Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ebooks & More

So, I finished my essay that has to be handed in tomorrow and I'm actually rather pleased with it. I started off not knowing what to write about and as a result, sat in front of my laptop staring into space for hours at a time. I forced myself to start writing and now have ended up with a piece of work that I am happy with. I have another essay to do for Thursday but I'm taking the rest of today off as a bit of a rest and will resume the work first thing in the morning.

I can feel my life becoming a lot more organised, and as a result I'm getting more of the good things in life done. As soon as I finished my essay, I got changed and went for an evening run. A few weeks ago I would have not put so much effort into my essay for a start, and secondly instead of rewarding myself with a run it would have been more likely to be chocolate! I'm really liking this as it gives me 20-30 minutes of me time where I can think about anything I need to, and clear my thoughts as well as getting a good workout. Loving the feeling of getting life back on track. I have decided to start running again as I realised I have the time to fit it in and I used to be pretty good at it. My partner plays football twice a week and so I can take up whatever exercise I fancy - when we met I was a keen runner but that faded away a bit as he was never really into it.

I had a nice phone conversation with my Mum when I got home from my run and she was telling me all about her kindle. It was one of her christmas gifts and she absolutely loves it, she has always read all the time and she still manages to get through piles and piles of books in a week, around everything else she does. She said she had downloaded some free books and she is most the way through the first one, which she said she didn't hope for much from but as it has gone on she has really enjoyed it and got into it. She did say that there were an awful lot of spelling mistakes which I told her probably meant that the book was self published. It made me consider how the kindle is changing how we read; my Mum would have never picked up these books if they were on sale in a shop but having good books, downloadable in seconds for either free or incredibly cheap is meaning that more authors are getting read, and also readers are able to enjoy a bigger selection of books. I know a few people who are standing by the fact that "you can't beat going to the shop and buying a real book, smelling it etc..." but mostly, everyone seems to be loving the kindle. I know for me it's absolutely amazing. I can download a book for a reference for my uni work, or get a head start with my reading seeing as they only take seconds to appear in your kindle. But it did make me smile when my Mum said she's enjoying it so much, it made me think about the future for authors and reading enthusiasts alike, and it certainly looks bright to me.


  1. I agree with you that e-readers are changing how we read - I think we all may end up reading more perhaps - the convenience of downloading is too hard to ignore. I like books and e-readers - they each have their place.
    It's great that you're fitting running into your life - I think we all waste a lot of time that we could very easily use for things we love or are good for us! I know I do.

  2. I love the fact that we don't have to choose one or the other, we can have both :-)

  3. I thought about getting a kindle for my mum a while back but she's a bit of technophobe.

    1. you should do it becky, my mum hates technology but she can use the kindle with no problems at all. its basically just one menu where you find all your choices. seriously if my mum can work it any technophobe can lol