
5. Treating my friend to hugs and cake

So I do apologise if my blog isn't updated as much as usual and if I don't leave you guys many comments! I'm still here and still reading your posts I promise!


  1. My condolances on the loss of Fudge Banoffee - what an adorable name & pic. Have a good week - sounds like it's going to be a busy one!

  2. Thanks Jane, he was a valentines present from Chris a few years ago and he wanted to call him Fudge and I wanted to call him Banoffee because of his colours lol. My cousin is an art student and amateur photographer who has invested a lot of money into her camera so I have lots of good photos of him :)