Thursday, 5 January 2012

Feeling pants!

So for some reason this month I'm suffering from extreme "lady pains" as I call them. I always used to have them this bad all the time but the right prescription sorted them out, however I do get a really bad one every so often and my body decided to choose the start of the new year. Good to get it out the way I guess. So for the past couple of days/nights I've been dosed up to the eyeballs in cocodamol which has just taken the edge off but still getting a decent nights sleep is proving to be hard. My other half is also suffering from it because he can't sleep due to all my tossing, turning and pathetic whimpering all night. Oh well, he can obviously tell I'm in a bad way because he's been looking after me and giving me sympathy so I can't complain too much! If other people haven't suffered from this kind of pain themselves they find it really hard to understand, but the best way I can  explain it is that when I'm in this sort of pain, it's a struggle to even stand up and even walking around Tesco while I buy bread and milk causes me to pass out or become incredily faint. There is a problem that I suffer with and sometimes it just likes to bite me in the ass! But anyway my point is that I've managed to keep my healthy eating going while I've been in this state which I'm really proud of. Usually when I'm in a slight bit of pain I'm automatically reaching for the carbs! Good old comfort food! But so far this week I have done pretty well, cooking us up slimming world recipes and today I even managed to get some light exercise done on the kinect. I'm planning on making up for sitting around for a couple of days by going for a couple of decent runs at the weekend when, hopefully, I will be feeling back to normal.

So, on the writing front, I've had a look at my uni assignments and I have a couple of crappy little 1500 word essays that I need to do in 2 weeks which is ages to write such small essays so I'm thinking I will start planning them within the next couple of days while I feel a little shaky and also I shall get some writing done on my little story that I'm working on. Not having much to do actually feels pretty good because I can get some things done for myself too. I've been knitting today which I haven't managed to do in ages and I find it so relaxing, it's really helpful when feeling crap. I have a massive ball of pink wool to use up and I plan on knitting a couple of scarves for friends for Christmas next year - little projects to keep me busy throughout the year on slightly less active days and with beautiful handmade gifts as a finished product. Sounds good to me.

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  1. Sorry to hear the 'lady pains' have been kicking you in the butt. Hope you're feeling a bit better.