Friday, 13 January 2012

Healthy Eating FREE GIVEAWAY

Yep that's right, it's time for me to give away my first freebie via my blog! As you are all very aware by now I'm using the new year to start getting myself healthy, and my lovely partner Chris told me that he had ordered me a graze box. His work mate had been given a code to have his first box free, and with that box comes with 4 free box codes. If you have never heard of graze and you're trying to get yourself eating healthily then you really, really need to have a look at their website. Click this link to go to their website and have a look at what they do.

Basically, you sign up to have a box of healthy snacks delivered to your door or work place every day, for you to "graze on" throughout the day. When getting your free box you do need to sign up to have it every day however you can cancel it at any time you wish, and can even cancel it straight after your free box arrives if you wish. It costs £3.49 with no extra delivery cost which actually is very good. My box arrived today and it's absolutely full to the brim of healthy bits to snack on, so much in fact that I'm not sure it's possible for me to eat it all in one day! It comes with 4 good sized boxes inside and has the cutest little booklets with it, one of them explaining the nutritional info for what's in your box. It is random what you get inside your box every day but if there's certain things you don't like you can filter it to make sure that everything you get you will actually eat. I'm looking at my box now and thinking how beautifully packaged it is and how, if I went to the shop and bought all the components individually it would come to way more than £3.49.

I worked in an office for 4 years before I went to uni and oh my goodness I would have loved to have this then. I can imagine getting it delivered to the office and just putting it on your desk and munching on it throughout the day - without needing to worry about whether or not it's healthy because you know that anything they send you will be.

So lets stop going on and on about how much I love it and get on to the important bit. I have 4 codes to give away and I am going to give them to the first 4 people who email me. You need to be following my blog, so if you're not already then hit the join this site button, although I do know that a lot of my lady followers are into their health and fitness so I assume they will be snapped up pretty quickly by them, so if you're interested in this freebie act quick! I do believe that you need to be in the UK to receive this as well.

So, send me an email to with "graze" in the subject box and the first 4 followers who do this will receive an email back from me with your code that you simply enter into the gift code section on the graze website. If you are also a blogger then give me the link to your blog and if I'm not already following you, I will do so and also post your link on my blog. Please sign the email with the name you use on blogger (especially if you have a really random email address like randyblonde82@.... :P)

I think that's about it and I hope you all enjoy graze as much as I am!


  1. I've never heard of this program before - sounds like an amazing deal. Alas, I am in Canada or I'd play along :( It's Friday the 13th - good luck to everyone!!

    1. aawww Jane I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or be jealous! lol! Canada looks like such a beautiful place - Chris actually wants to move there one day :P x