Thursday, 12 January 2012

Facebook fails

So this is why crazy people shouldn't be allowed on the internet. Because they do silly things on facebook, in front of their entire friends and family. Don't get me wrong, I do like to have a good laugh at these unfortunate people, mostly the kids from school who were never going to do anything with their lives. Yes this is harsh to put them into a category but when I said that I bet you all automatically knew what I meant and thought of a few names yourself. Anyway, one of these people on my friends list is now studying law and keeps putting details of cases up as her status updates - evidently she hasn't had the confidentiality lecture yet. Other people update their status' to tell you things that you clearly don't want to know. I wish people would stop doing this, and unfortunately the only reason they do it is to try to grab peoples attention. If you have to post stupid things to get peoples attention, then you really need to consider working on your personality or trying to make your life a bit more interesting. Others feel the need to entertain themselves by Making profiles for their pets. Admittedly I do use "Catbook" and "Rodentbook" to make profiles for my pets. But these are apps designed for this reason. People who don't use these apps and decide to make their pet a human facebook profile are just annoying. And why are they annoying? Because they make their friends' "people you may know" section look like this

I was casually looking through my facebook when I saw this suggestion on the side of the page. It's just plain annoying. There are a million other annoying things I could go into about facebook but I would be here all day and I have two assignments that I need to crack on and write. We shall save more for another day. This is why Twitter is so much better in my opinion - you don't have to follow all the people who follow you!

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  1. Yet another reason why I don't miss Facebook :-)