Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Christina Aguilera

Christina has always been my role model, pretty much from the very start of her career and probably even more so now. She has gained a fair amount of weight, but instead of hiding away trying not to let anyone see, she is appearing on TV and looking very happy with herself! She has even spoken out and said that she's very comfortable in her own skin and that as long as her son is happy and healthy that is all that matters to her. It's such a breath of fresh air to hear a celebrity feeling confident about their body changes and especially putting their children first.

We saw her sporting a very lean and slim body while starring in the film Burlesque with Cher, but she certainly didn't diet to do so, all the dancing while practicing and filming made it easy for her to achieve this body.

It's a massive contrast in comparison to the way she is looking now as she promotes "The Voice"

A far cry from being fat but this is certainly the biggest we have seen her look other than being pregnant. For me it's very refreshing for a celebrity to be so happy and content with their body changing in this way and I think we should see more of it. It has certainly made me feel better about gaining a bit of weight - after all we're only human and if we have more important things to do or deal with at the time, why worry yourself about gaining a few extra pounds? I am still, of course trying to lose a bit of weight and generally get fitter but knowing that it's normal for your body to change at certain times throughout your life certainly makes me feel 100% better about myself. I know that when I gained some weight I had better things to be worrying about and to me that is all that really matters. Thank you Christina for showing us women that we can still look glamorous even without being skinny.


  1. I like Christina Aguilera very much, she's a real woman.


  2. Completely agree, Orianne, thanks for the comment and thank you for following my blog :) x