Sunday, 22 January 2012

Start of new play

I've done a bit of writing for the possible start to my next play that I'm writing. All my writing tends to be a bit odd and I'm not entirely sure which direction I want to take this one in yet but I'm going to post up what I've done so far for anyone who's interested.

Here it is:

Dimly lit stage, various incomplete paintings and sketches lying on the floor and on some easels. VICTORIA and PETER enter, arguing.

                   VICTORIA.                        I knew you'd forget.
                   PETER.                               I didn't forget, it just slipped my mind, that's all.
                   VICTORIA.                        They'll be hungry.
                   PETER.                               Sweetheart, they're only chickens.
                   VICTORIA.                        Chickens need to eat, too.
                   PETER.                               Won't be long and we'll be home, I'll feed them then, I                                                                   promise.
                   VICTORIA.                        That's not the point. I asked you to do one thing for me and                                         it didn't get done.
                   PETER.                               But it will.
                   VICTORIA.                        Only because I asked if you had done it. If I hadn't said                                                 anything, those poor chickens would have gone without food for an entire day.
                   PETER.                               OK, I'm sorry, I won't do it again.
                   VICTORIA.                        That's all I wanted to hear.
PETER.                               Now let's go home.
 VICTORIA.                        You go get the car; I'm just going to pick up Justin's                                                                  prescription.

VICTORIA and PETER exit in opposite directions. A few moments pass before GERALDINE enters.

                        GERALDINE.    Calling back. I'll do it in a moment; just let me feed these                                            chickens first. I'll only be a few minutes. Sprinkles chicken                                                  feed over several of the sketches on the floor, exits. 


  1. my play format has copied over a bit funky but it seems easy enough to read

  2. This is fun. Arguing over chicken feeding is an original way to start :-)