Friday, 20 January 2012

New Computer

So, Chris hasn't long finished building my new PC and it is officially amazing. I have no idea what the spec is but basically from what I gather it is pretty much invincible - The Old Republic is certainly a million times better on it than it was on my laptop - at least! So since I finished on the majority of my work and now only need to read small amounts for each lecture, I can have some relaxing and gaming time - hooray! I know for some it isn't the most exciting weekend plans but it is exactly what I need right now! I also plan on doing a bit of cooking, knitting and perhaps even baking some cupcakes, we'll see what I feel like when the time comes. I've just finished eating sweet potato and chili soup which we made together this time - Chris did most of it but I wanted to see how to make soup so that I can be making it for my lunches or getting a head start at making it while he's at work and we have a busy day. Eating homemade soup seems to be an amazing way to keep healthy; I don't think I've ever eaten so many vegetables before! I might even make my own roast dinner from scratch for the first time this weekend - we'll see! I haven't actually done any exercise this week yet but I will fix that tomorrow and Sunday - perhaps I'll go for a couple of extra long runs.

On the writing side of life, I now have to come up with an idea for a play for my next assignment and I'm really not sure what to do. I have a few ideas but sometime soon I'll have to pick one and get started. I always seem to leave it pretty late to decide so this time I want to get organised and get going as soon as possible. I really want to put as much effort as I can into this semester and see how many decent grades I can get under my belt ready for my exams and the excitement (and absolute fear) of my third and final year of Uni starting this September. Eeek! I cannot express in words how scared I am, I just want to finish with decent grades so bad! Lets hope that if I put the effort in I can turn these wishes into reality.

What are you doing this weekend? Anyone going to be relaxing like me?


  1. Best wishes with the play. I've found it helps to have a small journal for new projects, a place to jot down different ideas that I can bring together as I write the story. Happy weekend to you ...

  2. Most weekends around here are r&r - we're pretty boring I guess. Your soups sounds great - I wouldn't mind getting the recipe for it... hint, hint! When I first started blogging I remember proclaiming I wouldn't post recipes on MY blog, but that changed over time, lol! Good luck with the play :)

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies, Jane - I'll get a few recipes together (they're saved on Chris' phone at the mo) and do a post dedicated to soup soon :P